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Portugal Appreciation Thread

ITT: We say nice things about the beautiful country of Portugal and the lovely Portuguese people.
Beautiful women and beaches.
Stunning azulejos architecture and design.
History of slaughtering Africans.
toallas baratas
Possibly best pastries in the world.
Portugal is like 90% seniors and 10% British and German boomers on vacation. This country is literally dead.
Here's what /fit/ thinks of Portugal
Is it true that your government is communist?
Good Catholic country full of wonderful people.
Their entire existance is based on killing refugees, so I have to say they are pretty wonderful.
I visited Portugal in the mid 2000s. Nice enough people, but holy shit, they're uptight. If you walk in the wrong side of a supermarket, they chase you to the entrance. If you're somewhat "different" or "stand out" in any way, they're NOT friendly. Like, they're not rude to your face, but you can tell that if a person is a bit of a character, they do not tolerate it.

They also speak from both sides of their mouth. They will tell you Portugal is a HORRIBLE country, but the second you say something about Spain, they will not stop talking about how much better they are than Spain.

So yeah, like I said, great country, and nice enough people, but do NOT expect them to open up to you easily and treat you like a friend right away like Brazilians do. They're a different breed of animal in Portugal.

Pic related is the average Portuguese person: Well-mannered, respectful, conservative, and intolerant of eccentricity.
what a shithole
Nice place to live if you got money, to work and do a life its a nightmare. Theres simply no money, wages are horrible, lot of working hours and massive taxing. This place is dead and smart people leaving in droves and Country repopulated by joggers and Brazilians. Anways, resuming the Country got massive problem with corruption, burocracy, massive taxing and no work for qualified people. A good exemple is to get 2k euros net that is qualified rich wage(cost of living around the same as Germany and more expensive then Spain) the state will get more then 2k euros from taxes and then lets go ad everything you buy got basicaly 23% tax, fuel 70% tax, energie 50% tax, vehicle 50% tax...people work to pay taxes and we got a Country with massive debt and public departments that dont work well.
the country is nice, but the language sounds like the turkish version of spanish.
just like korean is the turkish of east asia
What my sainted grandmother, originally from Flores in the Azores, used to say about Portugal, was something roughly equivalent to "mainlanders suck." (In Florean dialect, of course.)

Best known Azorean diaspora Portagee is probably former Today Show host Meredith Vierra. Her kin came from Terceira.

Most talented Azorean media figure: Joe Alves, art director for Universal, went on to work with Steven Spielberg on Jaws and Close Encounters.

Pic related: flag of the Azorean Autonomous Region, Portuguese Republic.
i like their women
Your history is great but I can't like your language, sorry. It's an acquired taste.
Portugal is single-handedly responsible for global jogger dispora. Fuck Portugal
They were once a very relevant state actor.
As a Brazilian white with the Torres surname I approve.
Lisbon and Porto are phenomenal cities and the Portuguese outlook is positive and healthy.

Portugal was a colonial heavyweight and to this day its a far better country to visit than Spain
The Nafri drug dealers are very easy to find and will never bother a tourist on their own!
I have to choose a new language to study this year, i already know Spanish and Italian, of course. I wanted to choose Portuguese next, but you're black pilling me pretty bad about Portugal. What do you guys think, should I take it?
Redpill me on moving to portugal for "financial purposes" wink wink
I like my country. But the old population and our necessity to be in the European Union for development truly is depressing.
Gorgeous country, people are friendly and our oldest allies, lovely food, based history. I like you.
It's aight
thank u ameribro for the thread
10/10 deenz
They are the European country most similar to Spain
Meh. They're too small to matter...Brazil on the other hand is a different story
I dont know much about portugal, but the way they hold their country from spanish invasion is astonishing.
I live in a region with absurd amounts of Portuguese people everywhere
Always though they were a top-tier minority. Obviously there's shitheads but these mofos have city-wide feasts and shit. Like constantly, it's as if they're obsessed with holding feasts
Real talk, I don't see that kind of community with any other group, though.
We love you Portugal
I’m actually packing to move there.
Want to give my family warmer weather and atlantic sunsets.
I have work ready in Lisabon but I’m actually planning on restarting my massage career. Hopefully I can turn down the office position come december.
My dream is living cheap and helping people with muscle pain, maybe travelling between events mixing between civilian and corporate clients.
My wife is really into home birth and a photographer, so maybe we’ll combine the two into a little career?
Number one is escaping the winter here, I don’t mind it but my kids absolutely hate the cold.
They took up arms against African occupiers and then took to the seas and slaughtered a bunch of barbarian primitives in the new world. They along the Spanish were the first to demonstrate European dominance across the globe.
Give our gold back.. NOW!
Wife and I are planning to retire there. We love Portugal. The people, the food, the culture. It's embarrassing how much better Portugal has handled the coronavirus compared to Spain.
I love port wine
and it's a beautiful country!
5/5 stars
What even is a portugoose and why does it care so much about donald trump's relection?
i heard it's a nice place
Thanks, bro.
How do you get weed in Lisbon? And is the Oregano thing real?