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The EU is investigating Portugal for RACISM

Apologize, Portugal:

>A senior European human rights official is sounding the alarm about a rise in racism and discrimination in Portugal.

>The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, published a report Wednesday into “the increasing level of racism and the persistence of related discrimination” in the southern European country.

>Mijatović singled out for special concern a rise in the number of racially motivated hate crimes and hate speech, and discrimination against Roma and those of African descent. She recommended that authorities take measures “urgently.”

>Mijatović also said she was “deeply concerned at reports of racially motivated police misconduct and allegations of infiltration of some segments of the police by far-right extremist movements.”

>Those reports have come amid the emergence and rise of a two-year-old anti-immigrant populist party called Chega, which has moved into the political mainstream by gaining a seat in parliament and showing strongly in a recent presidential race.

>One sauce of the current problems are “biased assumptions and stereotypes” that are part of the country’s colonial legacy, the Council of Europe report said, urging a review of how the history of the one-time Portuguese empire and its slave trade is taught in schools.

>The Portuguese government acknowledged last year that racism had become a problem. It set up a committee last November to assess ways of addressing it, including the upcoming publication of a national plan to combat racism and discrimination for the period 2021-2025.

>Authorities have also promised to launch later this year a public awareness campaign against racism and discrimination, as well as review police recruitment policies.
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How come brazilians aren't the most hated group in Portugal?
Portugal it's time.
Activate the Fifth Empire.
Brown people can't be racist.
Power + Prejudice.
Portuguese are cleared.
>The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović
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>the EU
Isn’t going to do shit. The biggest cliche out there that does nothing more than try to look busy
Correct. Gas all the gypsies, blacks, brazilians and ukrainians in this country
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This racism talk is just pushing people to far right. We went from 1% to 12 in one year.
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Can someone give examples of these hate crimes?
A 24 year old white student was brutally murdered by 3 jogger apes in broad daylight and it wasn’t considered a hate crime.
Everyone here remembers George Floyd the drug addict criminal jogger but they forget Pedro Fonseca.
A black man here was brutally lynched by gypsies (shot and beaten) and that wasn’t a hate crime either.
Gypsies constantly harass and beat people up but that’s not a hate crime either.
Fake news. Finland is the most racist western European country and nobody cares.
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The word racism doesn't mean anything. This is just plain viral marketing against our nation.
>discrimination against Roma and those of African descent.

Can't blame them. Gyppos are fucking subhuman.
These EU joggers and caviar left haven't understood that their speak is what is driving people to the right. Even in concelhos dominated by our communist party the right wing candidate was 2nd most voted in the last presidencial elections. The modern left is eating themselves and pushing people to the right. . From 63.000 to 500.000 in one year.
What the fuck is up with the EU and wanting to be this internationalist niggersucking organization?
This is a declaration of war against our ways, what is needed is clear: nuclear armament
why the fuck do EU countries (including us) allow some foreign court to rule over them? Isn't the whole point of sovereignty that your laws are absolute within your borders?
Portuguese politics are like Brazil before 2013. A fake dispute between liberals and marxists.
They are literal ennemies. If they could, they would just call for your death, but it's not yet the moment to do that.

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Is that considered white in Portugal?
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Well wouldn't you be racist too if your country was being flooded by Brazilians?
>Dunja Mijatović
They aren't investigating anything.
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> The Council of Europe
The Council of Europe has nothing to do with the EU. They're just larping
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Those authoritarian cocksuckers should mind their own business and stop inventing problems.
Finally Portugal is awakening from the sleep. Let's see we still have time to save this country and avoid the great replacement
>senior rights official
Kill him?
We are being invaded by immigration from africa and brazil, some now even have our papers.

the better days were in the past:

Keep up the good work, Portugal.
We won't apologise, everything we've done till this point was just the start. FUCK THE EU
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Based Portugal, Italy will be next.
This is a bit TL, but trust me, it is worth it.

Many must have already forgotten, and the youngest will not even know, but there was a time when left-wing parties knew how to speak to white men, white women, workers, peasants, without education (but never without education) and rude manners. There was no electoral campaign without its leaders, communists and socialists, making speeches in the factories of our country - and the same was true in other European countries and in the United States. That season is over and it will hardly come back.

The lefts abandoned the poor, those with less skills and possessions, for a new cultural agenda. They abandoned factories and fields, occupied universities and public institutes, and now speak for the radical urban bourgeoisie. The so-called fracturing agenda says little to anyone who struggles to make a living from morning to night, every week, every month, and year after year. In habits and customs, much of the traditional electorate of the left is conservative, and is not reflected in the radical progressiveness of the Bloc and, increasingly, of the PS. This is, moreover, one of the greatest anxieties - and one of the greatest dilemmas - of the PCP, lost between its allies of the new lefts and its historic electorate (an eight-year alliance with the PS may be more fatal for the PCP than the end of the Soviet Union).
I will cancel my vacation plans to portugal this summer then. I don't like racists.
>hate speech
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Portugal, you better keep your Iberian genes safe. They will become a precious asset in 100-200 years.
>discrimination against Roma
Never seen anyone on this continent who likes gypsies. Also, if that's bothering them (which it isn't) they should go on over to Romania.
It's racist for kike bankers and bureaucrats to have dominion over Portugal instead of the Portuguese
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Mario Machado is responsible for 90% of all racism in Portugal.
>Dunja Mijatović
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The Portuguese are mixed as fuck, just look at the OP. They barely look European.
Investigating Portugal? I didn't know that there was a racist monkey.
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