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This is the most famous white supremacist in Portugal

This is the most famous white supremacist in Portugal
we wuz aryans n shieeet
Out most famous white supremacist is named David Duke, he is actually employed by zog and only shows up when there is an election and they need to get more lefty voters voting.
If you know their name then they are zog.
I am all for being proud of your ethnicity and race, but I notice how very often these outspoken and public, or to be more precise, ideologically-based racial supremacists have some kind of insecurity they are hidin. Many turn out to be junkie, to actually be secretely self-hating, to be secretely attracted to women of other races, to have had some childhood trauma during youth.
loads of so called brown people whiter than him thats for sure
People would think hes a Syrian rapefugee without those nazi tattoos.
Seems like a cool guy
>This is the most famous white supremacist in Portugal

FAT, only FAT.

Disgusting perma bulkers should just get SHOT on sight.
He’s not white lol

weird I'm middle eastern and whiter than most 'white' supremacists
I don't think southern european far righters label themselves "white supremacist", they would be retarded doing that.
Kek, they look like niggers.
Problems white boi?
He looks like Ed Norton character in American History X

Suck a cliché.

Famous means he is propped up by jews
This is considered as white in portugal?
Hahahaha. But hiz browner than a paki in the midday sunz. Kek.
everyone hates Jews. it's a universal truth.
Are we talking ethnic nationalists for their homeland or white ? A lot of these gym bros just look like your average meathead that loves their folk.
There’s some mostly mexican looking dudes at my gym that are all hardcore confederate flag truck sticker types.
In current year they could be considered nazis.
Nice tan. But still racially white like all portuguese.
>This is the most famous white supremacist in Portugal
Whiter than you, memeflag
From Salazar to this untermensh, pure Kali Yuga decadence we have here.
South European white supremacists have to be the biggest morons of all people on the planet
t. South European
they are Abschaum.

he is the most famous Abschaum in Portugal
He tanned, so what?
Why so mad nordcucks? Don't have any sunny days up there? Stay away from sunlight or ull get som skin cancer. Pinkfags always jealous of med master race
Worry not, you're genes are
recessive so when we fuk ur girls the pink skin disease will dissapear
Why does he appear mulato though?
he seems like a good guy.

all the kike shills itt can kill themselves.

Spain and Portugal are both in Europe. having an European brain is the most important part of being white. if the swedes moved and lived in the Congo for 300 years they would have more than skin.

gas the kikes
race war now
all Europeans world wide vs those vermin who wish us harm.
>memeflag with yet another "you're not white" thread.
Ok, shlomo.
Yeah, ok. I'm not going to D&C on someone I don't know about, kike.
guy on the left literally looks like a spic
look at that gyno
El Moro de las Europas

Portuguese/Spaniards are not white- OP is brazilian/mexican most of the times
French are not white- OP is a Magrebi
Italians are not white- OP is either from a Balkan Country or a Latino
Greeks are not white OP is a Turk
Brits are dark or have shit teeth Indians,Pakistanis,Afro Americans

Usually OP posts pictures of the darkest people he can find, 99% of the time OP is brown/black himself which is kinda ironic
skinheads, religious extremists and antifa/nu-communists are the same type of scum human with low intellect and fear in their heart.
if they had different friends, they would have landed in any of the other group of extremists

change my mind

>natscoc guy has a cross tattoo
top lel
They look cool to me.
Guy they do junkie porn
what a retard, like all neo-nazis