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BERNIE KILLED MLK - New Evidence Released Shows His Arrest And Coverup

This guy is some kind of magic portal using serial killer that has been seen throughout the decades at numerous killings and in numerous police sketches, called everything from "Sandy" to the "Barefoot Intruder", to the "Zodiac Killer".

But nobody knows that Sanders was arrested in '63 in the King Assassination Investigation while he claimed to have been working on a Kibbutz in Palestine.

They don't even recognize him at all as being there, so where was he and what was he doing?

He even wrote one letter to the media to frighten them, that was kept from the public and investigators in local law enforcement by the FBI until 2010 that speaks of a man going to Vermont to kill more, and highlights the word king in his letter by capitalizing a K in speaKing.
Correction......the killer was in Santa Barbara in 63 and was calling himself "Sandy"

Then in Chicago in 66 when he was called the "Barefoot Intruder"

Then in Riverside later that same year calling himself "Z"

Then in 68 in the MLK Assassination

When he immediately fled to San Francisco to kill the 7 in the suspected ring of murders called the "Zodiac"

All the same time he was working for the US/Israeli cabal that was forming it's hold on the US Govt

Sanders was tasked with numerous infiltration duties and was a key player in many political murders.
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This smells of a coverup. James Earl Ray was the patsy. When in reality, it was leftists who shot King to make him a martyr.
After breaking the ciphers and exposing the operation I contacted the presiding judge in the Valerie Percy murder investigation, who then presented the info to the detective and he contacted me personally concerning these new breaks.

They are now considering the Chicago murders of Sharon Bubes and Valerie Percy as the same killer as the others in the lineups

And they are centering their investigations around the one person that is known to fit the profile of the killer word for word.

Bernie Sanders
Now carry on that theme and use the same ciphers to conduct the operations under different facades throughout the decades until you see that each of them conceal the same CIA funded and FBI backed investigations into their own crimes, each one carefully covered up, with their own media spins and mysteries created around them carrying a warped narrative

Basic logic tells you this when you see the evidence and the effect of the operations patterned in comparison with side by side examinations

They are one in the same.
I hope for his sake that he didn't, because he ain't got jack SHIT back in return for it since.
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Based on the themes behind Hodel's escape from the blackmailing cabal he was involved with as an infiltration agent working with the Rosenbergs and other Communist subversives, Sanders was employed in the same manner.

Cruz and Chauncey Holt were photographed handing out propaganda with Lee Harvey Oswald and were basing their movements through cities to set up their operations

Cruz later hijacked a plane, taking the money to fuel their operation in Vancouver where he set up a van with weapons and explosives for a team to carry on operations killing and bombing in Canada through the 70s

Holt later died, and it is supected that he was part of the operations that were set up with these parts of the country divided into 4 parts, sent to the Southeast to terrorize the city of Atlanta and other locations.

Holt was a Guatamalan Mercenary that they used before and when Kennedy was exposing their operations he was recruited into their teams. It is also suspected that he was the one that killed Tibbets when going to meet Lee Harvey Oswald at his house.

Telling him to flee to the theater to meet someone, when he was then set up to be arrested there. A theatrical ending was played later in the lobby when a lookalike was hired to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald and his face was covered by a man with a black cloth bag....the "Coverup"

Cruz later was seen with the woman fleeing the LA hotel when RFK was shot saying we just shot Kennedy, in excitement. He was the latino man in the pic.
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>Sanders was arrested in '63 in the King Assassination Investigation
MLK was killed in 1968 you brain dead piece of shit - die under a truck.
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> This guy is some kind of magic portal using serial killer.
He also killed Jimmy Hoffa at Pearl Harbor on 9/11. That cant be a coincidence
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What's with the inconsistent periods? Are you purposefully trying to be weird and spooky?
/pt/ was on to this a while back, interesting...
Your telling me bernie sanders is the Zodiac killer?
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If you want to play the game, (((they))) want career-ending life-ending dirt on you as collateral. It wouldn't surprise me if this were true. But if it's not this, it's something else.
Yeah I've seen holocaust photoshopped lies, I aint trusting that black and white. Even if that is a real arrest video, I imagine hundreds of thousands if not millions of nerds would want to speak to you for incriminating them.
hold on so he's the zodiac, AND HE TOOK OUT MLK? wtf else has bernie been up to, was he on the grassy knoll?
So I'm thinking this is one of Adam Schiffs wannabe screen plays...
>Well done detective
It's him I concur
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One guy figured out that the ciphers were also laid out like a Morse Coded Frequency as a dual use of their selection

The regular letters were dashed and the symbols were dotted as well as the backwards letters

These later were shown to be tied to the descriptions of the creation of this symbol over an area and the subsequent following letters would conceal locations surrounding that areas center
Fine theory if I do say so myself. Has mr. Weldmoss given his opinion on the matter yet?
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Have you ever considered that the Zodiac Killer is the Monster of Florence?
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