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new portuguese citizenship law is opening up the country to mass immigration and no reaction is seen

a new law is going to passed that will give portuguese citizenship to every child born from parents residing one year on portuguese soil, with no further requeriments needed. the parents themselves need not to be nationals, they can have a laundry list of crimes on their record, they can even be here on extended "holiday" visas it seems

added bonus: all the africans who "lost" their portuguese citizenship in 1975, when their countries got their independence, will be able to freely require it. nevermind the fact that they fought a 14 year old war to get rid of whitey, and they had the option at the time to opt for either portuguese or their corresponding new citizenship

we are already facing huge waves of immigration from brazil, africa, china, india, pakistan, bangladesh, and to a lesser note nepal. the last census doesnt reflect the reality nowadays, and the left actually doesnt want the newer census to have an inquiry on race/ethnic background on fears it will suddenly redpill the populace en masse.
thing is only a fraction of these want to stay long enough to get the citizenship to freely circulate the EU. they are indeed settling here

politicians are actively undermining our future, and due to covid paranoia they are passing this under the radar, with no public scrutiny.
the few who speak out against this insanity are being branded as right wing extremists or fascists. ive seen some arguments from NPCs saying we need immigrant children contribute to our declining population, in other other fully admitting to demographic replacement without even realizing it

sry for no english sauces as there are none

What's the density of NPC's in Portugal? Seems kinda like you've got more than usual the amount of anti-Whites among you.
Sow you are telling me, if a guy is from Angola or Brazil he can become a portuguese national just like thta, by staying in the country?
Why no reaction anon? I thought Portugal was based? Is it because drugs are legal so people are not focused on reality?
Based. Now there’s another avenue for new europeans to move to germany
I read "new portugese chimpanzee law" at first, and I think that's more fitting.
This SAME shit is happening in america and all around the world. the jewish kike faggots are taking away our culture and letting sand niggers in after all we did to build up our own country, and our weak leaders, even 'based' Trump aren't standing up to it. It makes me depression

Unrelated picture of Chad Kokesh,
It sounds like your country is really desperate to grow its economy any way it can. You are also attempting to expand your Maritime boundary with the island territories. I don't think this is the way with artificial population growth injections...

The EU is a good model in theory... If the far left hacks would be replaced, it could be a great tool for creating a united Europe with the best interest of the local cultures...

What's certain is uniting, culturally and otherwise, is inevitable... Whether it is with European people's or with the entire third world in a identityless multicultural nation is still up to those who steer the direction of the country
So called Portuguese "people" are half-African mongrels anyway
Who would've guessed our retarded leftist government would do something retarded ?
I hope they all live long, rich and fulfilling lives with their families and the hard earned money that the tax payer was happy to provide :)
obviously you need to send your politicians are strongly-worded letter
It's the illiterate nigress ? What her name pls ?
Portugal is done, it's the end
Im moving to portugal. You guys are the real "land of the free".
I still remember some years ago some blind retards claiming he had few immigration.
Gotta fill those empty churches. Reminder that citizenship to Africans and others was given by the idol of rightwingers.
Paajet Costa had a plan, destroy our identity and making us a minority in our own country destroying Portugal, i guess he will achieve that. But i'm pretty sure of one thing we will not fall into the third world, populated by nigs and brazilian muttants, without a fight
Earlier this week the British government actually chartered a plane to fly Somali immigrants to Britain form Greece.

We are all under attack, I really just don't know what to do. They are going to turn every western european nation into a fucking shit hole and we have to pay for it.

I want off the timeline. Anyone got any hope? All I have now are blackpills.
Just deserts ,this is karma.you filthy nigger peddling kikes.
Lmao the law of your land is literally
the portuguese brought at least 6 million niggers to brazil, we don't need those anymore so we're paying it back with interest.karma's a bitch
These portuguese men came around in america, colonised all shit along, stole all gold and brought thousands of african slaves with them.

My grandparents came in last century from europe, speacially italy, portugal and spanish.

Now the country is a third-world shithole with no expectations but poverty and robbery ad infinitum.

Haven't I the right to go back to where I belong? Those fucking portuguese DESERVE to be taken back from the brazilian descendents.

We are you too. We are the rejected child of the colonisation. We are coming back.

All of my brazilian friends already got the second citizenship and are living in Portugal.
it's fine i've accepted death a long time ago
Chega will surely become the 3rd largest political party in 2023 parlament, they will deport many, I hope. until then, we have socialists boomers voting for the socialists and the social democrats as always, I live in a town with 15K resindents in Portugal and brazillians have started to fight agaisnt the gypsies. This country with the socialists is gone, will be destroyed.
well China did bail them out of debt and bought their shipping docks. it's only natural they'd want to give their new Chinese overlords citizenship. seems like more and more China is behind all this multi-culti shit. not the Jews. China is the Jew stereotype. everything that can be said about Israel, can almost be said about China regarding the subversiveness and hypocrisy and US love affair.
why the fuck would anyone immigrate to portugal? Even african niggers? I mean, I visited Portugal once, it was lovely, I'd love to go back. But there's no industry, no good jobs, people born in portugal often leave to get better jobs elsewhere? Why would anyone who is not independently wealthy even move there?

Honestly portubro I think you'll be ok
Why did Portugueses voted for a leftist party? You are supposed to be Eastern European tier.
You are the niggers of Europe anyway. This is just you mingling with your own kind.
How long till the system collapses in Portugal?
I thought this was going to be about citizenship for 1/1024 sephardics (a.k.a all of maghreb).
I'm an American and would love to move to Portugal. I would work and not be a freeloader, doesn't seem like your country wants people that aren't dem gibs.
why would anyone want to move to portugal?
They are all poor and there are no jobs. I'd rather live in a favela.
The majority of bostileiros that leave Bostil for Portugal are the ones that don't know a word in english i.e favelados, pardos and lower middle class.
The more of them leaving my country, the better. Hopefully they all go to Portugal and during their travel planes crash and kill every bostileiro on board.
>Reads headline
>Tries not to die inside
Explain why immigration is bad.
Raise awareness in your community and networks. This is your country's illegitimate government signing away you and your children's future. There will probably be no peaceful solution, because if these people understand that there are no physical consequences for their negative behavior, they will keep selling you out until you are Brazil 2.
>nevermind the fact that they fought a 14 year old war to get rid of whitey

I like you guys but cmon you can't be serious.
well you're kind of mixed already so what's the problem?
Yes brother I just bought my brand new 500000€ villa on one of your finest beaches, getting my golden visa in 3 months and my citizenship in 3 years what are you going to do about it you portoguese scum

Soon I will be drowning in your whores
you are not white anyway ape lmao
why do women get these long fake nails? It's not sexy it only makes them look like witches
finally the alberto barbosa cliche will make sense
Is Portugal better than Brazil ? If so, how ?
Don't even say bullshits like " We have more whites" that's a lie, Brazil is way more huge than your little country.
Everyone born 8n the US becomes a US citizen; no time requirements.

Start fucking and paying taxes and perhaps your government won't be so desperate for tax revenue.
Eu irei morar em Portugal, terei vários filhos com uma tuguinha gostosa mediterrânea de olhos claros semelhante à pic related, terei cidadania portuguesa e não há nada que você possa fazer para impedir isto.
We are fucked puta que pariu
Your fertility rate is 1.36, dude. It would help you to welcome a few black queens.
>An Iberian crying about anchor babies
They're pushing the same here. They're making so many new laws with the State of Emergency as an excuse...
When have politicians around the world have ever agreed on something good? Just knowing that alone should make anybody, that sees this coordinated push, suspicious.
Stop being racist
How did y'all go from Salazar to this?
Hey Barbosa!!!, who do you think that want to live among North Africans
Pasteis de nata

that is all i have to say.
Bleeding heart liberals are an anathema to any healthy functioning civilization.
You're not even white nigger stop complaining
You get what you others wish and mock for.
>reduces your birth rate with female empowerment and a bad economy
>hey goys, you need immigration because your birth rate is bad