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Who are Romanians?

They look like sandniggers and speak gibberish instead of an Romance language so other Romance speakers can barely understand them

>a iubi, a lovi, a primi, obicei, razboi, sticla, oglinda, ceasca, ceas, bogat, zapada, drag, prieten, prost, vinovat, vreme, gresi, morcov, a plati, a citi, sfarsit, a dovedi - Romanian words of Slavic origin

Who are they? Turks? Gypsies? South Slavs?

>Who are they? Turks? Gypsies? South Slavs?
African BVLLS
Sa ma pis in gura ta, oricine ai fi.
Nah, Romanians are cool. People are just dumbasses who dont understand the difference between them and the (((romani))) garbage.

COV-19 - How to lose freedom in less than a month

I'm having serious doubts about what is happening right now across the planet. If at the beginning of this whole thing I was completely onboard with some of the restrictive measures, thinking that this virus is the real deal, now I'm starting to think that something more nefarious is happening behind the curtains and that we are being played like fools by the people in charge. To explain, I'm gonna use Romania as a reference, feel free to write down the stats for your country as well and post them here to see if they correlate.

average age of infected here is 42;
most affected age group: 30-45;
no infected over 70;
65% infected are female, rest are men
youngest infected is 4
85% mild cases
out of those 85%, more than 50% asymptomatic
total tests done in the country: <10.000
1 million Romanians have returned from Italy, Spain, Germany in the last couple of weeks

Mortality rate in Italy is high because they count people that had serious preexisting medical conditions but got infected with corona and died as "deaths by corona". Same thing is happening here, some 70 y/o with terminal lung cancer that got infected with corona and is now in critical condition will more than likely die in the coming days. He will be classified as a "corona death", despite him having only a couple of months to live anyway. Rinse and repeat across the medical system and low and behold, the actual mortality rate. As long as they correlate the number of deaths with the number of people tested, and the screening measures are not translated into the whole country getting tested, the mortality rate will appear very high. But if we take into consideration that most of the people are asymptomatic and will more than likely never even go to the doctor, then the mortality rate drops to <1%.

We're being played like fools. Legally, we have no rights at the moment - no right to freedom of speech, no right to freedom of movement, no right to private life, nothing. And for what? A literal flu?

Coronavirus is not as deadly as they say.

They're just preparing us to go from ZOG to NWO.
>no infected over 70
Bumping for truth. This beyond burger is just an excuse. For whatever reason, ZOG wanted a global lockdown.