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How do you deal with them?
They are well fed, dressed and refuse to work and pay taxes.
All they do is beg all day long - it's part of their "culture".
And they theach their children to do the same from their early childhood (pic related).
I chose ignore them.
Ignore their existance as a whole - that is if they adress me directly I act as if they don't exist and I don't hear them.
I believe if everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, acted like this they will eventually get the point.
Am I wrong?

>refuse to work and pay taxes
Based accelerationists
I see gypsies quite often. They speak their fucked up language instead of Spanish, most of them can't read because they don't send their children to school and drive expensive cars while living in absolute filth.
Use a Frog


15k Lei

This is what a day of work brings you in Romania

Stop stealing man.
How much is that? $5?