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Romanian election thread

Balkanization of Romania is imminent. The vote yesterday clearly shows Transylvanians will win the legislative elections next month, rule this country again and bring in swedish levels of cuckholdry.
Once again, szekelys, wallachians and moldovans will not be represented by the government. Why does this country even exist? We need to destroy Romania in order to survive.

Who are /our goys/?
Sorry for being a dumb burger but how is Klaus Johannis doing in Romania? Is he still popular or have people soured on him? I remember when he was elected, the media here were sucking his cock, whether it was his German connections, how he wasn’t as corrupt as Oprea, Ponta, or Basescu and could unfuck Romanian politics, or how Romanians had their best years under German kangz.
C O P E gipsy faggot

Turks Whiter Than Romanians/Greeks/Bulgars

Why does /ro/ hate Turks so much when they're clearly whiter and more civilised than balkanites that chimp out over silly religious nonsense.

>we're white, therefore we're great!
They're fucking Refugees, that's the long and short of it.
> bong flag

ah, of course
hang yourself, muhammad
A beady eyed anglocuck defending the roaches, typical.