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With the western world being over runned by sand niggers and regular niggers, why don't you consider moving to Romania?
Here are a few reasons you should consider:
>by 2028 Romania will reach western EU in terms of wealth, faster than Hungary and Poland
>Bucharest richer than Budapest, western Romania is richer than all of Hungary except Budapest region.
>2nd biggest building in the World and the heaviest
>biggest Orthodox Cathedral in the world (it has 6 nuclear bunkers)
>Romanian Stock Exchange pays some of the highest dividends in the world
>Cristina Neagu
>Simona Halep
>Matei Corvin and Iancu de Hunedoara
Move in while it's still cheap

>why don't you consider moving to Romania?
Already returning to Serbia, brate.

And trust me, you don't want a multi-European state, even that is too much diversity for one nation too bear.

The only people who historically did well in Romania were the Transylvanian Germans and they now refuse to come back.
no thanks, i dont like squatting for photos
You guys have horrible gun laws

Why are eastern europeans so violent?

I'm done with this place. Fuck Romania and fuck romanians. this place has lost my seed. have fun trying to build a society with brutes that think that getting drunk and sticking sticks up kittens asses and then killing them (I've seen it) is macho and cool.
I almost got my shit pushed in once because this guy was calling a stray kitten to him from under a car because he found it entertaining to kill small defenceless animals while the other brutes watched and laughed about how the animal was twiching. they use to break their necks. I shooed the cat away and his reponse was literally:
>Now I should break your fucking neck.
I got falsely accused of rape by my ''best'' friend so he could get closer to a girl. he told her that a party where she got drunk I proposed to him that we rape her together but he said no and saved her. this is the level of eastern european whites so you can get an idea.
The sight of first snow was the worst. Here in Romania when it snows young boys do these things called ''baptisms''. They forcifully take the girls out during the school lunch breaks and shove them into the snow, of course they do this to grope them. They grab what they like, the ass, the tits, while they are manhandeling them. Then it's the turn of the smaller males or the people they have a grudge on. They will swarm you, kick your legs from under you, slam you to the ground. If you were lucky you would just be publicly humiliated and made a mess with torn clothes, if you were unlucky you would get kicked in the head. Maybe when you grew up the sight of snow was a joy for you in the west, for me it was a nightmare, my mind went into overdrive to figure out plans and routes to go so I could avoid the bastards.
you pampered americans or westerners have no idea how brutal life can be here for young males. eastern europeans, my fellow whites, are the reason I can't believe in white supremacy.

White Northern Europeans are pathologically averse to inter-personal conflict, so much so you could take a shit on their desk and they’d sit there and do nothing. The future of European Civilisation lies with Southern and Eastern Europe those with “hot-blood” and not the “cold-blooded” reptilians of North and North-Western Europe.
The gallons of stinky stale Soros cum rotten your brain. Get the fuck out to UK or Germany and suck as much paki and nigger cock you desire.

Also the pic seem to be from Russia somewhere, proving you're a cocksucking shitskin magyar who got raped by your degenerate father and now you blame us.
>and then everybody clapped
Man the fuck up pussy. If you think eastern euro men are bad then you’re in for an explosive wake up call when diversity arrives at your boarders.