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Welcome to /ro/ - Romania! Rules: 1. The default languages for discussions in /ro/ - Romania are Romanian and English. 2. You can ask here people from Romania anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful. 3. Remember all global rules apply to /ro/, and general respect and courtesy is in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others. If you are not familiar with history and culture of Romania, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romania

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I recently was talking with a Romanian friend who said that...

I recently was talking with a Romanian friend who said that Romanians are white because they are Germanic. I was always under the assumption Romanians were Balkan or eastern European, maybe Mediterranean, but never considered them Germanic. He said they are central European and largely Germanic in genetic type. Can any euros clear this up?

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Romanian election thread

Balkanization of Romania is imminent. The vote yesterday clearly shows Transylvanians will win the legislative elections next month, rule this country again and bring in swedish levels of cuckholdry. Once again, szekelys, wallachians and moldovans will not be represented by the government. Why does this country even exist? We need to destroy Romania in order to survive.

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hungarian vs Romanian nationalists this explains a lot

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/ourgirls/ in Romania Bully Coal-burning Whore

https://twitter.com/dillondanis/status/1303749965794209794 >Before they hit her they made her say ‘a whore is a person who has sex before marriage’ Based /ourgirls/, sadly the whore survived.

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Why is Romania so poor?

After more than 10 years in the EU and all the EU gibs that Romanians pocketed, why are they still so poor?

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Turks Whiter Than Romanians/Greeks/Bulgars

Thoughts? Why does /ro/ hate Turks so much when they're clearly whiter and more civilised than balkanites that chimp out over silly religious nonsense.

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Is Romania the only non-kiked country in the region? It seem...

Is Romania the only non-kiked country in the region? It seems everyone else is either blue pilled or Russian stooges.

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Retarded Romanian Orphans in 1990 right after the fall of Communism

>The Road cannibal basement scene but real. https://youtu.be/SOS3jBy3bl4

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How would you fix Romania?

How would you fix Romania?

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How much money did your country get from the EU for 2021-202...

How much money did your country get from the EU for 2021-2027 Romania got 80 billion euro

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Romanian girl gets killed by an old dude

A 15 year old girl got kidnapped, raped, killed, chopped up and dissolved in acid This is her conversation with the emergency services just before she was killed.Video has english caption https://youtu.be/YPY5w_AECNI

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Is Romania a hidden white ethnostate? https://www.youtube.co...

Is Romania a hidden white ethnostate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoLCD3rP9DM

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Romania Thread: White Lives Matter Edition

Romania football fans gathered at the Caraiman Cross to honor the fallen heroes of the War for Reunification Their message was clear as daylight. Say something nice about my country.

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Romania. The best thing that was build here in the past 30 years. The biggest Orthodox church in the world.

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Romania to ban identity politics in schools

The law also includes teaching girls to be submisive and learn how to cook or needle clothes.Boys how to fight and sports.

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first vol. of moldavian doomer music


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Romania thread

What do you like/hate about Romania? I will start Like--nature, cheap prices Hate--people

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Tell me more about this country /ro/ . In the UK Romanians...

Tell me more about this country /ro/ . In the UK Romanians are generally looked at as either thieves or the kind of gypsy to put a curse on you. Are they based at all? The best things I can think of are that the castles there look cool and Georghe Hagi was a pretty good footballer

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I don't get it

Maybe I'm a stupid romanian 19 year old... But why the fuck isn't the media atleast bringing up the fact that George Floyd put a gun on a pregnant's woman belly? WHY!? Also, my country is on his side and all my friends and family call me a racist. Oh well, maybe I have a problem...

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Race war just started in Romania.

It's here. The rope day is here. The gypsies made it clear. They also cried: no reconciliation, no peace, only war. They will have their war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZIcd_sQ2nw

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What does /ro/ honestly think about Romania

Yes, this is a shameles ripoff of the Ukraine post, I was just curious

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Who are Romanians?

They look like sandniggers and speak gibberish instead of an Romance language so other Romance speakers can barely understand them >a iubi, a lovi, a primi, obicei, razboi, sticla, oglinda, ceasca, ceas, bogat, zapada, drag, prieten, prost, vinovat, vreme, gresi, morcov, a plati, a citi, sfarsit, a dovedi - Romanian words of Slavic origin Who are they? Turks? Gypsies? South Slavs?

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COV-19 - How to lose freedom in less than a month

I'm having serious doubts about what is happening right now across the planet. If at the beginning of this whole thing I was completely onboard with some of the restrictive measures, thinking that this virus is the real deal, now I'm starting to think that something more nefarious is happening behind the curtains and that we are being played like fools by the people in charge. To explain, I'm gonna use Romania as a reference, feel free to write down the stats for your country as well and post them here to see if they correlate. average age of infected here is 42; most affected age group: 30-45; no infected over 70; 65% infected are female, rest are men youngest infected is 4 85% mild cases out of those 85%, more than 50% asymptomatic total tests done in the country: <10.000 1 million Romanians have returned from Italy, Spain, Germany in the last couple of weeks Mortality rate in Italy is high because they count people that had serious preexisting medical conditions but got infected with co...

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Romanian whiteknights beat African migrant for touching woman


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is there a more cringe worthy country than romania?

is there a more cringe worthy country than romania?

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People think my country is a joke

because Romania has a weaker economy and currency and basic problems with drinking water. But we only began recovering from communism in the 90s. Now we are very anti-communist while other western countries are badly infected by it. I have visited London, Berlin, Paris and parts of America and they are flooded with non-whites and not safe to walk around at night. Here we have almost no foreigners, thanks to our economy being suppressed by leftist economics. It is a weird blessing in disguise, although I am very happy to be rid of the communists. But I'm afraid that once Romania develops enough we will start attracting migrants too - especially when Western Europe begins to implode from its own debt and massive migrant welfare burden. Is the solution for Romania to never develop and remain poor so migrants don't come? After experiencing my country and other Western countries, I prefer boiling my water and living simply but in a homogeneous and safe country as opposed to "muh economic development&#...

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I'm a Romanian Marxist currently living in Chicago

My parents worked closely with the communist government, and my dad was friends with Ceausescu. I had to flee Romania in the 90's because the entire country wanted us dead. I currently work for democratic socialist organizations in the US and will do my part to ensure America embraces Marxist values. The obvious reaction from American posters will be for them to demand that I "go back to my country." To this, I respond: This is my country now. If America becomes Marxist, the rest of the world will follow. Making Romania Marxist again won't help my cause as Romania has already been pillaged after centuries of war and imperialism and remains in deep poverty under the current capitalism government. I also voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Do I support his policies and presidency? God no. Do I believe he can stir up enough resentment among the left which will expedite the revolution? Yes, which is why I wanted him to win from the very beginning. Feel free to ask me questions. Keep it political....

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So I hear that some pieces of shit talk about România. Cigans make up 600,000 out of 20,000,000 million Romanians peoples. Put 20 glasses of water on a table. Out of those 20 glasses, one glass is half black. That's the percentage of cigans we are talking about. https://postimg.cc/ygYRPbvK https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_people Now you ask youself, why the "romani". Because George Soros in the 90's with his foundations changed the definition. Every Romanian hates the cigans and they are the most discriminated group in our country. Living in isolated villages. Luckly for us, in 2007, they left our country and migrated in the Western EU. They are not our problem anymore.

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Social experiment in 3rd world EUROPEAN country Romania - Do women deserve to be protected? PC PC PC


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Romania hate

I’m sick of seeing Romanian immigrants in England why can’t they fuck off they are all thieving shits

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Gypsy stories

Post your best romanian stuff ">outside of Florentine Duomo >see old gypsy lady walking on other side of square carrying a little baby >looks as though she's about to trip and fall >THROWS BABY >shocked tourist catches baby >while hands are busy with baby, old lady reaches into his pockets and grabs wallet >grabs baby, runs off >fucking kek'd >now unconsciously stroking money belt like a displaced Israelite for rest of the trip though"

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With the western world being over runned by sand niggers and regular niggers, why don't you consider moving to Romania? Here are a few reasons you should consider: >by 2028 Romania will reach western EU in terms of wealth, faster than Hungary and Poland >Bucharest richer than Budapest, western Romania is richer than all of Hungary except Budapest region. >2nd biggest building in the World and the heaviest >biggest Orthodox Cathedral in the world (it has 6 nuclear bunkers) >Romanian Stock Exchange pays some of the highest dividends in the world >Cristina Neagu >Simona Halep >Dracula >Matei Corvin and Iancu de Hunedoara >Dacia Move in while it's still cheap...

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Why are eastern europeans so violent?

I'm done with this place. Fuck Romania and fuck romanians. this place has lost my seed. have fun trying to build a society with brutes that think that getting drunk and sticking sticks up kittens asses and then killing them (I've seen it) is macho and cool. I almost got my shit pushed in once because this guy was calling a stray kitten to him from under a car because he found it entertaining to kill small defenceless animals while the other brutes watched and laughed about how the animal was twiching. they use to break their necks. I shooed the cat away and his reponse was literally: >Now I should break your fucking neck. I got falsely accused of rape by my ''best'' friend so he could get closer to a girl. he told her that a party where she got drunk I proposed to him that we rape her together but he said no and saved her. this is the level of eastern european whites so you can get an idea. The sight of first snow was the worst. Here in Romania when it snows young boys do these things...

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How do you deal with them? They are well fed, dressed and refuse to work and pay taxes. All they do is beg all day long - it's part of their "culture". And they theach their children to do the same from their early childhood (pic related). I chose ignore them. Ignore their existance as a whole - that is if they adress me directly I act as if they don't exist and I don't hear them. I believe if everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, acted like this they will eventually get the point. Am I wrong?

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15k Lei

This is what a day of work brings you in Romania

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>be ogre de las Rumania >decide to shoot 2 policemen >try to...

>be ogre de las Rumania >decide to shoot 2 policemen >try to run >some days after >police finds you >they beat the shit out of you >you like a little bitch start to cry and act like a victim >they get you into the van >they beat you even more >cry more like a little bitch >they record and makes photos of you while you're humiliated >the photos are posted on social media >videos are used by all news agencies >a whole country wants you to be shot >everybody laughs and cheers what happened to you >some 50kgs lanklet hipsters starts to defend you >people starts to make fun of them and even threat them >police won't do a shit if the hispters reports them,more like the police will end up to laugh Feels good to be Romanian and see how people are defending the police instead the dindu nuffins,probably the best job that you can have here is to be a policeman since you're allowed to beat the shit out of dindu nuffins as much as you want without entering into troubles....

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Race War brewing in UK - Romanian Gangs are hunting down refugees across UK

Seems like Romanian Gangs have already had enough of refugees and are bashing them up and down england showing the brits and western euro's how to do it. Link - https://youtu.be/aDoKA7-KD-Q

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Why are there so many Romanian sex workers in the UK, German...

Why are there so many Romanian sex workers in the UK, Germany and Italy? Most of porn actress came from countries like Hungary, Romania, Russia or the Czech Republic.

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Romania is going to import a million Pakistanis this year to fill labor shortages

Your thoughts on this?

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Romania keen to import 0.5 mln Pakistani workforce by 2020

ISLAMABAD, Apr 17 (APP):The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Wednesday agreed to export over 0.5 million Pakistani workforce to Romania in different trades by 2020. The development came in response to the offer made by Romanian Ambassador to Pakistan , Niculaie Goia who was called on Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari. In a view of recent development in Romania and migration of Romanian human capital to European countries for prospective job opportunities, Niculaie Goia said it would be seeking as many as one million workforce from the various countries. “Romania is ready to import over 0.5 million of Pakistani workers by 2020 due to shortage of human resource at home,” the envoy informed the Special Assistant. The Ambassador said the labour market of his country was offering a large number of job opportunities for Pakistanis in various sectors including Information Technology, con...

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>Be bong >Be from Bongistan >Flat as your sisters chest. >Be...

>Be bong >Be from Bongistan >Flat as your sisters chest. >Be woman >Muh vagina power >"Atv Rider" XTREME >Come to Romania >Enter in the most hardcore course in Europe >Try to be EXTREME over a 75 degree slope >Fall >Atv 300kg crushes your chest. >Die >Bong Husband threatens to sue >Can't sue the ambulance cause it's private >Can't sue the Italian organizer cause it was made at your own peril >Go back to Bongistan without a wife Thoughts?...

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Romania was more helpful than Italy in WW2 in the war against comunism.

For true historians it is known that Romania was Germany's largest ally on the mainland. https://www.debate.org/debates/Romania-was-a-more-helpful-ally-to-Nazi-Germany-than-Italy-during-WWII./1/ In WW2 Romania was the glory of Central Europe! Like it or not. Also a good read for histroy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1941_Odessa_massacre Debate.