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Romanian election thread

Balkanization of Romania is imminent. The vote yesterday clearly shows Transylvanians will win the legislative elections next month, rule this country again and bring in swedish levels of cuckholdry.
Once again, szekelys, wallachians and moldovans will not be represented by the government. Why does this country even exist? We need to destroy Romania in order to survive.
No shit, they're their own country you dumb fuck
Romania s-au dus drcului. Ați auzit de legea privind identitatea de gen? Cică o sa avem in continuare porcăria aia pt că Iohannis e de acord cu îndoctrinarea copiilor. GG
annexing transilvania was a mistake

reminder this is the only real romania and every single romanian of importance has come from here

give transilvania back to the b*zgors

Usr won in Timisoara
Nu inteleg unde au trait toti prostii astia care se plang de rezultatele de aseara
Adica voi pana ieri chiar credeati in mema aia cu "Romania bazata" si traiati cu capu in nisip in bulele voastre de pe discord?
Si cand va mai trezeau unii pe aici la realitate va intra scriptul si faceati cope "bOzGoR, cUcK, dEmOrAlIzArE, bLaCkPiLl"
Bun venit in realitate juniori
Spolier: tot ce vedeti in SUA acum si vi se pare scandalos si terifiant va veni si la voi in maxim 10 ani. Si nu, nu veti face nimic in privinta asta :)
>steal Hungarian clay
>hold elections
>get mad when they don't vote the way you want them to
The obvious solution here is to give them back to Hungary
Kill yourself commie disinformation cuck
Daily reminder that Rumanians still owe us Eastern Banat, and ought to bring it back soon.

Hold up, so yellow is Liberal-Conservative while red is Social-Democrat. Both are often pretty cucked but SocDems are pretty much always far far worse than LibCons so doesn't this just mean the Transylvania is actualy far better when it comes to politics?
Fuck I never realized transylvania was so fucking cucked.
I thought Hungarians were based why are they all voting for PRO EU neoliberal homosexual party?
Kill them fuck Hungarians fucking prices of shit now I hope they get their fucked up they deserve it.
Isn't Transylvania with the richest region, except the capital, though?
Which one was best
You Romanians steal too much land and then you're surprised they don't vote as they're expected?
so what happened? who won? and who's owend by who?
gib quick rundown.
>more than 100 years after their fail, hungarian shitposters pose with Romanian flags and larp as if they are Romanians who want to give transylvania back in order to delude themselves that they will get it back

What a pathetic butthurt spineless nation lmao. Don't even have the courage to ask for it legitimately (can't anyway because they have 0 claim). They can't admit they were the worst failed empire in Europe and absolutely NOBODY (including us) could stand being ruled over by them

You need to terminate yourselves, how can you be this pathetic and still feel no shame about your actions? Or just fuck off back to the steppes like the migrators you are
It's incredible looking back 20 years how far things have degenerated. Back in late 90s / early 2000s we had Nastase, Vadim, Constantinescu. All learned men and actual intellectuals.

Now we have Nicusor and Firea and Olguta.
>t. voteaza PSD
commie scum
Is your Social Democratic party pro-SJW?
Good. Fuck Romania. Shitty country with no history or culture.
How can we realistically cliche PSD to bring back national-communism? They showed they have balls. Ion Iliescu is their honorary president.
Man you have been bearing off about this balkanization for 10 years now and whenever I look Romania is still the same.

The people in Transylvania know that if they break off from Romania the Huns will absorb them and they'll get kicked out of their own country cause Huns are fucking evil. It's not happening.
PNL > PSD, amirite?
Balkanization is always a desirable outcome.
who are our guys, who are the globohomofags and what will the globohomofags bring you if they get elected?
Daily reminder that romonkeys have nothing to do with dacians or romans and all of that shpiel is just a romanticist larp from the 19th century right around the time they reinvented the rigger language from a slavonic one to a """"latin-romance"""" once by stealing french words with no shame and pretending that "we wuz romanz en shieeeeeet"
in reality romonkeys are just fucking vlachs that came from greece and albania to the wallachian plain and have nothing to do with thracians or romans
romonkeys are more closely related to turks and semites than they are to central europeans or italians for that matter
Romanian whores give bad service.
If the Transylvanians win the elections, does that mean the vampires return? And more importantly, have we found the current heir to the Belmont family?
can we elect for all of romania to kys?
>We need to destroy Romania in order to survive.
Yes we need to Wallachia has to be independent fuck Romania and (((romanians))).
Fuck off we are full
take your pills, bozgor
Who are /our goys/?
Sorry for being a dumb burger but how is Klaus Johannis doing in Romania? Is he still popular or have people soured on him? I remember when he was elected, the media here were sucking his cock, whether it was his German connections, how he wasn’t as corrupt as Oprea, Ponta, or Basescu and could unfuck Romanian politics, or how Romanians had their best years under German kangz.
C O P E gipsy faggot
please god make it so bukovyna finally gets annexed back into ukraine i cant fucking stand romania anymore im gonna go fucking insane if i see any more romonkeys FUCK