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Romanian girl gets killed by an old dude

A 15 year old girl got kidnapped, raped, killed, chopped up and dissolved in acid
This is her conversation with the emergency services just before she was killed.Video has english caption
Hope the guy get the Vlad treatment
Romanians are retarded. "where are you?" 50 fucking times. She gave them the guy's fucking name, town, and vehicle description and they are like "where are you, any landmarks".

So stupid.
This is some liberator level of competence.
Fucking police are useless. She fucking gives them all the info they need and they still can't fucking save her. You would think they would come within the hour or something. He had time to chop her up and find acid to dissolve her in.
Is it considered police in Romania? Or just some random folks who are paid to answer to the phone ?
I'd do her
She strongly resembles a pakistani
was the phone she used a smartphone? could have looked up the GPS coordinates.
She’s not white, but I do feel sympathy for the little mutt for some reason with is extremely rare for me. F
Impale the rapist...
Did the cop get fired and loose his pension?
So thats the famous town rapist?
Meanwhile if I would talk with somebody on the phone and say that I would bomb the government within 10 minutes I will wake up with special forces, army and the pope at my door.
Some gypsy was killed.

Who cares, why is this a story?

Holy fucking shit, the emergency handler is a fucking cunt.
So she knows his name. But she waits forever to say it. What the fuck is her deal? And ive called the police on a fucking payphone before and hung up and the police were there in like 3 minutes. Without any fucking information. Everyone in the situation is a fucking retard. They said they were sending police. Well that must have taken forever if he was able to chop her up and dissolve her. So fucking Stupid.

> Doesn't ask for a description of the guy
> Acts like a complete bitch to a terrified little girl
God, Romanians are fucking incompetent.
>killed, chopped up and dissolved in acid
This crazy fuck had all the chances to take her phone first and rape her daily until Stockholm Syndrome, then get insane blowjobs from one hot Aryan chick, for free.
Why are psychos always so fucking stupid?
The operator needs to be hanged for being so fucking incompetent.
Eastern languages are ugly.
Why would you kill a qt like this instead of keeping her in your basement as your sex slave forever. I don't get it.
Romanian kind of sounds like Italian mixed with slav. Interesting.
And nothing of value was lost
Dispatchers here in my city at least can pinpoint where you’re calling from based on your GPS location
It’s so beyond soul crushing to hear the call of a young girl who was failed by her country and law enforcement
She cute.
What pisses me off the most is what they're using her death for.

Just some ideas from an article called "Why do we hate women?"

>Emergency setting up of a Ministry for Women and Child Protection, which will directly oversee all DGSAPCs in the country, where corruption and trafficking of institutionalized minors are wreaking havoc. We are close to India on pathological hatred towards women. 74% of the trafficking in human beings from the European Union originates in Romania. Changing the legislation on adoptions, in the case of institutionalized children, so that they can be simultaneously eligible for domestic and international adoption, as soon as they have entered the institutionalized system, where the most precious years are lost, in the 0-3 years in bureaucratic procedures missing. of empathy, while the child is lacking in stability, affection and caring, which causes serious personality disorders in these children, which generates new generations of psychopaths who end up killing. The political parties, all, shall immediately cease to promote on the criteria of the gang all incompetents, to make a common PACT FOR PROFESSIONALIZATION OF THE ROMANIAN STATE and to respect it. We cannot replace their incompetents with our incompetents. Not now, not this time. It comes with the imposture, the indecency, the stupid politruces.
why sholud I care about some olden dude killing a kid...in chiago 25 people were shot both white and black all in one day...5 fatally
The piece of shit needs to be killed the exact same way.

THAT is justice.
Probably not his first if he's using acid
i bet she doesn't look smug now
who cares. Fuck this dumb slut.
Fucking European emergency services are useless. Cant even track a phone location. This video just makes me hate the eurofags more

>kidnapped, raped, killed, chopped up and dissolved in acid

only the kidnap and the rape accusations can be definitely proven in court, based on DNA samples of the second girl being found at the location of the crime and in the car of the suspect, as well as some jewelry of the second girl being found there. At this moment, the case is quite difficult for any prosecutor out there, because they don't have the weapon, the body nor any blood at the location of the crime - they only have the verbal statement of the suspect who has admitted to the crimes, who truth be told is more than likely right now to send the cops fishing, either out of morbid passion/fear that the cops might find other bodies as well/to give time for a cover-up.

But here's the twist - given that DIICOT (anti-terro unit that also investigates human trafficking) is running the investigation, and not the Prosecutor's Office, that means they have reasonable information to suspect the entire thing of being a human trafficking operation. The lead suspect used to live in Bari, Italy, which is a known hot-spot where the Romanian gippo mafia brings their kidnapped girls to exploit. The daughter of the lead suspect has been involved in weapons and munition illegal trafficking, and now information has reached the media that she was involved in "bringing girls" to Italian tourists that visited Romania for hunting related tourism. Now, let me just tell you this - if this is what has really transpired over here, with the lead suspect being a type of Dutreux (kidnapping girls, raping them then sending them off for exploit), then literally everybody is involved, from cops, judges, prosecutors, politicians, and secret services alike.

tl;dr we're getting our Belgian Dossier X right in front of our eyes. A huge operation of human trafficking that has managed to avoid capture for the past 30 years, with the help of local and even central authorities. We are talking about thousands of girls.
Should have had a gun.
If she's 15 then im fucking 5, god damn do white women age horribly. Aside from that assuming she didn't do anything stupid to bring this on then RIP.
a rare thing in romania