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With the western world being over runned by sand niggers and regular niggers, why don't you consider moving to Romania?
Here are a few reasons you should consider:
>by 2028 Romania will reach western EU in terms of wealth, faster than Hungary and Poland
>Bucharest richer than Budapest, western Romania is richer than all of Hungary except Budapest region.
>2nd biggest building in the World and the heaviest
>biggest Orthodox Cathedral in the world (it has 6 nuclear bunkers)
>Romanian Stock Exchange pays some of the highest dividends in the world
>Cristina Neagu
>Simona Halep
>Matei Corvin and Iancu de Hunedoara
Move in while it's still cheap
Dracula is not a reason to move...
>why don't you consider moving to Romania?
you are worse of than we are
>Bucharest richer than Budapest,
still poor tho and i doubt id be able to find a job there since medicine is expensive and i couldnt sell my experties
maybe some mutts can make it there as english teachers?
i also dont know shit about romania i just know you are in a more tricky situation than we are
so tell me why all of your human-trash have moved into Italy where they kill and murder old people in their houses to rob them of a couple of chikens.
Can Hungarians and Romanians become friends?
Nice try radu but romania is too poor for my liking. Although some places like sibiu and alba iulia are nice, I wouldn't consider moving there.
How are your English skills?
>by 2028 Romania will reach western EU in terms of wealth, faster than Hungary and Poland
good job if you do but your progress will slow down the closer you get to your target. Also a financial crisis is coming so it will hinder your progress even more
Are Romanian women trad and stay virgins till marriage?
Fuck off we're full.
they will follow you to the ends of the earth
So, you want westoids who will look at you like a subhuman gypsy to move in and steal your women while mocking you.

Fucking eastern European mentality, it's all about the fucking money.
>wanting eurocucks in your land

nufag detected
Brutal OP, these western coddled sjw shitheads wouldn't survive a day in Romania. Oh, Bucharest is a pozzed shithole and you know it.
no i dont
>First two points is comparing Romania to Hungary
I've recently visited Romania, and I know for a fact that you will never become a first world country in our lifetime.

>concrete buildings made in 2007 with holes in the side of them and the inner room(s) abandoned because you can't be bothered to fix them
>apartment buildings litered with cockroaches due to lack of maintenence and cleaning
>moved from killing homeless people in the 90s to killing wild dog packs in your cities 2 years ago because they started attacking people
>animal shit is everywhere
>biggest orthodox cathedral in the world has a multimillion dollar brass bell that only the richest and well connected people are allowed to see
>obsessed with being white and not gypsies despite looking less white than turks
>we waz romans and sheet
>drunk old men gather in groups at 9am to drink and dance in the middle of the street
>currency exchanges every few blocks because your country is so poor everyone with an IQ higher than 80 have left the country to work minimum wage jobs in the rest of Europe and send the money home
>airport runways are covered in potholes
>streets so dirty that south america has cleaner streets than you
>all of your economic gains is due to the micromanagement of your economy by a single banker who is going to die of old age in the next 10 years.

you may be putting up a good fight against corruption but there is a lot more to being a first world country than not casting your vote to the politician who gives you a bag of beans
>Not mentioning Codreanu
What the fuck are you even doing on this board, you nigger?
My mom has a Dacia Logan it's based and redpilled
Yea no thanks
>Take OP's advice
>Move to Romania
>Soon more foreigners than Romanians
Rightful Hungarian clay, most history and landmarks was built by Hungarians. Hungary is richer than Romania with $34k GDP Ppp while Romania has $27k GDPppp
Romania is cool and they are really getting their shit together.
I can vouch for Romania if you're looking for a quiet place to settle and drink.

Some more details:
>the capital
Bucharest is the same globohomo leftist shit as everywhere else so you're probably better off staying wherever you are if you're thinking of moving into the capital.

>other "big" cities
None of their other "big" cities are really big, so they are safe havens from most of the leftist bullshit while having all the urban/suburban utilities and goodies.
The only real downside is that the transportation infrastructure is.. well, dated. So, to put it bluntly - they are usually situated in the middle of nowhere and disconnected from globalism.
Everywhere is far. This can be a positive depending on what you're looking for though.

It's fair, but there are better options for that (Ireland, NZ, USA - first things that come to mind). On the upside it's much much cheaper if you don't mind paying for that with safety.
How are the women? And how do they see Americans?
Does everyone speak english? I'm running into non-english speakers more often and I'm getting tired of it.
Because of Romanians
>can't keep their own fucking countrymen in that shithole
>largest emigrant population in Europe
>almost 20% of your people flee
You are the Mexicans of Europe, you gypsy infested rathole.
Pic related - the real Romania.
What op wants you to believe villages in Romania are.
Pic related - how they really are
how are your gun laws? I want to be able to go the factory and get a full auto rpk and a psl any time I want.
Tfw we have new hatespeech law projects. If this gets passed, then I will gladly fuck off because I will not tolerate being a secondhand citizen in my own country.
>3 to 10 years if you call a gypsy a gypsy
How do I distinguish a Romanian from a gypsy?
Romanians are touchy feely mofos, dont like em. They feel when they call you to them to attention they should place an arm on your person. Not cool bro, no homo
I'd like to go there. Do you happen to have any work for a mere IT Analyst?
Too hard language
>>by 2028 Romania will reach western EU in terms of wealth, faster than Hungary and Poland
More like Romania by 2028 will reach Western standards of toilet saturation per household.
pretty picture, in reality just a country of gypsies
Transylvania looks nice. I have heard some horror stories about Bucharest though. It's pretty much your version of Stockholm. A pozzed hellhole full of decaying commie blocs.
>liberal president, won by keeping his mouth shut and ignoring questions and not participating in debates
>liberal government having a weird liberal program that is meant to literally install serfdom for the poor and servitude towards the rich
>90 of politics and politicians in the whole country are leftists:socialists or libtards
Op is like
>remember 2000 years ago what happened
>how about 500 years ago
>do you know something about this fictional character?
>what about the broad that cut her tits off?
>we based
I'd consider it but I'm in USA. No matter how stupid our society is now, USA is the best place to live on Earth, in-general
>why don't you consider moving to Romania?
If I want to live next to romaniggers I can just move to a gypsy camp
In sweden we are also being overrun with romanians, and after seeing them I sure as hell don't want to go to the sauce.
Please do not invite westernfags to Romania, they will ruin your country.
>by 2028 Romania will reach western EU in terms of wealth, faster than Hungary and Poland
Not as long we have those PSD faggots in power.
>Bucharest richer than Budapest, western Romania is richer than all of Hungary except Budapest region.
I live in Bucharest, it is shit, dont move in here, full of cars and nothing to see except if you have a big wallet.
>biggest Orthodox Cathedral in the world (it has 6 nuclear bunkers)
you know, those money spend on that monster could be used to build schools, hospitals or other useful things BUT NOOOOOO
Romanians are subhuman
Are Romanians nice to fags?
Because i've chosen to Romainhere... get it? AHHAHAHAHAHAH!

Regardless, am considreing but still pricey and have pets and loved ones I won't leave. I'll fight for my God-given identity and this land I was born in as a proud white male when the shit hits the fan. I believe Siener van Rensburg.
Why are you gypsyniggers so obsessed with us?
Let me tell you why I have all these images saved:
>be me two years ago
>family of romaniggers moves into the house next to me
>ignorantly try to befriend them
>in just a month they've turned their house into a drug den
>romanigger spawn beat up a kid so badly that he had to spend time in hospital
>romaniggers literally let trash pile up in their back yard
>romaniggress gets caught stealing from a shop
>romanigger family gets deported
>why don't you consider moving to Romania?
Already returning to Serbia, brate.

And trust me, you don't want a multi-European state, even that is too much diversity for one nation too bear.

The only people who historically did well in Romania were the Transylvanian Germans and they now refuse to come back.
no thanks, i dont like squatting for photos
You guys have horrible gun laws