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Gypsy stories

Post your best romanian stuff

">outside of Florentine Duomo
>see old gypsy lady walking on other side of square carrying a little baby
>looks as though she's about to trip and fall
>shocked tourist catches baby
>while hands are busy with baby, old lady reaches into his pockets and grabs wallet
>grabs baby, runs off
>fucking kek'd
>now unconsciously stroking money belt like a displaced Israelite for rest of the trip though"
">growing up in this shithole
>had to befriend the local gypsies for protection
>always asking me for money, my ball or my fucking crisps
>one time I was trading yu-gi-oh cards with a gypo
>fucker stole my Slifer
>don't tell him I noticed
>"hey gypo, wanna see my new toy?"
>"yes, anon" - fucker probably wanted to steal that too
>go inside my house and get my mum's spray cleaner
>"say hello to my little friend"
>spray him in the eyes
>he falls on the ground
>keep spraying him and kicking him in the stomach
>he runs home wailing like a gypsy
>next day his father comes at our house to beat me up
>I run to my dad
>"dafuq you think u're doing?"
>"your son sprayed mine in the eyes"
>dad gets me behind him and starts throwing punches at the gypo
>gypo father is on the floor
>"his son stole from you, didn't he?"
>"you did good, don't ever let them disrespect you, your home or your family"

then he went on about how much better it was when Ceausescu was alive and there were no gypos""
>in slovakia for business
>wrong turn
>end up in gypsy town
>mfw first thing i see is three gypsy lolis twerking
>gypsy kid, probably their brother, comes up to car window
>tap tap tap
>i roll down window
>"want to fuck those bitches buddy?"
>gypsys pull up with a dump truck
>Tell me they just finished paving a driveway down the street and had leftover asphalt.
>Tell me they can patch my driveway really cheap with leftovers
>Explain strange math to me after I inquire about cost
>Tell them to go ahead
>30 min later hands me a bill for $12000
>Google avg. cost of asphalt paving by square foot
>Tell them it's only $4000 worth of work
>Gypsys start crowding around me arguing
>Tell them to hold on
>Go back to the house, get them a check for $4000, put 1911 on holster and strap AR to my back
>Go back and give them check for $4000
>They stare at me
>Take out my penis and pee right next to them while staring back
>They leave
No story, but a small commieblock next door that was full of gypsies for 15+ years was bought by the town and the gyppos have until 1/1/2020 to move out.
So I'm very happy.
Want to hear some stories about Gypsyies in America?
>huge gyp community in Augusta GA
>all live in a neighborhood with McMansions
>but they actually live in trailers behind the house
>most run carpentry scams
I’ve got some stories about these fucking people! Merry Christmas Eve by the way bros!
Wheres the deluded burger with his cherrypicked gypsy pics ?
To answer the thread i dont have a lot of stories with them. I just saw two gypsy girls in gare du nord that were trying to make people sign a fake petition for deaf and give them money. Then when the security told them to fuck off they just insulted him in their gypsy language and ran away.
>be me
>live in a town close to Romanian border
>do some last minute Christmas shopping
>go to a mall
>crowds, but everybody is polite and non-aggressive and settled into holiday mood
>walk down the aisles, check out things
>suddenly hear some screeching and shouting
>get closer to sauce of noise
>it's in Romanian
>dad yells at kid, kid yells at mom
>every body around is irritated as fuck
They stole a large chunk of our country, and still can't stay in their "homeland", they need to come to our country and do shit.
God fucking damn. I hate gyppos more than I hate Australians. And I regularly pray that Australia does a barrel roll and drown every last man, woman and child on the continent. Fucking gypsies, mucking up everything they touch.
Gypsie sluts always let u fuk em no condom

The only time I've ever had human waste thrown at me was when I worked on a site next to a gyppo camp. The kids would literally pull their trousers down in the field, shit on the ground, then scoop it up into an empty crisp packet and throw it over the fence at us.

This wasn't a one-off - it was a dozen times a day. A couple of us went round to maybe try and have a word with the adults - please don't let your children throw human shit at people, you fucking sub-humans.

This did not go well. Within seconds of walking onto their camp we had about ten of them closing on us. One asked us very aggressively what we were doing. I explained.

"Oh!" he says - "So you're perving on our children going to the toilet are you, you fucking paedos?" The entirety of the mob lunged and I found out how fast I could run in work boots.

Fucking sub-human scum with no apparent connection to the rest of civilised society. The ultimate victim, crying whiners, vicious feral filth. I'd throw them and their mewling brats into the flames, and I'd laugh while I was doing it, too.
>realize the need for bomb wallet with proximity switch fuse
not really gypsy stuff but good read anyways
What exactly is a Gypsy?
God please romanians just take your gypos back already
>unconsciously stroking money belt like a displaced Israelite for rest of the trip though
Lunik IX
Be a high school teacher
Get your two little daughters to the backseat of your car
Try to drive home safely
You have to cross a small village
Retard gipsy girl runs to the street just in front of your car
Teacher drives safely, slowly, so she is basically unhurt
Gippo family runs out from their shithole
Gippo crowd breaks in cars windshield and pulls teacher out
Start to kick and hit him on the asphalt, appx. 30 gippos, 50-60 hits and kicks each
Beat teacher to bloody pulp
Last things he heard is "we fuck your daughters"
Teachers kids escape the car and saved by another driver
Hungarian court found about 8 suspects guilty out of 30
One of them is released after 6 years
Some lawyers get them sue hungarian government
Almost all of them received 20-50 thousand EURs because of bad prison conditions like they cant take a shower every day (they never did)
Makeout in the gym, free food, terrorizing hungarian inmates.
Free in 10 years.
you can keep up Austria. it was you western suckers who always admonished us that we should stop discriminating agaisnt gypsies and racemix with the poor sods to upbring them. eat a shit, cuc.k
Despyte gypsies beying small population i my town. Every time I got stolen form it was them.
They overflow with self comfidence. Blasting shitty rap music from their phones, wearing expensive clothes, living on welfare.

I hate them so much.

I grew paranoid eround them. Since I was a little boy. I learned to avoid them.
A week ago outside the Mosque of Cordoba in Spain
>Gypsy woman grabs my hand and tries to predict my future or something
>wants to give me some small plant but I refuse
>tell her I got no money and leaves me alone
>see my mother with another gypsy woman
>Gypsy takes 20 euros from her
>we go back to the Gypsy and tell her to return the money
>after lots of arguing she gives my mother back 10 euros and says we’ll get a curse
It's that time of the year, if you've ever been curious about Christianity, or wondered how to become one, here is how in 10 minutes.


Have a Merry Christmas anon :)
just go in trailer parks in the northeast and look for brand new cars with plastic covering the seats and sticker still in window, dark skinned dark haired people who all look exactly the same and wear gold chains, and a few old pickup trucks with ASPHALT and some company name no one has ever heard of ever on there.
they do shitty asphalt scams targeting older people that pay half up front and the gypsy comes and spray paints the driveway black and is gone. the women look like they would be hot but if you get anywhere close to one 3-5 dudes will come out of nowhere
I cant even begin to describe how much I fucking hate gypsies. I cant wait the day this fucking nation of cucks will wake up and hunt them in the streets like the fillthy rats they are. I dont give a shit about the kids or the 'well integrated' ones; they all deserve to be hunted and killed. Close the borders, spare no one. Whoever tries to hide or defend a gypsy will be stripped naked and hanged in public.
> Be a Gypsy in Stolipinovo, Plovdiv
> Kidnap a beutiful Bulgarian girl and mutilate her husband
> gangbangrapefordays.jpeg
> Turns out the girl is daughter to a senior ranking member of the Bulgarian Communist party who is also a general
> The entire ghetto is surrounded with armoured vehicles, tanks, snipers are put on roofs, block posts
> Night hour, constant checks, dozens of gypos shot, even more beaten or arrested
> General says that for every Bulgarian the gypos robb, harm or rape, 100 of them will die
> Gypos are good and quiet until democracy and US/EU NGO's come.
>Florentine Duomo
What language is this supposed to be
`Huwhite man from town. I'll break your dick off.'
>police stop gypsies
>their car is not registered and probably bought from some shady business or stolen
>they chimpout

I'm laughing at all the people posting the cute ones and saying they not bad. Don't put your dick in crazy you dumb motherfuckers. I met a cute one on tinder who I thought was Indian. Picked her up and she was already requesting me to buy her shit. When I drove her back from the date she was acting like she was never been in the car and screaming out the windows (no words just wooooos). I figured she was a gypsy the minute I drove her back and never talked to her again. Especially in the West, don't put your dick into crazy
Go back
In the Army, stationed in Germany, early 1990's. My buddies and I would go out on weekends and stomp gypsies and Turks. On the third weekend of doing this we are confronted by a group of skinheads, mid-stomp. "That is poor form, my friends". They demonstrated the technique of 'cracking' for us. Holyshit, we fought the wrong people.
>Holiday day
>picnic with family
>gypsy woman ask for money
>we say sorry we ain't money but we can gib you this half baguette
>she takes it, puts it inside her bag and move away
was heh moment
>be me
>at school
>just turned 18
>decide to celebrate by buying cigars
>continue for a few months
>everybody who i know finds out
>get used to it
>go to school
>new migrants as usual
>thankfully its a few qt refugee chicks
>4 romanians 3 of which were girls
>the other one was a fatass that lived in italy, cool but an annoying dude only becomes a good friend if you hang out around him long enough
>he had a crush on one of these 3 chicks
>she didn't know me
>he told to his crush about me
>she became friends
>share 1 cigar per day with her
>she starts buying her own packs
>she asked me for 5 cigars even though her pack was full
>tell her about it
>doesn't say anything
>one day she had 2 newly bought packs
>she asks me for 15 fucking cigars
>ofcourse i refuse
>she throws a fit
>slaps me and screans and get earraped so hard i swear i lost hearing
>all the Romanians stopped talking to me besides the dude
>"sorry anon shes used to get everything for free"
>these people don't speak german very well so i thought it was a miscommunication
>a few months later
>he learned german properly
>he told to me how she literally would go up to guys in romania and ask them for stuff if they refused she would fuckig stab them
Pardon me for being a shart in the mart and asking this totally Burger question, but do gypsies really steal children? Or did they back in the day? For some reason I think this would be like the gypsy version of the Jew's "blood libel". Jews really did sacrifice Christian children so I want to believe gypsies stole people's children, too. The whole "every legend is rooted in truth" thing.