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Who are Romanians?

They look like sandniggers and speak gibberish instead of an Romance language so other Romance speakers can barely understand them

>a iubi, a lovi, a primi, obicei, razboi, sticla, oglinda, ceasca, ceas, bogat, zapada, drag, prieten, prost, vinovat, vreme, gresi, morcov, a plati, a citi, sfarsit, a dovedi - Romanian words of Slavic origin

Who are they? Turks? Gypsies? South Slavs?
Better than (((Russians)))
>surrounded by subhumans slavs
>under roach occupation for hundreds of years
>GuYs ThEy DoNt SoUnD RomAN aT aLl
from what I know romanian grammar is largely more latin than other neolatin languages
Well at least they aren’t slavic hobgoblins.
All of the words you mentioned are of bulgarian origin. Genetically Romanians are the same as Bulgarians and we have influenced them a lot throughout the centuries.
Albenians. Mostly slavs though, genetically speaking.
t. slav rapebaby.
A wasted nation that did nothing of importance throughtout it's whole existence (with few exceptions). More waste in occupying a geographically gorgeous region. The austro hungarians should have conquered all of it, eradicated the gypsyes and it would have been a great place today.
Every week there has to be this thread made by some butthurt bozgor with vpn. Get corona, slaves.
Simply put, we are a Balkanic ethnic group with Latin culture and Slavic influences.

We just want to be left alone in our country.

Don't you have some churkas and mongoloids to worry about, Igor ?
austrians got spooked at the idea of all slavs being connected so they maximally empowered the hill dweller romance speakers to latinize the slavs instead of the other way around which happened elsewhere
Gypsy subhumans
Romanians are mixture of every shit who ever walked and raped through those lands.
>romanians look like sandniggers
Do Romanian women look like this
Been gathering some females from the streets of Romania
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Romanians are bros, leave them alone
You've clearly not seen many Romanians. Romanians are descendants of Eastern Romans. They are fully White European. The same for Italians. Stop being retarded.
We are descendants of Herakles by Gelonus and Agathyrsus. By the same ancestry we are cousins of Slavs by Scythus, son of Herakles with the same woman who brithed Gelonus and Agathyrsus. We are descendants of Apollo by the Apulii people.
Our gibberish is proto-Romanic aka Thracian dialect.
Please note that Rome was a Thracian colony - pic related.
Tbh the language isn't that difficult

Lapti means milk

You can infer its translation pretty easily, unless you're a retard I guess
>population has shrunken from 23.4 million in 1990 to 20.0 million in 2015
You guys alright?
Traieste romancele. Pula manace-te!
>loanwords mean a language no longer belongs to a certain family
Bravo for perfect logical thinking there, that's like saying English is no longer a Germanic language

>Robert Iordan, Florin Nutu and Viorel Manu targeted livestock on 12 occasions in the space of a few months last year, slaughtering the animals in their fields, stripping them of their meat and leaving the remains at the scene.
Romanians are from origin byzantine slavs, sort of Indo-Europeans, but later on they racemixed with turks. in the eye of you.. a true Russian nationalist, kill them..... their souls have been corrupted.
Their language is not that hard if you are Portuguese or Italian, and most of them are actually whiter than us. When I was there people kept asking me if I was refugee or indian.
They all seem to be swarthy manlets too.
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I ask the same thing about Russians
They don't look like any known ethnicity. Definitely some Asian mix in there.
>Who are they? Turks? Gypsies? South Slavs?
African BVLLS
Sa ma pis in gura ta, oricine ai fi.
Nah, Romanians are cool. People are just dumbasses who dont understand the difference between them and the (((romani))) garbage.