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Romania. The best thing that was build here in the past 30 years. The biggest Orthodox church in the world.
Yeah, really got your priorities in order when all you can see beyond it is commieboxes
Daily reminder: christcuckloudry fucked up europe
Nice to see. Should be more like this. Makes me feel good inside.
That's actually pretty cool.
Why do you Romanians keep being Orthodox? Because Russia is Orthodox as well and you hate Russians. Also you keep copying the Western Romance countries, so why do you hang on to being Orhodox?

What's the point?
What good is a church if there are no people to fill its nave?
Stupidly expensive and looks like absolute dogshit. Congrats for choking on the balls of some fat corrupt pigs.
I doubt it's bigger than the Haghia Sophia.
>wasting billions on a church in 2020

>everyone poor as fok & starving
>hospitals, roads, everything falls apart
yeah it's a fucking good idea to build this kind of disneyland shit where no one will go but expensive asf

double digit iq helps lot how not to understand why romania is always in deep shit
Which city is it in? I might visit it next time I take a trip back to Romania
wow. i'm sorry but landscape saying 'communism'. feelsbadman.
Your Dacias are shit.
Looks ugly so far.
I have low expectations of what Romanians are capable of.
nice going
I mean as a Romanian Atheist, I really appreciate the Orthodox church.
The faggots outside don't understand how comfy and nice the community going to church is.
You pay what? 30$ each year and that's it. Most of the people don't even go to church but they respect the rites.
What bugs me is the fact that we pay the priests salaries but I can live with that.
I enjoy the Church that doesn't pry on my private life and I'd rather have Orthodoxism than Catholicism, Islam or the Protestant bm and whatnot.
But I find it pretty sad they aren't more pregnant when it comes to charity (fund a hospital,schools etc.), they could really improve their PR while doing some good.
Dogshit design.
Romanians, what is your opinion regarding why your country is so big (it's relatively large area-wise). And with Moldova, it is even bigger.

Was noone else interested in these lands?
Based and Christianpilled
Mormon cancer has reached Portugal
churches are temples of ignorance. religion is garbage.
burn churches

plant trees
>looks like India
Nice commieblocks in the background. We tore most of the eastern ones down and now we only have the western one which are the same but painted in gaudy colors.
>That dystopian background
MIGA!!! MIGA!!! Sell everything, rent. Buy foreigner. Pray to foreigner imaginary Jew. Work for foreigners. Migrate to Germany. It's the best, MIGA time is here. Bad Commies.
World's biggest church for a religion that isn't even about your country or people. Sounds stupid to me.
Then why is Romania still a camwhoring capital of Europe??
That's pretty sad.
what's the comfiest place in your country, Romanianons?
Looks lovely next to those commie blocs
dont like the color scheme, awful. paint it white bro, or add colors. also, too tall
Christianity is how they establish a beach head in any ethnostate. First they will tell you to forgive. Then they will tell you to take in and harbor.
Why worry about HL3 not being released when you live it everyday?
Diaspora nu ar trebui sa aiba drept de vot.
I was going to talk trash about the architecture & the slab of commie blocks in the background, but desu good job Romania. It's huge and I'm glad you guys did that. It will probably be really inspiring when they finish the domes, ornamentation, and the grounds.