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Hello, I"m a Serbian femanon Do I pass as white?

Hello, I"m a Serbian femanon Do I pass as white?

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Meanwhile, in Serbia...

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Schutzstaffel thread

Just nations who took part in the ᛋᛋ are allowed to post. Serbia Switzerland Sweden Russia Spain Romania Norway Netherlands Latvia Italy India Hungary France Finland Estonia Denmark Croatia Czechia Bulgaria Belgium Ukraine Analbania Honorable allowed for their small attempt UK with their 54 people strong SS Poland with their 12 volunteers Everyone else stay out.

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Will Serbia be great again when Murica falls apart?

Literally the only thing holding us down is NATO mutts. When there is no one to protect the Refugees, Croats and Albanians there is nothing stopping Serbia from reclaiming it's rightful clay. Yet I see people from those countries supporting the protests, why are you supporting your doom? Are you all brain dead?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTs6yEi8sVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr_D1-J7WN0 What the fuck is this? Many people reported yesterday that they saw this red thing at the sky. At video it looks like that thing what ever it is spit something.

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opinion on serbia?

opinion on serbia?

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"Thank you, brother Xi" billboards in Serbia

Why do east euros love China so much?

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The Serbian president and his son tests positive for coronav...

The Serbian president and his son tests positive for coronavirus a week after accepting Chinese aid and kissing the chinese flag. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/serbian-presidents-son-contracts-coronavirus/1797903#

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Serbia no longer trusts Europe, allied with China

https://youtu.be/P42OrsA045M https://youtu.be/YcWDNXy_-aI Serbia will be Chinas infiltration into Europe. They will be building their silk trade route through Serbia and in such way subvert Europe and completely take over.

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5 million mask

Caught off guard by the EU’s ban on medical exports, Serbia found help in China as it struggled to prepare for the Covid-19 outbreak, the Serbian president said, adding that it has become clear that European solidarity is a myth. Serbia is the latest country to impose severe restrictions on travel and public gatherings in response to the global epidemic. As President Aleksandar Vucic declared a national emergency on Sunday, he had some scalding remarks for the EU. The crisis has proven that European solidarity, only exists “on paper,” Vucic said, citing the ban on the export of medical equipment and supplies imposed by EU members to non-EU countries in response to the outbreak. “Only China can help us in this situation,” the Serbian leader added, saying he recently wrote a letter to China’s Xi Jinping “asking him for help and calling him a brother.” Serbia received five million masks from China that it couldn’t get in Europe and an offer to send doctors...

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Happening: Serbs start attacking migrants

And filming it on videos, Serbian far right is carrying out migrant patrols for migrants stranded in Belgrade. https://youtu.be/T4P_l6pvUmA

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Happening: Republika Srpska about to secede and join Serbia

War in Bosnia incoming. Sauce: https://www.sarajevotimes.com/dodik-in-belgrade-republika-srpska-must-decide-on-its-status-and-independence/

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Serbia: 'Nothing to return to'

Uros Trainovic remembers when his mining village in eastern Serbia was a vibrant home to 200 families, had a school of its own, a doctor and a shop. Sixty years later, what remains is a ghost village with only eight residents. “It is such a pity and so sad that everybody left," the 71-year-old recalls. "Now there are only few of us and there are no young people any more.” The decline of Blagojev Kamen is not unique in a country that experienced years of war and sanctions in the 1990s following the break-up of Yugoslavia. Near-empty villages with abandoned, crumbling houses can be seen all over Serbia — a symptom of a shrinking population that is raising serious questions over the economic well-being of the country. One town every year The numbers look stark. According to the World Bank, Serbia’s population of just below 7 million is projected to fall to 5.8 million by 2050. That would represent a 25% fall since 1990. The Serbian government says the Balkan country is effec...

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Serbia stands with Iran. Fuck the am*rican dogs.

Serbia stands with Iran. Fuck the am*rican dogs.

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Serbian Chimpout in Montenegro

Surprised there is no thread. >be Serbs in 1918 >annex Montenegro >abolish Montenegrin church >give Montenegrin church property to your church >a century later >Montenegrins regain independence >Montenegrins propose a law that would require churches to show some proof of ownership for their property >Serbs chimp the fuck out How do we deal with Gypsy-Turk chimpout? Should NATO intervene? Serbian chimpout thread

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World is serb

Give me a reason why Serbia shouldn't take over the world?!