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Serbia stands with Iran. Fuck the am*rican dogs.

Serbia stands with Iran. Fuck the am*rican dogs.
Sounds like Serbia needs some liberty
Now this is retarded, these guys did more to fuck Yugoslavia than murricans ever did
> serbia
Scary scary
because neither is white
Fix those bombed out buildings in your capital.
Serbia is a dumpster fire of a cuntry filled with weak men who fuck sheep
Didn't we bomb your country already like 20 years ago? Do we need to do it again?
Are you the president of Serbia?
>Fuck the am*rican dogs.

This guy is aserbic.
Your next serb boy
Why fuck our dogs? Go fuck your own dogs and goats.
I don't think entire nation of serbia will stand with Iran.
Omg you guise stop fighting you're friend! Omfgg :/
Didnt you guys genocide myslims like 30 different times?
Isnt that the fucking reason you hate croatia and bosnia?
Your most famous song is literally called remove kebab
The fuck is a Serbia? Is that some kind of hat?
We are aware that subhumans band together, thanks.
no you don't . you filthy subhuman serb slavs are bgiing to be part of the EU and thus you will become american minions just like the rest of us EU-fags
The arrogance of the zio-mutt golems knows no bounds !
At the risk of sounding like an ignorant American, can someone enlighten me to what went on the Serbia and the Balkans. For some reason this is something that we never learn or speak of in America. I know America played a part in turmoil that went on in this region but whats going on with you fellas down there? Thank you once again! :)
Serbia can't even stand for itself, but yea fuck america
Fuck you and fuck Iran.
I dont feel anything for Iran, but yeah fuck double Mc burgers
we already knew that. Serbia is a refugee nation at heart.
a refugee stands with refugees
nothing new here, move along
Serbs arent going to do shit either.

Its good to be on top
oh shit we can get rid of 2 fags in the same time ?
Fuck yea,fuck you serbia you're all fags
Shitskin of the world, unite! And don't forget to suck Russian dick.
Good we’ll bomb you so fucking hard and you’ll wish it was 1991 again.
Why are you insulting dogs, jarane? They are virtuous beings, unlike amerimutts.
Based Serbia. The only White country with balls to stand up to our ZOG.
Imagine actually picking sides in the US-Iran conflict.
>Serbia stands with Iran. Fuck the am*rican dogs.
Shut the fuck up you Turk rapebaby nigger, you don't represent our nation. You dimwit cockgobbling faggot, need I remind you that Iran sent all the help they could to your apparent refugee brethren in Bosnia during the civil war. If you weren't the degenerate inbred you are you would cheer for those New World cunts to erase Iran from the map and have as many casualties in the process.
still asshurt 21 years later lmao
Shitskins stand together.
kys op go fuck a goat
>let them fight.

I invoke the treebeard protocol here.
That's only because you are angry over the nato bombings.

Don''t blame americans, blame Israel, the real overlords behind.
Nigger supporting sand nigger how cute
hahahahah fucking retarded Serbian
Croatia stand with USA
By the power bestowed on me by the great Kraut in the sky I approve of this post. I won't root for Iran, but I have to root against burgers. Germany above all.
who the fuck cares about serbia, even more of a poorfag retard country than romania
Did you finally find a friend, Serbia?
Ah yes, Serbia the "remover" of kebab and one of the few nations in Europe without its own culture, a rogue state of the balkans

>spent almost all of its medieval existence as a vassal of byzantium without any notable achievements
>entire medieval heraldry borrowed from byzantium
>'''''their'''' cyrillic script was created and spread by bulgarians
>had an '''''''''empire'''''''' that didn't even last a single generation, left no notable traces or built anything of significance
>medieval core of the serbian state formerly known as raška now more popularly known as Sandžak, given its name by turks
>medieval core of serbian state is now majority refugee
>betrayed each other at the battle of kosovo
>betrayed crusaders in crusade of varna at a key moment in battle against turks dooming the entire balkan peninsula
>later fought extensively on the side of the turks
>230.000 registered refugees in serbia (excluding kosovo)
>150.000 registered gypsies in serbia, third largest ethnic group in the country
>spent half a millenia under turkish occupation
>over 8.000 turkish words in the serbian language
>got rid of the turkish occupaiton only after centuries of internal strife inside the ottoman empire and with extensive help from other countries
>first serbian dictionary came to existence only in the 19th century
>chimped out 4 times in the 90's larping as crusaders, manage to lose each war
>kill a few thousand refugees but still lose kosovo to them, another center of medieval serbia
>kill a few thousand catholics and banish several hundred thousand from bosnia
>destroyed and looted over 300 catholic religious objects in the wars of the 90s throughout bosnia, serbia and croatia including monasteries, graveyards, churches that survived the ottoman invasions
>have to act as russian cockholders and use them as leverage for politics because they have made enemies from everyone in europe
Is there a website that generates thosee flag pins?
Fake and junkie.
We bombers Serbia once well do it again. MIGA!
no point

they're gonna shave Ayattolah soon
Serbia will take whatever side that is against the USA.
All mutts are brainwashed by the papacy, fight their wars, do their genocides. And Americans are still genociding Serbians in Kosovo, their soldiers there for papish NATO and UN. Bill Clinton trained by the Jesuits in Georgetown, most likely will have had his ass open for them black robes fags all the time.

The Netherlands is no better, but I'm not judging any one.
What's this?
Keep seething nigger
dum dogs
>s*rvia sides with sandniggers
it's like you need another genocide to remind you what happens when you side with shitskin mudslimes
Britain stands with Iran.
Lol Serbia
Than you can die with them!
>Mfw the Iran situation exposes all the weak cucked countries who cant afford to be on the winning side because islam is already an integral part of their society
Figures, since Serbians are the equivalent of sand niggers.
>As of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except Thailand. The government provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate.[1] As of 2017, the government provided transgender persons financial assistance in the form of grants of up to 5 million tomans ($400 USD).