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Happening: Republika Srpska about to secede and join Serbia

War in Bosnia incoming.

Sauce: https://www.sarajevotimes.com/dodik-in-belgrade-republika-srpska-must-decide-on-its-status-and-independence/
Nothing to see here
Move along
Wait you're telling me a decent happening is finally HABBENING??
Give me a quick rundown, friends.
Are Yugoslaves going to slaughter each other again?
Is Serbia in for another carpet bombing by based NATO?
This time we bomb Bosnia.
Nobody talks about it
Nothingburger again ?
Why not letting them? They are majority ethnic serbs and ortho-christian are they not? Why are they forced to be with Bosnia?
we won't allow it. RS must remain in BiH until issue of Croat entity/autonomy gets resolved.
this calls for the classics

>serbia is about to secede
>serbia is about to join serbia
plz elaborate
Nothing is going to happen. Only idiots believe there gonna be War etc etc. Our corrupted fucktardet Politics do this shit every Year about some total BS and nothing happens. This is just BS for the Poor and Stupid ppl so that the corrupted Politics get their Family more richer and steal from the ppl. The ppl here and mostly on Balkan are still stupid sheep who still talk about War and other BS, but work for 250-500 EUR. Just feeding the sheeps nothing gonna happen expert that we get poorer and most young and smart ppl leave this shithole
Fappening :D
why are serbs more violent than bushnuk generally, even though islam is a more warlike religion than christianity?
For the love of g-d we are already full
Please dont

I am going to Bosnia then. I am going to kill Serb men, cut off their balls and execute the children. Women are to be given to Refugee Jihadists helping the Bosnian Army in killing the Serb dogs. The Serbs will disappear from earth.

Serbia will not nor can it ever help Republika Srpska. Bosnians will over come the Serbs and at least half the Bosnian Serbs will flee to Serbia. The times have changed. Bosnia has the cards now. Their size has grown and their Armies as well. Yugoslavia is gone and cannot help the Bosnian Serbs. Serbs from border towns like Loznica will see the horrors with their own eyes.

Godwilling, every Refugee especially Turks and Albanians should go to Bosnia and avenge every killed Refugee between 1804 and 1913 by Orthodox dogs. Every Orthodox women is halal for the Mujahideen and the fedayeen of the Dahije Martyrs. But any offspring between the Mujahideen and the infidel women is to be exterminated as they are a danger to Islam.

The hour comes. The successors of the Dahije and the followers of Husein Kaptan Gradascevic will get their revenge.
I sincerely hope I fucking die
Clinton bombed Serbia. Trump will too KEK.
oh balkans bringer of habbenings
There's less difference between Serbs/Croats/Bosniaks than between Russians and Ukrainians
Why are you niggers genociding each other every 50 years
PLEASE let anything substantial come out of this
As empty and uneventful as my life is at least let bloodshed give it a purpose, I genuinely don't hate anyone but I'd genuinely rather fucking die on battlefield than keep on for another 60 years in this empty neoliberal globalist world and onto that as a fucking Third worlder
Based. Hopped there another Balkan war.
so, is serbia winning territory instead of losing it?
this new balkan anime season is starting very well
serb here, no, it won't happen. dodik is a mentally challenged retard and fuck republika srpska. because of divisions, this is where we are now, led by a bunch of schizos like him.
serbia cant stop monteniggers from LITERALLY stealing its 1000 year old churches, let alone annex half of this highly flammable shithole
Why the fuck does this stupid country even exist?
>inb4 Amerilards bomb them
I'm glad if true
Dodik has been suggesting this for ages though. Nothing burger ensured.
Once again, a World War begins in the Balkans
God l hate the balkans so much
>Montenegro union with Serbia
>Rep Srpska joins Serbia
>Croat majority in Bosnia joins Croatia
>Bulgarian "Macedonia" becomes Bulgarian
>Kosovo joins Albania (serbs be seething but its better this way)
>Slovenia in union with Croatia

Why didnt they do this from the start? Makes more sense than creating a bunch of artificial states that has never existed before in history, and giving Croatia and Serbia borders they would hate from the beginning?