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Schutzstaffel thread

Just nations who took part in the ᛋᛋ are allowed to post.


Honorable allowed for their small attempt
UK with their 54 people strong SS
Poland with their 12 volunteers

Everyone else stay out.
Reminder that Estonian, Dutch, Danish, Flemish, Italian, Norwegian and Walloon SS volunteers won decisive battle of the Blue Hills against 136k soviet cannon fodder. If our men would have lost it, the war would have ended much sooner and Finland would have come under USSR occupation.

Quite a luck, that no Austrian was member of the SS.

Or you are an idiot,
>we could have been living in a world where proper ᛋᛋ symbols would be a part of every keyboard.
Shit sucks, Hans.
My great grandparents hid germans from internment and hoarded rubber tires. Can I join your party?
You forgot refugees
Haha, stupid niggers. This thread is for the larpiest faggots of the larp. Hitler was a kike. He lost WWII. There will be no ethnostate. Everyone here eats hot dogs with mayonnaise. Funniest faggots on /rs/
>Everyone else stay out.
Based for remembering about Franz Riedweg, fren.
Sorry, we're occupying this thread now.

This thread is now only for people who were on the winning side in WW2.


congrats, you can stay. Everyone, please line up to take your daily dicking down.
I knew a guy that was a member of the Luftwaffe
You forgot Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovakia and United States. Also bunch of Refugees and Africans. :D

Bruh as much as I like all of this my gradnpa was hunted by the SS and he was of pure Serbian blood
Mutt here, they also had a breton SS but it onlt had ~50 members total
Palestinians don't exist to you either? Rabbi?
The Jews are the master race. (((We))) exterminated the neaderthals and we will exterminate the Aryans. Aryans are our niggers.
Missing Bosnia.
Socialism was a mistake.
Hunyadi SS Division reporting in
Can we go back? Please
>Just nations who took part in the ᛋᛋ are allowed to post.
Ok, yes
Serbia didn't have SS divisions as didn't many of the countries you mentioned , I mean actual real SS divisions not HiWis and other bullshit

Only germanics had real SS divisions, others had divisions "der SS" "of the SS" which was different . "der SS" were under control of SS but not same status as Nordland or Wiking. Sewerbs were considered racially inferior and didn't even have a der SS Division
can I come too?
That's a lot of losers.
What about George Washington legion?
We even have a small memorial for the Hungarian and German units that fought here.
"Your blood was shed for us."
What about Austria? Faggot.
Glory to the Fatherland.
> ᛋᛋ
You mean Waffen SS
> Lists a bunch of countries
>No US
>No Portugal
>No Greeks
Turk hasn't studied much German history.
1st SS George Washington Division checking in
>SS thread
>Posts pic of Wehrmacht soldier from the army
OP is queer
British Free Corps reporting in
Cum, also fard and shid.
You forgot one
>Poland with their 12 volunteers
Probably some fucking volksdeutche traitors.
Polish Underground used to shoot such rats on a bright day in public.
British Free Corps reporting for duty.
US had five volunteers.
This is now an American thread.
Old man here. My father fought in world war 2 for a famous New Zealand battalion.
He was one of the first in their battalion to kill a german soldier with a vickers on the western front.
Received an award for extreme bravery in the field (wont say which one, there arent many of them so he's easy to find) after he and his platoon found themselves 10 miles behind enemy lines and had to fight their way back to the front. 90% of them didnt make it
He was shot multiple times in the war and fought everywhere but mainly on the western front.
He estimated he had killed over 50 men before the end of the war and a couple in hand to hand combat.
He always respected and mourned for those killed.
The nazis most of you faggots larp as would have no place in Hitlers army, or any army.
you're all weak faggots
Fuck Nazis
Does one of the Reich's minister being born in here makes for an exception?
Fascism has a SHIT track record and you faggots share more in common with commies than you think.
Literally the only difference is economic. Socially and ideologically you're both the same statist fuckwits.

If you're gonna be right-wing, at least be conservative or monarchist reactionary. They have actual arguments for their position besides "muh skin color".
Both my grandfathers served in the Spanish Blue division and one of them was in Berlin at the end. Truly great men.
Loser thread? Loser thread. We kicked your chump asses easy, Jerry. We'll do it again if we have to.
my great grandfather slaughtered your SS in Hamburg in 1945. cheers to his name btw
Ahh... Yes. The great plans to craft the finest unit Himmler had ever known - SS Goralenvolk