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Happening: Illegal, Illegitimate "President" Joe Biden About to Start Nuclear War With Russia

I'm rooting for Russia. Biden was illegally installed and is staying in power with the military's assistance. It's a military coup. All so they can start wars again because Trump wasn't and they were losing money.

man wtf is wrong with america, they keep playing the "im not touching you" thing that siblings do but with wholeass countries. russia has not done anything bad to the us and has not been competing with the us since the fall of the union. i hope they will stop fucking with russia because eventually russia will call their bluff
fucking cunt, why does this illegitimate usurper wanna fuck things over for us? We got no beef with russia, what an asshole that cheater biden is
Don't get us pulled into your warmongering you fucking senile old cuuuuuuunt!

Will pornography be the downfall of the West?

A ROYAL Navy officer has been caught shooting X-rated films with her seaman lover at a top secret nuclear base.

Lieutenant Claire Jenkins, 29, who uses the name Cally Taylor, has been making money selling “porn to order” on an adult website OnlyFans.

Furious Navy Top Brass launched an investigation amid fears the couple could be blackmailed by foreign agents.

A number of their films were shot inside the Faslane nuclear submarine HQ, HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow.

Last night, a Navy sauce said: “The commanders can’t believe it. There could be all kinds of security risks involved.”

Sauces said she had passed a rigorous vetting process to get top secret clearance — including a grilling about her sex life.

In her role as a warfare officer, Lt Jenkins has commanded a team of sailors on the hunter-killer submarine HMS Artful.

She was responsible for the £1billion vessel’s hi-tech outer casing of sound-damping tiles that allow it to glide through the ocean stalking Russian subs.

And she was responsible for embarking Special Forces teams at sea, for covert insertions and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

But she also secretly poses as kinky Cally Taylor, inviting punters to pay her to act out their sexual fantasies.

She regularly posts explicit pictures and videos with her lover, Leading Seaman Liam Doddington, also based at HMNB Clyde.

In her profile on Only Fans, she says: “I’m 29 and working that 9 to 5 life, I love to be naughty and stay colourful.

“My naughty side can sometimes get me into trouble, but that feeling of excitement we can get from doing this just makes me so hot and bothered.”

Lt Jenkins confessed all to her bosses when they challenged her last week.

But she continued to post more saucy content over the weekend, including a video with the caption: “He really used me.”

They can be naval officers, senators, CEOs, congress members, teachers... women always exhibit the same behaviors no matter what environment they're in.
>Sauces said she had passed a rigorous vetting process to get top secret clearance
Yeah right jogger I'm sure the affirmative action hire got a proper grilling fuck off