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Adolf Hitler: Liberator of Russia

I really do not understand Russians here that like Stalin over Hitler. Jews tell us that Hitler wanted to kill all Slavs etc when in actuality Slavs were never systematically killed in occupied territories for being Slavic and Stalin killed 30 million + Slavs.

I see Hitler as a Liberator of Russia rather than someone trying to invade and kill all of the Europeans there. The Soviet Union was lead by Jews and followed an ideology that was seen as the epitome of evil by the Fascists in the west.

>Adolf Hitler
Good thing he's dead and impotent now.
"Do you know how we behaved to the civilians? We behaved like devils out of Hell. We left those poor villagers to starve to death, thousands and thousands of them. How can you win a war in this way?

We shoot villagers on the slightest excuse. Just stick them up against a wall. We order the whole village out to watch. It’s a vicious circle. We hate them and they hate us, and on and on it goes, everyone getting more inhuman.

The civilians were all ready to look on us as saviours. They had had years of oppression from the communists. What did we do? Turn into slaves under Hitler.

If the Russians should ever pay back one half of what we have done, you won’t smile or sing again." - Unknown German soldier

"Remains of the martyred and burnt Nazi captive Red Army soldier Viktor Antonovich Yatsenevich (1924 - 1943) in a coffin before the funeral. After the attack of Soviet troops, the Germans were knocked out of the village of Semidvoriki and our soldiers found the mutilated body of Yatsenevich hanging on the telephone cable in the dugout behind the beam. It was established that the German monsters had exposed the captive Red Army communist to brutal tortures: pricked his hands, legs, body, tore off his hand. Stab your stomach, cut out your genitals and cut off your legs. All these atrocities Hitler's bandits conducted at the stake. Despite the tortures, the fighter remained faithful to the military oath and fulfilled his duty to the Motherland, the Nazi bandits did not obtain any information. Viktor Antonovich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously."
>Slavs were never systematically killed in occupied territories for being Slavic
I guess all those people from my country along with my great-uncle just mysterously vanished one day

Can Russia and Poland get along?

Why can't Slavs live in peace?

reminder that after ww1 POOLAND attacked the soviet union to grab some clay so the soviets holocausting poles in ww2 and in the post war by killing 200,000 polish intellectuals and replacing their entire population with tatars were completely justified
both are gunless shitholes so who gives a fuck. not real countries.
Wait are we currently at war?
No but-
So there is no problems let's keep it that way.