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The Russian Cheeto expected to resign from the Presidency later this afternoon

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Are you even trying, Groening?
>Matt Groening
You mean that guy who's been to Pedo Island?

US Navy admiral blasts “Slavic naval incompetence”

NATO’s Eastern European member states have terrible navies that suffer from “legacy concepts” and equipment and can’t do much against Russia, a prominent US naval admiral lamented, asking the US Navy to do something about it.

Though the Adriatic Sea is a “NATO lake” and the alliance’s expansion in the Baltics and the Black Sea has brought it to Russia’s doorstep, the navies acquired along the way are pretty much useless, argued Thomas-Durell Young, a retired US admiral and lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

Young’s article, titled ‘NATO’s selective naval blindness’ and published in the most recent issue of the Naval War College Review, makes the case that the situation is “both serious and desperate,” and that the navies of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania and Montenegro all suffer from not just old ships but “legacy Soviet style concepts” when it comes to sea power.

Warfighting is no joke. If this is the case, why hasn't NATO conduct training, sent their naval officers to better schools or helped equip them better? I see his point but this is supposed to be a team effort. The Slavs are willing to fight at least. I can't say the same for some nations in Europe.
This is from the navy that runs into cargo ships?
The military that lost wars to farmers in Vietnam and Afghanistan?
This is true, but building a strong navy shouldn't be high on our list priorities. We need our own iron dome first, and that shit is expensive. Not to mention lacking equipment in the ground force. The fact that our military bureaucracy is pants-on-the-head retarded and is likely still stacked with Russian agents doesn't really help. It's actually a small miracle we were able to be effective in the sandbox, but I guess that's a result of US support and our infantry being slightly less shit than everything else.