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Moscow Idaho Sorority Massacre Thread

Itt: dumping all pics taken from social accounts of survivor girl roommate Dylan Mortensen

Images show: the 4 vics; the home interior preceding the quadruple homicide sorority girl house massacre at 1122 King Road in Moscow Idaho.
Please save and archive these photos because Mortensen's socials are going down. Who knows what is shown here?

>no suspects
>no motive
>no blood trail
>"Rambo" hunting knife used on all victims but not recovered
>LEO has an APB for all security, CCTV, ring and dashcam footage from surrounding Moscow

>All 5 roommates
>Dylan Mortensen (survivor; 1st floor bedroom)
>Xana (victim along with her bf Ethan; both 2nd floor bedroom)
>Bethany Funke (survivor; 1st floor bedroom)
>Kylee (victim; 3rd floor bedroom)
>Maddie (victim; 3rd floor bedroom)

>moscow, idaho USA
very creative USA
Escorts? Traveling escorts? What is nearest airport hub? What is town near money? Gold rush type area?



Has anyone noticed that before say 1995 anyone who talked like that in Hollywood moves were depicted as backward hicks or bloodthirsty savages?
>jews still salty over pogroms
Then they'll ask why they're hated