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Russia just arrested CNN!

Already released.

World-War Will Begin Within Four Weeks Warns Russian Military Analyst

Biden is planning to help Ukraine Take Russian Crimea . The U.S Army has been preparing and training to help. The generals on both sides are preparing for imminent THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR! China will invade Taiwan if NATO helps Ukraine by attacking Russia!


By the end of the month will we all be dead anon?


A potential scenario that's reasonable in it's general outlook, but unreasonable in its implications. There have always been a lot of scenarios that you could design how a major war or a orld war could come to unfold looking at current events and tensions if you understood geostrategy, but every result that comes from a world war of this dimension, intensity, including the use of nuclear weaponry is too costly to actually undertake. It would need a lunatic either in Moscow or Washington to trigger this.

How these hot phases generally unfold is the pattern of mutual threat of invasion and observing the opponents actions and reactions, playing a game of psychically wearing the opponent down, both the leadership as well as each respective population in propaganda warfare and fear around nuclear war. Eventually, someone will give in before this scenario comes true, because one will be more resilient. In this case it's either Russia, because the Crimean - although being of major and utmost significant geostrategic importance - can still be abandoned and Russias sees other ways of securing their Southern territories from potential incursion from the Black Sea, which would threaten their petrol supplies and make the Russian inoperable within a few months of occupation of that southernmost part of the Russian Federation or it does not give in and only ramps up efforts to defend against potential aggression and Americas mobilisation triggers anti-war sentiments and political support crumbles, in which case America would not be able to sustain a world war effort and it would drag out to unpredictable consequences in the bigger picture.
So, before this happens, expect months long showing-off of force, threats and discussions about consequences striking fear into hearts of normies.

If someone makes a miscalculation, though, we're in big trouble and good night and farewell, world of old.
In all fields.
I'd take nuclear armageddon over Globohomo tyranny any day, literally a no brainer.