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Why do Russians hate Poles?

I understand that some butthurt putinlovers, sovietshits and leftists hate Poland but Poles are not our enemy.
Lived in Western Europe several years and met a lot of Polish dudes. They are all based and racist. Nothing wrong with them.
Never had problems with them. Simple and friendly people.

Nice proxy nigger. Russians don't hate Poles. Poles hate Russians. They hate us because we used to rule us (or rather the same Germans/Jews used to rule us both), and also we partitioned them two or three times, don't remember exactly how many because again, we don't give a shit about them.
Do they really? From what I've seen, Russian opinion on Poles is usually pretty neutral to slightly positive and they see Poles as more optimistic and forward-thinking than Russians.
>Why do Russians hate Poles?
Some do, most don't. And vice versa. Most of the animosity comes from previous historical conflicts and cultural differences. Generally speaking though, Poles and Russians get along fine on an individual level.


This is a thread for Burgers and Kompot ONLY! Here we will get to know each other better and figure out a way to be frens. Hello Russ-Anons. How are you?

> How are you?
We live in society.

Bring lapti to the Severodvinsk station. Do not speak with police.
Why would America be friends with Russia when they have Russia soundly buttfucked with NATO? Are you guys 12 years old?