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Has Russia ever apologized for pushing communism to their neighbors?

And it took them 70 years to get rid of this shit.
There's no shame admitting you made a terrible, costly mistake Russia.

based Turks, they never went red
kraut jews invented it
dude we didn't have decommunization
What to apologize for? that we were unable to suppress the Bolsheviks in the civil war?
better ask to the latvian and chinese mercenaries


Obama and Hillary are in trouble.

>BREAKING: Newly declassified notes show Obama knew of Hillary's plan to tie Trump to Russia...
>"As a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server."
>Obama was briefed on this by Former CIA Director John Brennan in 2016.


Nothing Will Happen: The Thread: Part 8726
Trump too pussy to jail obama and hillary rockefeller.
If mainstream outlets don’t cover this then it’s time to lock the doors and burn the buildings down