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I moved to Russia 11 years ago

I’m an American, I live in Russia. Before I moved here in 2009 I had no connection whatsoever to this country. I’m married and have 2 children who were born in Russia and are citizens of Russia and the US. I own an apartment, a car, and have had surgery in this country. I don’t like the ‘expat community’ so I’m only around Russians. I Live in Saint Petersburg, in the center not in a god forsaken village or me suburban build with 900000 apartments and 15 parking spaces.


could a vegetarian eat alright there?

serious question
Hy и чтo ты в Poccии зaбыл, дpyг мoй дopoгoй?
What do you miss the most from America ?


christchad russians quite directly displaying the triumph of Orthodox monarchy against the degenerate (((secular))) ideologies of communism and nazism

Based, christianity will always win against the evil
Do they just have a stock of german gear to sacrifice or something? Thats amazing.
Preddy sure the Bolsheviks killed all these fucks back then so not sure why they hate Nazis so bad.