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how is russia still a shithole

they have a ton of natural resources,they are 90% white and still most of their people live in poverty


Because the money is all at the top. Any money that is generated goes straight to the rich.
Corruption at our core.
It's impossible to fight because when the union fell people in power just willy-nilly granted most juicy pieces to the people they knew.
And since then the cycle of gratitude is naturally still running.
It's in the very foundations of the nation.
Putin is a Jew

Is Russia the last hope for the white race? They're the onl...

Is Russia the last hope for the white race?

They're the only large enough country with a large amount of whites percentage-wise.

The US is literally 56%, China and others are rising, so at this moment there are no white super powers.

European countries are too small and the EU is Refugee now.

Belarus and Baltics are too small.

RUSSIA is the only viable option and hope that whites have left. If Russia collapses, whites are doomed.

russia is, (and i say this truthfully, not for effect) the single biggest race traitor in existence. if anyone will bring about the end of the white race, its those god damn fucking assholes!

here's a perfect example.
USA says its going to look into creating weapons capable of working in space... what does russia do, "da that must be a threat to vatniks. make 100 mega ton dirty cobalt nuke that doubles as spy sub." .... and just watch! they won't ever even use the thing in combat, but one day they will wreck it or God forbid an automated system attack it, and hoo-fucking-ray Vlad, human beings can't eat fish ever again.

i hate them man.. i really do.. it disgusts me to think what could be done for all whites if they would just stop being such selfish, destructive, soulless bug bastards.
No, Utah is the last hope
Russia was never a bastion for whitey. Let it go.
T. lots of russian friends.