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Moscow Idaho Sorority Massacre Thread

Itt: dumping all pics taken from social accounts of survivor girl roommate Dylan Mortensen Images show: the 4 vics; the home interior preceding the quadruple homicide sorority girl house massacre at 1122 King Road in Moscow Idaho. Please save and archive these photos because Mortensen's socials are going down. Who knows what is shown here? Updates: >no suspects >no motive >no blood trail >"Rambo" hunting knife used on all victims but not recovered >LEO has an APB for all security, CCTV, ring and dashcam footage from surrounding Moscow PICREL - THE MURDER MYSTERY STARRING CAST >All 5 roommates >LtR >Dylan Mortensen (survivor; 1st floor bedroom) >Xana (victim along with her bf Ethan; both 2nd floor bedroom) >Bethany Funke (survivor; 1st floor bedroom) >Kylee (victim; 3rd floor bedroom) >Maddie (victim; 3rd floor bedroom)...

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Kherson was a trap now the Russians have tons of hohol soldiers and equipment in a massive pocket. >Ukraine to begin voluntary evacuation from Kherson: Deputy PM https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/11/20/ukraine-to-begin-voluntary-evacuation-from-kherson-deputy-pm

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>watch vid of some russian getting a grenade dropped on his...

>watch vid of some russian getting a grenade dropped on his head from a drone >Russian cant be older than 20, probably a conscript >Redditors in the thread celebrating it >Click on their profile >Regular liberals with kosher political opinions >Some even have cringy descriptions like "i believe in empathy, love is love" Yet they also celebrate the gruesome death of some guy on the battlefield, and they do it far more gleefully than is necessary, there's some actual sadism here. How do such people reconcile these two? What is going on here? Have any psychologists or philosophers explored this tendency of cloaking extremely nasty sadism with an empty halo of moralism? At least when i go to /gif/ i know everybody is unapologetically fucked in the head....

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/ru/ solves a Murder

Copies this from /x/ because thread got flooded by schizos What we know so far: >Four students at the University of Idaho were found stabbed to death on Sunday (Nov. 13th) in a house in the town of Moscow, ID >They were attending a party on campus Saturday night and were last seen on a livestream at 1:40 AM, ordering food from a food truck. >Police say they went home at around 1:45 AM >attack happened sometime between 3 and 4 AM >Emergency call came on Sunday at around 12 PM, police found all four dead in bed, possibly ambushed in their sleep >a local hardware store manager was asked by the police if he had sold any Ka-Bar type knives recently Sounds like a fairly standard incel rage incident, right? Well, there's some really weird shit going on: >No suspect named almost a week later, but police are convinced that this was an isolated, targeted attack >Perpetrator still at large, but cops say there's no threat to the community >Police also found two unharmed students at the house, but haven't com...

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The Moscow Massacre

Police have not found a suspect or made any arrests. They have over 100 FBI agents and police officers working on the case. A handprint can be seen on the window. What you think, /ru/? https://twitter.com/IdahoTribune/status/1593835098088300545

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what are you crying about /ru/ vol.2

>Russians pretended to surrender and started shooting >It is considered a war crime (art. 37 of Protocol to Geneva Convention) >Ukrainians killed them all including these in captivity, tied up >Ukrainians stopped a war crime from happening by killing them Ruskies What is this fuss all about?

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>pretend to surrender >start shooting >get killed Why are...

>pretend to surrender >start shooting >get killed Why are Russians a bunch of evil opportunistic rats?

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Moscow Idaho Murder Mystery

WHO KILLED THEM? Did they call in FBI special manhunter unit? What do these expression's convey? How many bedrooms in house ? Was each person in separate room? Why not kill the other two girls in house?

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How the fuck do Putin's internet kholops still pretend the w...

How the fuck do Putin's internet kholops still pretend the war is going well? Russia is about to lose Crimea ffs

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>A group of Russian soldiers surrendering to Ukrainian troops when one comes out firing. https://twitter.com/Militarylandnet/status/1593528421887447040

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Russians, how do you see the war in Ukraine ending?

This is a somewhat serious question - the west is not going to stop supporting Ukraine with weapons and yes while Russia has Iran and North Korea, what path to peace do you see? Neither NATO nor Russia will economically or politically implode, don't expect that. Germany isn't freezing and unemployment in Russia hasn't increased. Don't you think annexing parts of another nation is analogous to what Nazi Germany did? Especially since you say you're fighting against nazis. Yes NATO is hypocritical, but then aren't you too? It would be one thing, if you fought for the independence of the Donbass area, but now you're actual imperialists, annexing land, worse than NATO and walking in the footsteps of late Yugoslavia. >Ukraine should come to the negotiating table, but it can't state any conditions. But you can? > We're actually fighting globohomo. No you're not, you're just stealing land from a more rural neighbour and finding lousy excuses > Russia is fighting against i...

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Why would anybody want to knife this sexy party girl?

So she was drunk. Big deal. And what's up with two other party girls surviving while the other four died? Something ain't right in Moscow. There's a killer on the road...

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So what's Russia endgame with this? Keep on bombing and blow...

So what's Russia endgame with this? Keep on bombing and blowing up Ukaine until it's nothing but a burnt out hole in the ground and Ukriane hands over complete contol but this would then cost Russia billions to repair and rule over as their new empire of dirt?

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It was RUSSIA! Why won't you dumbasses listen to MEEEEEE?


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Why do you hate Russia so much? Don't you understand that th...

Why do you hate Russia so much? Don't you understand that this image of evil empire, etc., is just Western propaganda. Russia has never really attacked the West, but the West has attacked Russia many times and is doing so now. And Russia is not some scary place. There are many bloggers on YouTube who have traveled around Russia, for example: https://youtube.com/c/TravelingwithRussell You can watch this. Stop being so blind and brainwashed already. Today there is the Internet, and you can get any information without even leaving your home.

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Explain to me, you stupid degenerates, how a missile with a...

Explain to me, you stupid degenerates, how a missile with a range of 300 kilometers (S-300) can be fired by Russians who are thousands of kilometers away from the Polish border? If launched from Belarus, it would be instantly detected by Polish radars

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>TASS (Russian media): The Russian Armed Forces did not strike any targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border, the Russian Defense Ministry said; calls it "a deliberate provocation". https://twitter.com/DefMon3/status/1592608378958012416 Putin knows he is FUCKED. Never believe anything until it's been officially denied.

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HAPPENED NOW! 2 POLES KILLED IN ROCKET ATTACK BY RUSSIA IN EASTERN POLAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUSSIA JUST ATTACKED NATO TERRITORY. https://twitter.com/DominikSerwacki/status/1592581701410369536?s=20&t=OZGIvf-8empv1mHno9EfDw

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Russian missile hit Poland!

2 DEAD. In fact, "something" fell on Przewodów in Hrubieszów County. 2 people are dead. The crater, however, points to a crusie rocket that may have "lost". So did the remains found on the spot. The Ukrainians will see the F-16 faster than https://twitter.com/wolski_jaros/status/1592575790390345729

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What would you do if you were Putin?

Go all in, take Kiev? Keep the stalemate? Withdraw from most of the occupied areas? What is the best move for Russia?

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When will Russians realize that they are the bad guys?

When will Russians realize that they are the bad guys?

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Is Russia intentionally trying to lose the war?

Recently strikes on energy infrastructures seem to have quieted down too. Wtf is the plan?

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Kherson is the epitome of a Pyrrhic Victory

Every news, every board, every thread is all the same. >THE RUSSIANS ARE RETREATING >RUSSIA'S MILITARY IS IN SHAMBLES >UKRAINE HAS WON >IT'S OVER Are we living in the same dimension? Okay, the Ukrainians took back the empty city of Kherson with a Zerg rush that took them all of their troops and resources, so what did they gain that is so groundbreaking? Ukraine is still missing 20% of its previous territory. Hell, we don't even know if the Russians retreated because it was a rout or just a tactical withdrawal to gather troops back in one place; probably the latter, since the Ukrainians have clearly failed to encircle them and destroy them, letting them go instead. Are we back to the Ghost of Kiev delusion levels of March?

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"We all feel our victory approaching," Zelenskyj said in his daily video message on Sunday evening. "There are always people who fight and work for our victory." Zelenskyj thanked the soldiers, doctors and diplomats who have been on duty in Ukraine around the clock for more than 260 days since the start of the Russian war of aggression. In the liberated Cherson in the south of the country, meanwhile, feverish efforts are being made to restore life as normal as possible. In addition, the "neutralization" of Russian saboteurs and the capture of remaining Russian soldiers is in progress. So far, around 400 Russian war crimes have been documented, and according to Selenskyj, the bodies of civilians and military personnel have also been found in the city. "In the Kherson region, the Russian army committed the same atrocities as in other regions of our country it entered," Zelenskyy said. But we will find every murderer and bring them to justice.” https://www.welt.de/politik...

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Why is Russia’s Wagner group of mercenaries not recognised a...

Why is Russia’s Wagner group of mercenaries not recognised as a creeper organisation yet? Russian creepers are as barbaric as ISIS or worse

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Be honest with me /ru/... why is Russia losing this war?

Be honest with me /ru/... why is Russia losing this war?

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I work in Kremlin connected Russian “K street” firm

Lazy Sunday (now it’s Sunday for sure) in my St Petersburg apartments, ama, vague answers implied. Y/days thread

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This is what Russians are doing to Ukrainian POWs.

This is what Russians are doing to Ukrainian POWs.

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Whats Russis's next move?

>Lost battle of Kyiv >Lost battle of Kharkiv >Lost battle of Kherson So is it just gonna be WW1 style stalemate with troops fighting over a mile or 2 of land, or is the Kherson evacuation just a white flag from Russia to start peace talks? The era of seeing massive blitzkriegs is over, Ukraine is fully mobilized and Russia is still unprepared and unorganized for another offensive. Putin's only way forward seems to be negotiations or just nuke your way to victory, and be seen as the 21st century Hitler (if your not all ready). Putin's entire legacy and regime hinge eon winning ANYTHING out of Ukraine, while Ukraine wants ALL of their territory back (and is still seeking NATO and EU membership). This diplomatic deadlock alone kills any chance of peace in Ukraine, meaning Ukraine needs to budge because Russia can't go any lower than taking the Donbass and Crimea or its political suicide (and possibly literal) for Putin. I don't see Putin being couped out or assassinated because that doesn&#...

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I went to a store to buy smokes and some snacks earlier this...

I went to a store to buy smokes and some snacks earlier this evening. And saw THIS at the checkout queue. I live in a not particulary rich region of central Russia. WTF???

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so how is russia going to win now

>dogshit logistics >no international support (sandniggers dont count) >soldiers with no morale >already losing shit ton of ground how exactly do you recover from this

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this is kherson. streets are full of people celebrating. acc...

this is kherson. streets are full of people celebrating. according to kremlin 99.9% of these people voted to join russia. https://twitter.com/Tendar/status/1591075906696642560 https://twitter.com/PierreDBorrelli/status/1591072960051556352 https://twitter.com/Worldsource24/status/1591082682678747140 https://twitter.com/ve_fooled/status/1591081064801652736

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250+ Days already

What's your thought about russian performance? Last updated map

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Russian rape other russian

What are the political implications of Russian soldiers raping their colleagues? https://twitter.com/Bolson1337/status/1589659424733683713

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You are being massively distracted

Russia just attacked the UK, they sunk a submarine in the north sea after it violated their territorial waters, leaders are trying to resolve the matter internally right now but it might not work out

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Russian soldier addresses the Refugee world

It's been a few days (video dated October 25th), but I only got to sharing it with all of youse now. Catbox, because too long and heavy https://files.catbox.moe/j6wujp.mp4 The readout goes as follows: In Russian: >I am a Russian soldier. I address our Refugee brethren in Middle East, North Africa and beyond In Arabic (I'll break it down by lines for eased comprehension): >As-salamu alaykum! >Defense of the peace has always been the solemn goal of the Russian army in all wars, both in the past and in the present. >And I would like to convey our heartfelt greetings to you all (Refugee world that is) and tell you that Russia is now waging a great war against the ideas of Anglo-Saxon viral marketing and Nazism. >Russia is now yet again fighting to protect the peace (more like "commune"). >She is fighting to protect the Christian and Islamic faith, our customs and traditions, from the imposition of unnatural and perverted, so-called Western liberal values. >Today, Washington is arming the "ukr...

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30 minutes of combat footage from kraken battallion, detaili...

30 minutes of combat footage from kraken battallion, detailing their offensive operation to liberate kupiansk city from russian forces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVvgnHxJoSY& warning. lots of dead russian soldiers in this footage.

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Why is this retard still popular in Russia after he killed tens of thousands of them?

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This is School lunch in Russia. I don't know how kids eat it...

This is School lunch in Russia. I don't know how kids eat it but it looks unappetizing.

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Why are Russian anons chill, interesting and rational while...

Why are Russian anons chill, interesting and rational while Polish anons are neurotic, mentally ill and stupid?

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I don't understand

Why is Russia losing so badly against Ukraine? I find it hard to believe that only with the weapons that Ukraine has received from NATO is it capable of defeating and pushing back the russian army, it is something unreal I mean all my life I have seen, perceived and learned how the media and in school have taught me that the United States and Russia were the most powerful and advanced countries in the world but everything changed after I realized how ineffective and inoperative was the action of the russian special forces in the Beslan school massacre, that fact began to break that illusion of power that I had over Russia and now with this war that illusion of Russia as a military and technological power that challenged the United States United disappeared completely Russia is in total ruin and I don't understand why

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Baltic states have 0 ( zero ) tanks. Why are we barking so much at Russia when we have no tanks??

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Massive U.S. Preparations for Direct War With Russia-- Leaked Classified NATO Intelligence

Massive U.S. Preparations for Direct War With Russia-- Leaked Classified NATO Intelligence https://archive.org/details/massive-u.-s.-preparations-for-direct-war-with-russia-leaked-classified-nato-intelligence Now, the information the government found out that I obtained, and does not want me revealing: Already, military assets are being moved in to place as I write this. US is deploying F-15s in to Romania. Aircraft Carrier Strike Group on the move through the Mediterranean. US/NATO Troops are being moved in to eastern Europe. Three weeks ago, very, VERY, quietly, the US began loading M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Tanks onto Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) vessels in the United States. It took about a week for the first of those ships to transit to Greece. Upon arrival, the tanks were unloaded. In the past two weeks, the United States has sent slightly more than 1,000 M1A1 or A2 Abrams tanks to southeastern Europe. They also sent between 35,000 and 45,000 U.S. Troops in the same time period. Prior to these tanks an...

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Do Russians really think they could defeat NATO or the USA in a war?

Pic related is American military production in relative peace time. They are tanks, armoured vehicles, weapons and ammunitions. Imagine what a full American military war economy backed by the entirety of NATO states. All civilians who could work in a military production setting from all NATO states would be sent to America where they would be safe and would start mass production which would make the production of America in WWII look insignificant. Russia has around 140 million people, they’d all be mostly dead before the tanks, armoured vehicles and troops get sent in. There would be a large production of missiles designed to cause mass destruction of infrastructure. NATO would level all cities and urban complexes. Once there isn’t anything left standing the tanks would go first, tanks would be backed up with thousands of F-22, F-35 and many other aircrafts. The British-American Navies would dominate the Black Sea, they’d have every side surrounded. Does Russia think they can beat an all...

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250+ Days already

What's your thought of russian performance in this war?

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Why does Porkraine not surrender?

They lost hundreds of thousands of people. It's a nation of cripples. And yet they still want war. They want more dead, more crippled, more cities destroyed, more territories lost and given to their enemy. It doesn't make sense that they want a war that only their enemy Russia profits from.

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Why aren't you moving to Russia yet?

Why aren't you moving to Russia yet?

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we were lied to about communism

If collectivism is so inneficient then how did russia go from losing to the finnish to beating the Germans in 1 generation?

popularity: 102

Would you rather live in Russia or Poland?

Would you rather live in Russia or Poland?

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what the fuck is wrong with the russian army

In WW2 the gain more in some month then now in Ukraine. why dont they encircle or show some tactic skills. they are like retards banging their head against a wall. is russia just playing stupid and let the EU sending all their weapons to UA to be destroyed after killing some 1000 russian inmate volunteers? When will the real russian army arrive?

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HAPPENING >Putin Says the Gloves Are Off — Believe Him >The words from Russia’s leader are clear enough. We must listen to what he says, and act accordingly. The speech once more evoked Putin’s nostalgia for the Soviet Union, replete with references to the “passing of a great state,” which he deemed an injury to a “great nation.” He once again asserted that the West was the colonial master of Ukraine, and that there could be no negotiations on the status of the four newly annexed regions. In Putin’s worldview, the West has tried to impose its diktat on Russia. As he sees it, the West simply cannot stomach the existence of such a “great, wealthy country as Russia.” Hence, it tries to subjugate, colonize, and vassalize Russia. But Putin will never allow his motherland (he called it a “state-civilization”) to become another protectorate of the “treacherous West.” Also significant, he cast his gaze on other Russians living beyo...

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BREAKING: Russia hacks former UK PM Liz Truss' phone and acq...

BREAKING: Russia hacks former UK PM Liz Truss' phone and acquires undeniable proof that the UK/US are responsible for blowing up the Nord stream pipeline. Why did we do it?

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>Admiral makarov SEVERELY damaged possibly sunk >By a country without a navy! LOLOLOL Russia says navy hit by ‘massive’ Ukraine boat drone attack Russia says it is pulling out of the deal allowing exports of grain from Ukraine, after claiming ships from its Black Sea Fleet were attacked in the occupied Crimean port of Sevastopol. https://twitter.com/COUPSURE/status/1586354604815446018 https://twitter.com/enn_nafnlaus/status/1586361126392152068 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O62HIBCGei8

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russian soldier pulls a grande whilst surrendering

russian soldiers literally behave like ISIS https://twitter.com/Skawtish/status/1586398446201835528 ukrainians in this video show huge restraint not to shoot the other 3 guys aswell.

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If Russia can provide evidence for this

then Germany will have to embargo the UK and sanction it. There is no way around it, if the UK blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, it has started another war with Germany, the third time since 1914.

popularity: 87

>Nuclear war would be a better outcome than appeasing Russia...

>Nuclear war would be a better outcome than appeasing Russia and letting them invade Ukraine woah....so this is the power of liberal intellect...

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Russian missiles hit key military site

https://files.catbox.moe/0syh0f.mp4 Just kidding, they're targeting civilians as usual.

popularity: 53

Russian gains went from the red DOWN to the yellow

And you're tellin' me Russia isn't losing?

popularity: 65

MEGA HAPPENING! Russian women are contacting the military to...

MEGA HAPPENING! Russian women are contacting the military to send their unemployed, deadbeat, loser husbands to the frontlines in Ukraine. The mobilized die and wives get pensions >The women argue that their deadbeat exes would be more helpful in the war or dead OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHA

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Russian gangsters trap a German girl in their bar, provoke her


popularity: 86

Why do russian shills keep changing their narrative every 2...

Why do russian shills keep changing their narrative every 2 weeks? Don't they realize it makes their shilling blatantly obvious?

popularity: 190

Why do Jews and globohomos have such vile and genocidal hatred for Russia?

Is it true that the globalist Jews will use a false flag operation in Ukraine, so they'll have an excuse to start a nuclear war and bomb Russia? They seem to have an obsessive hatred against Russia.

popularity: 105

[Serious replies only] Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Yeah t...

[Serious replies only] Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Yeah there's talk about biolabs and what not, but as far as I know, no proof has actually been posted.

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How is a backwater shithole like Russia able to develop and...

How is a backwater shithole like Russia able to develop and manufacture 5th gen fighter jets?

popularity: 62

Refugee soldier is beaten up by his russian officer for prayi...

Refugee soldier is beaten up by his russian officer for praying too much

popularity: 95

New precedent for court conduct?

So what I keep hearing about this case is "THE JUDGE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO LET BROOKS MAKE A MOCKERY OF THE COURT OR ELSE IT WILL BE A MISTRIAL!" Butvall I'm seeing is a new precedent for absolute gridlock of the system. So you mean to tell me I can get 50 people to record me in 1080p blasting my way through a crowd "No Russian" style, and then the judge at my trial has ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE but to let me run amok, mock the judge and victims, piss all over the laws, and generally run a 3 ring circus in the middle of the court room screeching about the most asinine non-applicabile loopholes? How the hell is society supposed to function if this is allowed? How can anything ever get done? I dont think Ben Franklin had this atrocity in mind when he spoke of letting 100 guilty men go free than imprison one innocent.

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Feds Spend $300 Million Spreading Anti-Russian Propaganda Here

Absolutely insane

popularity: 82


>President Zelensky noted that Ukrainian Armed Forces have successfully entered Kherson as Russian Forces withdraw from Kherson to avoid being surrounded by UAF. "This is a major victory for Ukraine, a day to be remembered. Today, we liberated Kherson from the invaders. We aim to retake the entire Kherson oblast until the end of the week" RUSSIANS BTFO

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Decolonization of Russia

The US government's Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) held a briefing on the "moral and strategic" need to divide Russia. The briefing is called "Decolonization of Russia". https://www.csce.gov/international-impact/events/decolonizing-russia?fbclid=IwAR2DEUtS1Jem1NxBJtOnDg232KbAF33S5Y86oVpXZ0YhI0EnGX1zgGo7A2Y >Russia’s barbaric war on Ukraine—and before that on Syria, Libya, Georgia, and Chechnya—has exposed the Russian Federation’s viciously imperial character to the entire world. Its aggression also is catalyzing a long-overdue conversation about Russia’s interior empire, given Moscow’s dominion over many indigenous non-Russian nations, and the brutal extent to which the Kremlin has taken to suppress their national self-expression and self-determination. >Serious and controversial discussions are now underway about reckoning with Russia’s fundamental imperialism and the need to “decolonize” Russia for it to be...

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Brown Peruvian banging Russian girls

He lives in Krasnodar, in one of the college towns. He goes by the name of "Zerranosky", a Peruvian who has been in Russia for some time. His main goal? Fucking and breeding Russian girls Yes, he's not even interested in learning, getting a degree or any form of education, he's just there to steal your women

popularity: 178


Russia just arrested CNN!

popularity: 117

World-War Will Begin Within Four Weeks Warns Russian Military Analyst

Biden is planning to help Ukraine Take Russian Crimea . The U.S Army has been preparing and training to help. The generals on both sides are preparing for imminent THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR! China will invade Taiwan if NATO helps Ukraine by attacking Russia! WILL GLOBOHOMO WIN? By the end of the month will we all be dead anon? https://www.ibtimes.co.in/world-war-will-begin-within-four-weeks-warns-russian-military-analyst-834915

popularity: 86


ALERT >ALERT FULL MOBILIZATION OF THE RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES >Readiness checks will take place in ALL military districts including the Northern Fleet, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka. All types and branches of troops will take part in them. https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1379406126563885056 https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1379413862433325057

popularity: 103

What do you think about Russian girls? I think they're beaut...

What do you think about Russian girls? I think they're beautiful, and I'm proud of them! https://twitter.com/DubaiPoliceHQ/status/1378425428805754880

popularity: 127

If Russia offered you oppressed whites, would you except?

Hypothetically, if they offered you land, gun permits, and the surplus of hot single Russian women. Why not? Right? It would be like living in a based white ethno state.

popularity: 97

Russian scum in panic sending all their soldiers to Crimea

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtOcfVZvVnE Russia can see the writing on the wall that Ukraine's army is going to drive their fake rebels and under cover soldiers out of Donbass and they know that then Crimea can be surrounded and Ukraine will starve them out in a SIEGE. Now Russians are sending all their army into Crimea hoping they can survive. They understand the Ukrainian army of 2021 is not the army of 2013 that was robbed and kept weak by puppet president Янyкóвич. Look at all that future SCRAP METAL heading to Crimea. The real storm is about to begin and the world will see paper tiger Rissia!!!

popularity: 93

Russia Warns of Anti-White 'Aggression' in U.S.


popularity: 120

It's time to quash the Russian menace.

American patriots stand with our allies.

popularity: 83

HAPPENING: Mortar fire between Russia & Ukraine has begun

The war is about to start again in #Donbass. Both Ukraine Army & Russia's paramilitary forces have started launching mortar shells at each other's positions in Horlivka which is 35km in Northeast of Donetsk:

popularity: 74

HAPPENING: Russia and Ukraine about to go at it

There's literally a war about to break out with NATO possibly involved and this board is silent af, whats going on? Biden instructed the Pentagon to begin the withdrawal of part of the military forces from the Persian Gulf -The wall street journal -The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that it received guarantees from the US military department to provide support in the event of a conflict with Russia The NATO countries, which border on Ukraine, must increase their combat readiness, said Roman Mashovets, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, at a meeting with Canadian Ambassador Larisa Galadza.

popularity: 96


>Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday warned that anti-white racism might be building in the United States and said that political correctness "taken to the extreme" would have lamentable consequences. >In an interview with political scientists broadcast on national television, Moscow's top diplomat said Russia had long supported a worldwide trend that "everyone wants to get rid of racism." >"We were pioneers of the movement promoting equal rights of people of any skin color," he said. >But Lavrov stressed it was important "not to switch to the other extreme which we saw during the 'BLM' (Black Lives Matter) events and the aggression against white people, white U.S. citizens." >Lavrov accused the United States of seeking to spread what he called "a cultural revolution" around the world. >"They have colossal possibilities for it," he said in the interview. >"Hollywood is now also changing its rules so that everything reflects t...

popularity: 129


Explain yourselves, Yankees. Is it true?

popularity: 92

War is coming

There is war coming. Russia and China are about to open up twin fronts on Ukraine/Taiwan and w/ weak leadership in the Oval Office it is highly likely that the US will be destabilized as a result. We’re moving into a tripolar world where the US is no longer the only hegemon - European reliance on Russian energy exports is going to snare the EU into the sphere of influence of a new Warsaw Pact. Chinese sphere of influence is expanding w/ the Belt and Road Initiative - economic warfare at its finest. This has been coming for a long time, the USA has overextended back in the early 00’s trying to subjugate the Middle East and tied up most of their resources there, but China/Russia were still waiting for the golden hour to strike - and the political instability of the present is perfect. Russia is moving large amounts of armor to Crimea (pic related). China and Russia are making major moves at the same time, which to me implies some degree of coordination, Molotov-Ribbentrop 2021. There are no coi...

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Doomsday Torpedo - Russian POSEIDON, Status-6

Cant be detected, on the move constantly, once detonated it is unstoppable, causes 500m (1,640ft) tall Tsunami waves (Indonesian one that was devastating was only 30m, 98ft), but wait, there is more, it is a Cobalt nuclear bomb so it causes more radiation than conventional one, making the tsunami wave extremely radioactive. Imagine couple of these detonate in Atlantic ocean, bye bye European Atlantic side, Ireland, UK, France, Netherlands, Norway etc.. and in the USA all of the East coast, game over.

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Some rich 60-something "business owner" near Moscow was abou...

Some rich 60-something "business owner" near Moscow was about to lose his business to the government, barricaded himself in his house and started shooting ak out the windows and lobbing grenades at the cops. Apparently he is some sort of illegal arms dealer. Spetsnaz instead of assaulting the house shot it multiple times with a grenade launcher. The building is burning right now and they're gonna wait until it burns down completely and then check what's left from the body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3GEN6dvbGI

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Russia urgently moving tanks into Crimea showing panic

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4swCnxnuAOo New report and video footage proof shows Russian army sending tons of tanks to Crimea. They know that Ukraine is going to do MASSIVE assault on East Ukraine and retake the region so they are afraid they can also get fighting in Crimea that is why they are sending as many tanks as quickly as they possibly can to Crimea. East Ukraine "rebels" (AKA Russian soldiers) are about to be BTFO and Putin wont rescue them because he is very concerned with KEEP crimea. Ukraine's army is no longer the dilapidated ruined army of 2014, since 2014 they have got new weapons, training from experts from the US army and will steamroll the Russian soldiers who are rping as "Eastern Ukrainians". Jewtin is about to be BTFO completely and Ukraine free its lands.

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Playing degenerate left-wing music while having /ru/-tier views

Imagine this situation: you're in love with some genre which is completely dominated by left-wingers, let's say some hipster-tier form of punk. You want to create music in said genre and be able to play some gigs etc. There's only one 'but': you're holding any views that are different from those in the scene (tankie, moderate conservative, nazi - doesn't matter, it's all the same according to their echo chamber). As we all know, the left is at the very least uncomfortable with anyone with different beliefs so they're likely to cancel you on sight, barring you from anything happening in the scene. Is there any hope? Maybe some alternative artist cooperations in these genres? How is that in your country? Share some experience. >inb4 you live in le based russia why do you bother It doesn't matter, musical circles here are pretty similar to the West.

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Russia owns this. China thinks it's rightfully theirs. War is coming.

I had a conversation with two Chinese people today. They told me that China publicly says the city is Russia's in order to protect their alliance, but deep down Chinese citizens and the CCP believe Vladivostok is actually theirs. They said China will have it within 10 years lol. So /ru/, how quickly are Russia and China going to turn on one another?

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Russian forces, NOT separatists in Ukraine, BASED video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJho51u2KPg I cant believe some people here fall for the "separatists" in East Ukraine Russian propaganda. The fact is, they are regular Russian military as this video PROVES. And they are going to be BTFO soon. Ukraine is planning on a massive huge offensive as soon as the weather warms up. President Biden is with them, and Russia is about to be cleaned out from east Ukraine.

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ITS HAPPENING Russian Tank Divisions On The Move

Russian Tank Divisions On The Move TOWARDS Poland / Lithuania Border. What did Russians mean by this? https://youtu.be/_TWxbYNzQQs

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Can someone address why Russia is the only country the Biden...

Can someone address why Russia is the only country the Biden administration is overtly antagonistic towards? They're even trying to appease China and are just ignoring the Norks instead of confronting them. What's up with the hatred for Russia? They just want peace like any other country.

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Russia and China tell Biden: The old days are over

https://asiatimes.com/2021/03/russia-and-china-tell-biden-the-old-days-are-over/ >The past week has marked a watershed moment in Russia’s relations with the West – and the US in particular. In two dramatic, televised moments, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin changed the dynamics between their countries, perhaps irrevocably. >Most commentators in the West have focused on Putin’s “trolling” of Biden by dryly – though, according to Putin, unironically – wishing his American counterpart “good health.” This, of course, came after Biden called Putin a “killer.” >But a more careful and complete reading of Putin’s message to the US is necessary to understand how a Russian leader is, finally, ready to tell the US: Do not judge us by your claimed standards, and do not try to tell us what to do. >Putin’s forceful statement is remarkably similar to the equally firm public statements made by senior Chinese diplomats to...

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I want to move to Russia

I hate America. Russia seems to be based as fuck. What if I just pledged my allegiance to Russia and moved there. Is the US even worth defending anymore? I don’t even feel like a “traitor” because I’m not “betraying” a country that I no longer recognize.

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Why are Russians like this?

Why are Russians like this?

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неужели всё так плохо?

Оправдывайтесь кто-нибудь.

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Happening: Illegal, Illegitimate "President" Joe Biden About to Start Nuclear War With Russia

I'm rooting for Russia. Biden was illegally installed and is staying in power with the military's assistance. It's a military coup. All so they can start wars again because Trump wasn't and they were losing money.