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World-War Will Begin Within Four Weeks Warns Russian Military Analyst

Biden is planning to help Ukraine Take Russian Crimea . The U.S Army has been preparing and training to help. The generals on both sides are preparing for imminent THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR! China will invade Taiwan if NATO helps Ukraine by attacking Russia!


By the end of the month will we all be dead anon?

Fingers crossed, we can only hope anon.
This is an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thread now, I'm sure OP would approve.

Commencing at the next AAAAAAAAAAA we shall all scream

Fingers crossed. At this point I'm rooting for Russia and China. The America I was born in is dead. Joggers and Jews hollowed out the gold mine that our ancestors created.
Is it, dare I say, Happening!? These digits say yes.
I side with Russia!
>>>4(OP). Weeks

Putin wont wait. He has China and Irans backing..they will attack americans in Syria and Iraq retake taiwan.

USA cant respond to this alliance. Its impossible
You said coronavirus was a nothing burger, but it was literally this generations 9/11x9000

You said Sleepy Joe was senile and old, but he's done more than Trump even undoing everything that he had already done

We can't keep believing your lies, ru.
You assume any of their nukes still work.
>just another aeon to go
Biden sending troops to Ukraine to protect the company his son works for. I am sure everyone will be just fine with this.
>ibtimes dot co dot in
holy shit, a shitty happenings will fly and shart over my house
May day
China takes Taiwan
Russia takes ukraine
Good, I hate long waits.
It's about time.
No country with nukes will ever be invaded. Don't be a retard.
Based, Crimea belongs to Ukraine.
NOTHING. EVER. HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Pavel Felgenhauer
into the trash it goes
Israel just announced their messiah, Jizkiahu Ben David today too so yeah I guess, read the Bible boys
kys faggot, and tell your boss to go fuck himself.
How to dodge draft bros I hate this country and will be rooting for Russia
Actually ive heard some real disturbing shit through the grapevine in last few days. Might not amount to anything but certainly UK is expecting some kind of conflict with Russia in the Ukraine.

>Sauce - just trust me bros lots of contacts
Reminder: John Titor was a larp.
There will be no mass outbreak of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease due to the vax.
There will be no world war.
The US will not be nuked.
Don't tease.
Doesn't even fucking matter who starts a war, who loses a war, or who wins a war. The planet is fucked in a couple months. This was confirmed and several observatories have spotted this object today as well. Prepare for extinction.
5th column gang checking in.
>four weeks!
for real though. No way the US would go to war with Russia over fucking Crimea. That's so fucking stupid. I don't believe it
Wow, 2 weeks twice
Anyone else here just wanted to grill, for god's sake?

Am I the only one?
>Pavel Felgenhauer
Total war and destruction
Faggot-assed Biden sent the US military into Afghanistan and Iraq where his ladyboy, fag, and bull dykes got OWNED by real men.

Now that pedophile bisexual piece of shit thinks he can get his ladyboys across the Perekop Isthmus? That senile bisexual pedophile piece of shit is out of his mind and his jogger VP is equally as stupid.
I guess we would be allies if this happens. But sadly our side is the globohomo one.
might as well be an alex jones
>russian military analysis
>implying gopnik squad can do fuck all
>gets btfod outta afghanistan
>cant advance in LMAO ukraine
>gets scared against LMAO georgia
yeah yeah yeah all talk no action
In less than two weeks, moshe.
>Russian Crimea
Global borders were locked after world war 2, this gives Crimea exclusively to Ukraine.

If Ukraine traveling into its own territory causes Russian aggression, resulting in a global war, that is entirely both mortally and legally Russias fault.
Great. Burn this clown world to the ground
based, USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Japan and South Korea need to be destroyed. Only then Mankind can be Free
dont be a tease
Crimea 2 electric boogaloo.
We can't go to war, how can we ensure social distancing!!!!
Reminder to bongs and Irish anons to seek 500m+ elevation if world war breaks out. Ruskies have nuclear torpedoes that create 500m waves.

For Dubliners that's the Wicklow Mountains which are at a 925m elevation.
nothing will happen and ukraine will be russia
If it was thermonuclear I might be worried.
Just as Q predicted. This was the actual actual plan the whole time. Biden will get us into ww3 and then Trump will be reinstated. You see, Biden was the fall guy all along, Trump didn't want to take blame for ww3 starting, so he allowed Biden to steal the election. Don't worry guys, patriots are in control.

Just 2 more weeks, and then 2 more. Trust plan.
Literally no one has correctly predicted the end of the world
Got muh dope, got muh alchohol, got a super comfy swinging hammock chair, got muh music, got camp fire planned. Yeah, its been a fuck'n awful run for humanity. We allowed a tiny few to fuck it all for everyone. Whatever, I'm ready to go out content and comfy.
>thermal nuclear war
Lol you dumb faggot its thermonuclear
Nothing will happen
It's time to bring Ukraine back home
Why do tomorrow what we can do today
All of us Europeans will die in the greatest trench line once known as Germany after we are drafted. You will not believe the horrors you will experience and if you do, you will go mad under these new realities.

America will not help us this time, they are too busy dying and securing resources on the West Coast and Central Asia.

But don't worry, this war is the last war, a golden age for century will usher in and the few survivors will never find the answer to this most terrible war mankind has ever seen.
I hope so, the 110 will be the expulsion of the USA from Europe
What the fuck is "thermal nuclear" war, dumbass?

Tell the army im retarded and autistic and can't fight so the weakling fags can go to war instead of the strong. the tables have changed.
I’ll believe it when the ground shakes and a great flash of light peers through my blackout curtains

Till then op
Kill your self for giving me false hope
It's 'thermonuclear' war, you fucking child. Never have a thought or opinion about anything again, please.
I kinda want Biden to send in NATO troops to spite Russia... Trying to fucking threaten us lmao, their only card is "if you beat us up we'll end civilization because we're sore losers :("
4ch is like those hobo-schizos on the street who screaming about the end.
Draft Riots will make Ferguson & Saint Floyd’s Dance look like nuffin — fuck around and find out
Ukraine now alleges that Russia has 32,700 troops in Crimea.
>alleges .
Ukraine might be trying to pull the west into war and thats very bad because sometime this year diablo 2 remastered comes out and i very much want to relive my youth also real life threads doesnt look fun
>Muh Russia!
Do you really believe in these neanderchinks?
>Take Russian Crimea
>from russians
All whites should object and let them send in joggers to die instead.
>le ebin WW3
It will not fucking happen, the war is already on and it's against white western people.
A potential scenario that's reasonable in it's general outlook, but unreasonable in its implications. There have always been a lot of scenarios that you could design how a major war or a orld war could come to unfold looking at current events and tensions if you understood geostrategy, but every result that comes from a world war of this dimension, intensity, including the use of nuclear weaponry is too costly to actually undertake. It would need a lunatic either in Moscow or Washington to trigger this.

How these hot phases generally unfold is the pattern of mutual threat of invasion and observing the opponents actions and reactions, playing a game of psychically wearing the opponent down, both the leadership as well as each respective population in propaganda warfare and fear around nuclear war. Eventually, someone will give in before this scenario comes true, because one will be more resilient. In this case it's either Russia, because the Crimean - although being of major and utmost significant geostrategic importance - can still be abandoned and Russias sees other ways of securing their Southern territories from potential incursion from the Black Sea, which would threaten their petrol supplies and make the Russian inoperable within a few months of occupation of that southernmost part of the Russian Federation or it does not give in and only ramps up efforts to defend against potential aggression and Americas mobilisation triggers anti-war sentiments and political support crumbles, in which case America would not be able to sustain a world war effort and it would drag out to unpredictable consequences in the bigger picture.
So, before this happens, expect months long showing-off of force, threats and discussions about consequences striking fear into hearts of normies.

If someone makes a miscalculation, though, we're in big trouble and good night and farewell, world of old.
In all fields.
I'd take nuclear armageddon over Globohomo tyranny any day, literally a no brainer.