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Just Bought My First Gun today

A Canik TP9SF Elite. I’d been wanting to get a gun since the coronavirus started spreading in February, but these riots pushed me into finally doing it.
Any other anons in a similar situation? How many new gun owners will buy their first gun to defend their homes from rioters? I noticed a lot of white boomers at the gun stores I visited today trying to find my Canik.

I did as well. Just bought a Henry Repeating Lever Action 45-70. I also have my eye on a Beowulf 50 from Alexander Arms. I have yet to get a pistol permit. It takes forever where I live to get one because you know... "rules".
I remember my first time
Yeah I’m pricing stuff out for it. Want a revolver. Am left handed with most things so considering Charter Arms Southpaw (.38 special).

Ask a political Scientist Somali dude anything!

/sci/ I’ve heard this place this weekend, and I’ve been told you’re not nice to my kind, so what’s your deal, boys?

We need to wipe out your entire fucking race
Dude, you invaded Binland
Of all the places to invade, XDD
first of all if you've been educated in the last 30 years, you're guaranteed to be retarded
second of all..low iq somalian