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Tattoo Plague

Pic related is an Onlyfans "star" who made so much money she put a down payment on a house. What do you notice about her? Well she's short and fat. White and with blond hair, probably dyed but not too far off the natural color. What really is striking is the lack of tats. Nothing is more pathetic and humiliating than for a man to be attracted to a woman literally branded by other men. Forget student loan forgiveness, we need tattoo removal to be free on demand. There will still be scars, but at least the person will be able to rectify past mistakes. Speaking of which, if vaping is too dangerous for teens, then tattoo parlors need to be banned outright for anyone under age 21.

If someone told you to drink a vial of heavy metals you'd think they're trying to poison you, but for some reason when you ask the same person to inject the very same heavy metals into your skin to draw a pretty picture you think nothing of it, in fact you will even pay them. The ink clogs up processes inside your body and leads to diseases.
I doubt any of these whores can afford a house, and are simply saying so for clout or as paid publicity for the service. At best they could probably pay some of their rent.
We have BMI standards to cross-check against. Just because the average Westerner is increasingly becoming a bloated monstrosity doesn't mean it was always that way.

Corona vaccines

>get call from mom
>anon got a call that I can get myself vaccinated (because of her occupation)
>set a appointment for tomorrow
>should I take it?
>sure, should be reasonably safe, and if negative effects should appear, it will likely be in younger people or affect them the most
>4 days later mom calls
>anon, i feel terrible. I have joint pain and feel weak, I think the vaccine gave me corona.
>look up corona vaccine side effects:
>3 days after the vaccination people night get flu like simptoms, including joint pain, fatigue, ... they should dissappear in a few days
>tell mom its fine, but should talk to a doctor if she still needs to get the second shot
>everything is fine now

this does not build faith in the quality of the vaccine, but I guess its ok for people above 50 getting it.
my mom was all upset because its the first time she ever had a reaction to a vaccine

You're a fucking idiot.
How could you let this happen to your mother?
>should I take it?
Let's put it this way...
The CDC just told people that have already had the virus that they need to still take the vaccine.

This should tell you right there, this vaccine has nothing to do with the virus.

So ask yourself...what does this "vaccine" really do? What is it really for? Why are they so anxious for everyone to take it, even people that should already have antibodies to the virus in their systems?

Does not all this seem a bit suspicious, to you?
Are the people that want you to take it honest, or have they been lying to you about death counts and symptoms, all along?
Why would you trust someone that lies to you?
In the U.S., "my body, my choice" remember?
If they try to force us to take the vaccine, it will overturn Roe vs. Wade.

If corporations try to stop doing business with you? I see opportunity for the rise of rival corporations.
If the government won't let you travel or let you into government buildings if you refuse it? And you have to carry "proof of vaccination?"
Then anti-abortions states can do the same to those that have had abortions, and demand medical records showing you haven't had one.