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Trump Says Marijuana Lowers IQ in Secret Recording.

Coming from someone who has smoked pot since they were 18 years old and quit three years later this notion always disturbs me. I am not here saying that I believe smoking pot is based. I do want to try to figure out if I fucked up my IQ, and how definitive the findings are for Trump's claim. So what are everyones thoughts on this? Do you guys think I have brain damage from smoking pot for three years? Let's try to be genuine here.

>Marijuana lowered iq....
So does breathing contaminated air and drinking contaminated water and injesting heavy metal toxins not to mention poor diet and lack of exercise. Weed is the least of people's problems
I worked construction for a few years and smoked with my cohorts while on the road I found myself making more mistakes and a little more paranoid especially in high places .I quit and the symptoms ended.So there's that just sayin.
>Do you guys think I have brain damage from smoking pot for three years?
No, and I think it is complete bullshit. This has more to do with lazy people and regressive behavior. People who want to get stoned to escape the insanity of daily life, do so at any cost. Even their own health.

Regressive behavior also applies to behaviors and general knowledge. If you don't use it, you lose it. These types of people go into a voluntarily vegetative state, usually with music or some other trance inducing media, to enjoy the high and nothing else. These are the types that have their IQ lowered, delve into spending all their money and time getting high and seeking more drugs. Usually this is stronger with drugs that are chemically addictive, and marijuana is not chemically addictive.

Just like with the placebo effect, things work in reverse too. Some people make themselves sick with depression. A lot of these people smoke weed to feel good about themselves. It doesn't work in the long run, because the underlying causes of their depression have not been addressed, let alone resolved. So people that say they NEED weed are lying to themselves, even to the point of having psychologically induced withdrawal symptoms. There is no conclusive link between marijuana and brain damage. Usually the people who have brain damage while smoking marijuana, are also doing things like huffing paint, which does kill brain cells. Kinda like that guy down in Florida who bit some guys face off? It got blamed on marijuana, even though the asshole was on bath salts.

Coronavirus Reality Thread

#1: Sooner or later, you are going to catch it.
#2: You don't develop long-term immunity and can catch it again a year later.
#3: It has a 30% chance of killing you every time you catch it, higher if you are older than 30.
#4: It is more contagious than the common cold, and survives on surfaces better than norovirus.
#5: the scientific research papers and samples that make it's creation possible came from the west.
Conclusion: This is war, and it is war declared by the human species against the human species.

There are only two ways out of this. Either you die, or you fight.
Your filters won't save you. Antivirals will help more, but they won't save you.
You must be willing to kill, and to die, to stop this virus.

The entire world needs to enter a state of quarantine. All borders closed indefinitely.
Militia inspections of cargo and vehicles. Drivers of trucks don't cross borders.
Ship crews are not allowed to leave the city of visiting ports. Airlines stop, everyone stays where they are.
Freight and mail flights are allowed, but crew doesn't leave visiting freight depots.

Then, we begin work on a vaccine. If we can't make a vaccine for it in 1 month with all the resources of humanity,
we begin work on a CRISPR vaccine to give us immunity through modifying the way DDP-4 or IL-4 mechanisms work.
Once we have a vaccine, everyone gets the vaccine, then we open the borders, then we open the borders of all countries.

Finally, we shut down all BSL-2-3-4 labs and establish a global Geneva ban on all biological weapons experimentation.
We create a worldwide agreement to make research and experimentation on pathogens a capital crime or act of war.
We create a worldwide treaty to make the creation or release of a pathogen by a state an act of war on the world by that state.
We open one lab, in Antarctica, that any researcher can work at and use a global military coalition to supervise it and quarantine it.
The alternative is death. The Underverse awaits.

Sauce ?
>sauce: trust me dude
>the scientific research papers and samples that make it's creation possible came from the west.

It came from a poorly managed research facility in Wuhan
Nice deflection, which are you chang or vatnik.
Ah who gives a fuck you are just thrash