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Is Joe Biden Dead?

Recent videos of Joe Biden have been software classified as deep fakes. Joe Biden has not made a public appearance in weeks, and has no plans to make any further public appearances or debates.

sauce pointing to recent Joe Biden videos being deepfakes: https://twitter.com/typicalyospos/status/1242945900906827776
and https://twitter.com/typicalyospos/status/1243233579682811907 for more. Lots of posts from this twitter account running deep fake analysis the last 2 days and claims that it will do tomorrow’s video too

Deep fakes can be created in realtime (see https://medium.com/huia/live-deep-fakes-you-can-now-change-your-face-to-someone-elses-in-real-time-video-applications-a4727e06612f) So Joe’s team could potentially have some senile old man filling in, or someone very familiar with Joe’s mush brained speech patterns to make these videos more convincing. This might be how they are pulling off real time interviews.

One of Joe’s closest friends just died of Coronavirus as well: https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/03/22/joe-biden-adviser-and-boston-pr-guru-larry-rasky-dies/

Additionally there are some dubious postings online from 3/17, with LabCorp listing Joe Biden as being in critical condition with Coronavirus. That would tend to match timelines with the deep fake videos.

>he has the rona
>he is on a ventilatoor
>they deepfaked his voice too
Its Her Turn, they even unleashed a plague to ensure victory
Is it possible that the program is reading it as a deepfake because of plastic surgery? like a face lift?
Has this programmed tried analyzing Cher for example? or anyone else with very obvious plastic surgery?

Stupid chinks brought it on themselves


Corona seems to be a natural illness.
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