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Race is a social construct.

>What the study of complete genomes from different parts of the world has shown is that even between Africa and Europe, for example, there is not a single absolute genetic difference, meaning no single variant where all Africans have one variant and all Europeans another one, even when recent migration is disregarded.
Basically, there is more genetic variation within a "race" than between "races".
If you virgins wanna find a way to feel superior to others as a coping mechanism, find something other than your "race".
>inb4 non-arguments and namecalling

>Luuk at this articole rayciss btfo

No. No it’s not. Ffs Open a book and educate yourself from the sauce instead of some fucking peer review asshat.
the most important DNA classes are very similar still.

With classes I mean IQ, brain structure, brain organs (liberators have no ability to comprehend water, gravity and time dynamics because of lacking brain parts, just how cats are incapable of understanding light dynamics since they chase the red dots so well), physical attributes as well obviously. There are many things are are completely unique to the races as other anons in this thread already remarked what a race looks like.

The things that people differ with are, could be considered "minor" classes. Promiscuity for example is largely encoded, and not all females and men can pair bond. There is a genetic struggle within the race itself, between different genes of sorts, in relation to sexual strategy, to archetypes (myers briggs personality test is a great thing of that).

If anything, the great differences show how unique the white race is, and how it must be preserved. Because our civilization rests on these "major" genetic classes. But recently the minor also became less than minor still. But that doesnt mean that the complete eradication of what is good in our race is the only answer.
the labels "black" "white" "asian" are social constructs.

large genetic difference between isolated groups of creatures are not.

90% of rain contains plastic

>Scientists testing rainwater around metro Denver and high in the Front Range mountains found microscopic bits of colored plastic in more than 90% of their samples — adding to growing evidence that plastics have contaminated the planet far more deeply than people can see.

>There are no limits in place, or standards, for this type of pollution, and federal scientists suggested the “microplastics” come from clothing through laundry drier vents, household materials such as tarps, and packaging that degrades, releasing bits that blow in the wind and wash into water — and presumably are evaporated into the atmosphere.
Well /sci/, when is the time to regulate microplastic?

>regulate microplastic?
and how exactly do you do that? ban rain?
I am going on a big think here. Did they use plastic containers to catch and carry rain water?
A little dubious and needs more research but a world with less plastic regardless would be a better one.