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Shocking discovery: mRNA from the vax is everywhere

>"It [mRNA] is everywhere. It's in oral secretions. It's in your genital secretions. It's in sweat. It's in breast milk. We don't know when this clears out of the body," stressed Dr. McCullough. >"As far as he [Bruce Patterson] can tell, it doesn't get out of the body! We're still waiting for someone to take a vaccine and be shown to be clear of messenger RNA." https://odysee.com/@Honkler:0/mrnaeverywhereduetovaccineshedding:a

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VAXXIES finding out they have AIDS !!


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You trust the science when driving over a bridge. You have n...

You trust the science when driving over a bridge. You have never once stopped before driving over a bridge to do a bunch of internet searches to "research" the bridge like you do with covid, climate change, etc. Interesting isn't it, you trust the science when it doesn't affect your political beliefs, but you unfairly become skeptical and abrasive when it does contradict or question your political beliefs. >B-b-but bridge building isn't a science! I knew before making this that one smart ass would say this. It is the application of science and mathematics. So you're wrong. TLDR: You uncritically trust the science when it doesn't affect your political beliefs. You are a HACK.

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>"So we have player after player coming out saying listen, I am worried about myocarditis, and then you see the array of damage." - Dr. Peter McCullough >"This is a gigantic experiment that we're doing on the entire world's population." https://youtu.be/MRE5nPe5544

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Daily reminder the mRNA vaccine changes your DNA and is heri...

Daily reminder the mRNA vaccine changes your DNA and is heritable. If you have sex with a vaxxed girl you are vaxxed.

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Unvaccinated Blood Banks

>‘SafeBlood’ Hardliners Want to Set Up Unvaccinated Blood Banks >Medics say that growing numbers of people are asking for transfusions of unvaxxed blood. >He and his supporters believe, wrongly, that mRNA coronavirus vaccines “contaminate” the blood and destroy the immune system, and that unvaccinated people will be harmed if they receive transfusions of blood supplied by vaccinated people. >SafeBlood Donation’s campaign reflects a widespread belief among anti-vaxxers that their biological products will take on unprecedented value in an mRNA-vaccinated world. On social media, anti-vax activists have taken to calling themselves “purebloods,” while others speculate that sperm from unvaccinated men could be “the next Bitcoin.” https://archive.is/Z1z2c

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>the best pain killer >the best antidepressant >kills the oxycodone industry >cures the opioid crisis >puts shills on damage control >puts jewtube's algorithm on damage control >makes loosh demons seethe >but it's addicting It's as addictive as coffee. Kratom withdrawal is just like caffeine withdrawal. Kratom is from the same family as coffee. The withdrawal usually lasts no more than 2 days with moderate symptoms unlike heroin withdrawal that can last up to a month with deathly symptoms. >b-but it's no different from heroin Although it does have a similar effect to the brain, the difference is that kratom does it in a limited and natural way that doesn't schizo stress the brain. Kratom users are sober, energized, and relaxed. >s-stop promoting drugs! Is it not better to be hooked on kratom than on heroin? Workers in Indonesia would drink kratom tea every morning to be more productive in the fields. Kratom is basically coffee but better....

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Unvaxxed, you are not getting away

>G20 leaders have just signed a declaration which states that vaccine passports will be adopted to “facilitate” all international travel >This means any vaccination the WHO determines you should have. Changing your rights & freedoms forever. >No word in the media, just when no one cares about Covid-19 anymore.. You unvaccinated thought you would just get away with it? Your are not going anywhere without a vaxpass soon. No travel, no stores, no supermarkets. Enjoy the famine.

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I got Covid and I’m just here to tell you you’re all full of...

I got Covid and I’m just here to tell you you’re all full of shit. This is 100x worse than any cold. KYS.

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Why are Slavs so weak and impotent? Southern Europeans have...

Why are Slavs so weak and impotent? Southern Europeans have given us the renaissance, science, democracy, law, the Roman empire and much more. Western Europeans have given us enlightenment, Napoleonic laws, countless inventions and literally the entire modern world. What have Slavs contributed?

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Guys, my cousin took 2 shots of the moderna last year and he told me today that his body hasn't felt the same since. He's been getting more sinus problems, coughing, random illness, and he just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes recently due to high blood pressure. This wasn't a problem for him before, and he was a smoker of weed for 10 years and cigs for about 3. Does anyone have any legit information/detox routines on how to clean the body out post vaccine? I want to be able to spread this to my other family members too, and hopefully with /sci/s collective autism you guys can do the same. Please guys, and please be cool with your responses. I'm gonna archive the thread with the collected information so he can read it tomorrow.

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Covid vaccine takers... why did you do it?

And do you at least regret it now?

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Elon doesn’t understand software engineering

Is Twitter going to last? Elon’s own engineering team keep going public about him not understanding basic software development concepts.

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Four-year-old Argentine vaccine poster boy, dies suddenly

Santino Blanco, the four-year-old boy who had been the face of Argentina’s national vaccination campaign has #diedsuddenly https://twitter.com/DiedSuddenly_/status/1591866271464923142 https://truthpress.com/news/poster-boy-for-vaccination-campaign-dies-suddenly-at-just-4-years-old/

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covid irl stories

what the craziest thing you saw IRL during covid era? people rushing to get stuff in grocery stores etc. any insanity

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You can unironically print your way to prosperity.

The economy can be turned around quickly and easily to high economic growth just by printing more money; however, only if done the right way. The right way to print money is to boost bank credit creation only for productive purposes; this is a sure and safe way to solve the economic downturn. The inflation we see now is not due to covid or war, it's due to central bank policy and massive credit creation and tax handouts specifically for consumptive purposes; if the policy changes for credit creation to only be directed at productive purposes, then the economy will boom with high growth and there will be little or no inflation.

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It's quite possible that all of humanity has had their immun...

It's quite possible that all of humanity has had their immune system depressed by COVID infection, and that our susceptibility to infection will increase as time goes on. There is a mechanism for this. It's called T Cell exhaustion. There is at least some reason to believe COVID infection is worse on T cells than other infections. There is a debate raging in the science community over this right now. The majority of scientists say it's not the case. So the majority are on your side. But there are people who are making the argument that COVID has wreaked permanent havoc on our immune systems as a species. And we are seeing things. We are seeing higher excess deaths (way higher). We are seeing higher levels of cancers and other diseases. We are seeing higher levels of infections. We are experiencing 2 years in a row now of brutal flu seasons. Long COVID clearly is a thing. I know what you'll see. "It's the vaccine". The spike proteins in the vaccines are the same spike proteins yo...

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The more harmful the vaccine, the more selfish you are for not taking it

Hard to argue with that

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the vaccines have been out for 2 years, why are the vaxxed s...

the vaccines have been out for 2 years, why are the vaxxed still alive?

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30+ Anons

Hey since last thread was super comfy lets post another. >Just turned 33 >Covid made me unemployed, obese, fiancee broke up with me >Got some money (<$100k) but its not enough to be FIRE >No girl gives me a second look >No friends but fine with it got use to it >Now starting to fully realise what it means to have no one give a shit about you or care about you because you're not rich, chad, or a pretty young girl. Life sucks and its been part of my condition for so long now that i am totally fine with it, since i never knew a life that wasnt mediocre suckery.

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What’s the skinny on impregnating vaccinated women? I’m a pu...

What’s the skinny on impregnating vaccinated women? I’m a pureblood but my gf is vaxxed. I really want to fuck a baby into her since I’m hitting 30 and I don’t feel like starting over with an unvaxxed woman (if they even exist at this point). I think the vaccine has been long enough that there should be some data on the effect it has on children born to vaccinated mothers.

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Meta-verse layoff

Lol dude, why do women feel the need to do this? I've always found it to be so bizarre how people accept videos like this to be genuine emotions, and not something staged for dramatic effect & attention. Just like those corona virus nurses..

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Vaccine Booser leads to 2,8% damaged hearts instead of expected 0,0035%

https://www.unibas.ch/de/Aktuell/News/Uni-Research/Voruebergehende-milde-Herzmuskelzellschaeden-nach-Booster-Impfung.html please use the translation feature of your browsers

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Why are leftwingers so militant about "trusting the science"...

Why are leftwingers so militant about "trusting the science" when there are so many examples throughout history of the science being wrong

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Suddenly not okay to reject vaxxed women?

>Guys, it's totally not fair to reject women because of their vaccination status. This is politicising a health issue. It's time for an amnesty! We were all in the dark. Except, if we go back even to last year, these "dating apps" made it into a thing, where you could add your vaccination status and women were proud to reject men when they thought it would score them social credit points. Seems the tables are turning? Also, which one of you Chadfished that poor girl?

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what if science proves that women are the smarter sex?

what if science proves that women are the smarter sex?

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>Deaths in the UK are now higher than ever before >Media tries to cover it up with muh cancer and muh colleteral pandemic damage >Large amount of people dropping dead every week Its happening and it will get worse https://youtu.be/p7iFUlSo-98

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We got too cocky flatbros...

btfo by black science man

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Flerthers btfo by based science man

Honestly, I'm not sure why Flat Earth was ever a thing. This makes too much sense. If the Earth was a coin, we should see it reflected a shadow like a coin upon the moon.

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Explain this one bros

>People smoke less than ever now >Mouth cancer skyrockets >Lung cancer skyrockets >only a small minority of smokers getting lung cancer at all So what is causing these cancers to explode? If the answer is for mouth cancer is indeed HPV I find that extremely suspect considering it’s exploding after they forced the HPV vaccines on everyone.

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Where the hell did people go? Every business is hiring, the...

Where the hell did people go? Every business is hiring, the supply chain is still busted years later, I can’t find applicants for positions, every company I work with are complaining about being short staffed. It feels as if 20% of the labor market evaporated since Covid, yet very few of the people I know have Covid deaths in their circles…so what gives? You can’t just drop out of the labor market in a downturn like this.

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Do antivaxxers actually consider themselves 'heroes' now? Li...

Do antivaxxers actually consider themselves 'heroes' now? Like I get you're happy you guess right about the covid stuff, but you literally made life hell for like 2 years dragging your feet for the rest of us.

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CONFIRMED: COVID doesn't cause myocarditis. Vaxxies on copiu...

CONFIRMED: COVID doesn't cause myocarditis. Vaxxies on copium life support https://youtu.be/RMMA9bwDklQ

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Are pediatric vaccines safe?

My wife and I declined the COVID clot shot, and we have started refusing the annual flu shot as well. We had our first child 3 months ago, a beautiful baby girl. We refused the Hepatitis B vaccine and Vitamin K shots at birth. We also refused 5 shots she was supposed to receive at 2 months, and we are planning on refusing every single vaccine for her going forward. She has never been injected with any substance in her life actually. Is this based or are we making a mistake? My wife and I receiver the pediatric shots when we were kids, but I just don’t trust the government and pharma anymore, idk…

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I bought the horse paste.

Durvet Duramectin Paste 1.87%. Now what? Can't find any human instructions anywhere. Is this a good idea? I feel like an AIDS victim already so I guess it can't make things much worse...

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RIP vaxxies

>Inside a droplet of vaccine are strange mechanical structures. They seem motionless at first but when Nixon used time-lapse photography to condense 48 hours of footage into two minutes, it showed what appear to be mechanical arms assembling and disassembling glowing rectangular structures that look like circuitry and micro chips. These are not ‘manufactured products’ in the CDC’s words because they construct and deconstruct themselves but the formation of the crystals seems to be stimulated by electromagnetic radiation and stops when the slide with the vaccine is shielded by a Faraday bag. It looks like /sci/ was right again! https://www.spectator.com.au/2022/11/wots-in-the-shots/

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Which vaccines/shots are safe to take? I’m in the US Army (z...

Which vaccines/shots are safe to take? I’m in the US Army (zogbot I know) and I was able to successfully fight off the COVID shot until the mandate got lifted but now they’re making me get a flu shot which I don’t trust either. Which shots are actually safe to take? Are flu shots also kiked in 2022?

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>covid isn't ser- Long covid is knocking employees out of t...

>covid isn't ser- Long covid is knocking employees out of the work force and hampering the productivity of those who stay.

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>never vaxxed >never took the PCR test >never got COVID am i...

>never vaxxed >never took the PCR test >never got COVID am i the only one?

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Not looking good vaxx bros

Had to call 911 for my neighbor today >be me >almost home >see neighbor trudging to my house Howdy neighbor “Can I use your grandmas BP machine anon” Ya sure I’ll bring it over >her BP is 163/121 Calls her daughter Try’s calling 911 “Is it 991? Anon?” Realize she’s incoherent and shaking Grab her phone call 911 >paramedics show up >see one go outside alone >ask him “are u seeing this a lot ? W vaccines?” Huh? Oh ya a lot of these lately.. especially w kids as well… The look on his face bros… total hopelessness. Imagine having to wake up everyday and deal w this shit and not being able to do anything about it Inb4 no refunds Our friends family members and neighbors were coerced into taking a death shot and no one seems to notice no one seems too care. This is the true black pill we are all sheep just waiting for our turn to be slaughtered. Yikes lol anywho back to mw2 bros...

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Is this guy right? Long Covid going to completely obliterate...

Is this guy right? Long Covid going to completely obliterate the workforce in less than a decade? They're zero Covid policy makes more sense now. Maybe it's time we started to take the pandemic seriously or we will all be speaking Mandarin in the near future.

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How come software used to look and behave great and now it's...

How come software used to look and behave great and now it's all shitty and junkie? Is it because of diversity hires?

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The Covid vaccine might give mild myocarditis that will heal on its ow…

ACK! We these fucks ever pay for murdering millions of people by forcing them to take the clot shot? >t. Uncut, not vaxxed, never been tested. Pureblood

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MD. ama

2 years since we started vaccinations literally no serious side effects (some femoids have irreguar menstruations), no massive blod clots etc, and our ICUs have been back to normal since vaccination was beyond 60% you are all a bunch of morons ngl also ama if you want, MD resident here

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Tiktok and smartphones are destroying humanity.

They are shortening the attention spans of everybody, making everyone more irritable, more dopamine-seeking and less likely to pick up a productive activity or hobby. This is bad for the overall development of human civilization. People are SUPPOSED to be bored. People have been bored for most of human existence. It is a good thing because a bored mind is one that starts thinking creatively, thinks of new ways to do things and these are what eventually lead to progress. We don't get bored anymore. Every person has a dopamine-releasing tracking device on them at all times. If they're not watching tiktok mindmelt, they are blasting their ears with music. If they're not doing that, they're instant-messaging everyone they know on their discord. People even just open their phone and mindlessly flip through their apps so that they don't allow themselves to feel bored. We NEED to regulate this shit before we all become low-IQ dopamine seeking zombies. Picrel is Charli D'Amelio...

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98% of the women took the vaccine

And not only they shed the spike on their babies and on us, but also DROPING like flies..jews single handedly fucked mankind. >18-year-old Victoria Moody died this died Sunday evening..was perfectly healthy until Sunday evening according to her sister https://www.myarklamiss.com/news/arkansas-news/family-and-friends-mourn-sudden-death-of-north-little-rock-high-school-cheerleader/

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VAXXIES are dropping dead

at the speed of science https://www.nme.com/news/music/legendary-house-producer-mighty-mouse-dies-suddenly-3336618

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Only Unvaccinated People Will Die From Covid

https://twitter.com/townhallcom/status/1584973149053267973 How the fuck can they even say this at this point? Is the world so fucked that they just accept it now? That they shouldnt have this fuck hanging from a lamp post with the rest of the liars?

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WARNING TO ALL VAXX MAXXED It has started. The vaxx is now...

WARNING TO ALL VAXX MAXXED It has started. The vaxx is now in full swing, many stories like this are becoming more common each day. Will the vaxxtards finally admit they were wrong? My guess is no, they will deny it until the day their heart stops and they fall down dead like a sack of potatoes. This was the greatest execution of the depopulation plan, turn those who are skeptical into science deniers and idiots. Those of you who resisted, I congratulate you. This world will soon be ours, and with the vaxx MAXXED gone we can start fresh. God speed vaxxos. You will need it.

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Do you personally know anyone that got injured by the vaccin...

Do you personally know anyone that got injured by the vaccines?

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for the love of god, do not take the vaccine

The past 3 days have been pure misery. A living hell with all the side-effects I have endured. Worse than any holohoax victim every claimed they experience. Have completely lost my sense of taste. Have not slept for more than 30 minutes. Body aches and soreness everywhere. The second shot has completely ruined my body.

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Ex Head of Pfizer - "Hundreds of millions of people will die"

Mike Yeadon says that there is no turning back now. The vaccine WILL cause a mass depopulation event. Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD - designer of the Covid-19 vaccine, and former chief scientist for immunology for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says: there is no way to reverse the situation, but we must try a new NK cell-based vaccine technology to save as many as possible. Why is /sci/ kind of lethargic about this? Have you actually digested that mass extinction is the most likely outcome?

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Screenshot this - "two more weeks, two more jabs" fags are right

It doesn't matter if you don't believe me, just screencap this post and sage the thread or just move on, so that we can say /sci/ predicted another terrible thing. I'm not going to dox myself, but this will most likely come out in a month or two, watch for it in the news or the CDC guidelines: I'm a scientist anon associated with a certain state. A group of healthcare employees have gotten the Pfizer vaccine. They were just issued a directive today that six months from the date of their first vaccination, they are to make another appointment and return for a booster, shot #3. No explanation as to why, but I have a feeling the official explanation will be either "efficacy wears off" or "new variants" - this is bullshit; there is no known vaccine that will wear off within six months of a booster dose, especially something as immunogenic as Spike. Not that we haven't already predicted this, but this is the first "official" requirement for a third dose I have heard a...

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I used to scoff at all the COVID hype and wasn't worried about it at all since I'm fit and have a good diet and a healthy immune system...but then I heard about this DOUBLE MUTANT STRAIN and now I'm terrified. I'm going to accept Bill Gates' needle proboscis and injection into my body ASAP, bros.

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Covid vaccine

If you haven't gotten your vaccine yet you are a massive pussy.

popularity: 94


Reminder that forging a vaccine card is a federal crime. Enjoy your time in federal prison, shitheads. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/fbi-warns-against-fake-coronavirus-vaccination-cards-being-sold-online/2567947/ >"If you did not receive the vaccine, do not buy fake vaccine cards, do not make your own vaccine cards, and do not fill-in blank vaccination record cards with false information," the warning from the FBI said. "By misrepresenting yourself as vaccinated when entering schools, mass transit, workplaces, gyms, or places of worship, you put yourself and others around you at risk of contracting COVID-19."

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MRNA vax mass death coming, or Q-type hoax?

Jim Stone, following Alex Jones, suggests MRNA vaccines have already begun the unstoppable time-delay murder of tens of millions of people who have received the vaccine Possibly true? Or is this a kind of 'Q' extreme prognosis, put out via Israel-shielding Alex Jones, to discredit covid sceptics / vaccine sceptics when the forecast of tens of millions visibly dead by 2022, doesn't happen? Stone: "MRNA vaxxes program body to produce spike protein identical to prion that causes Crutzfeld Jacobs 'Mad Cow disease'. Once you get the shot, you're a goner No symptoms for six months or so, and then BOOM, your brain is GONE. Lately in media reports, they are already starting to report mysterious and un-traceable pockets of mad cow disease popping up in people. They probably wiped out half of white America in one whack. If the vaxxes cause mad cow, it is already a done deal. There's no going back, it is over. Alex Jones got ahold of the elite documents that lay it all out."...

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Friendly reminder that half of you are marked for hell

You took the mark of the beast you stupid, stupid fools. Enjoy tribulation. I'll pray for your souls but it's prophesy. I'm not sure it'll help. This is backed up by the covid passports. Never once in mine or my grandfathers lives has something been rolled out so vastly, so quickly, to the ENTIRE world, on the back of a hoax. Lord have mercy on your soul. "17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six."

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Just get the vaccine you whiny dipshits.

Just get the vaccine you whiny dipshits.

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Covid Passport

Is this actually gonna happen?

popularity: 100

Is the vaccine safe?

Hello /sci/, My sister and I are getting the Pfizer vaccine in a few days since it’s required for our work. Give it to me straight. Is the jab safe? No conspiracy crap, no schizo bullshit, no Reddit “le trust the science” cringe. I just want the honest truth. I’m worried about the mRNA shit bc it’s new. Also will it fuck with fertility? For men or women.

popularity: 98

I took the vaccine, sci

I got the j&j single shot. Signed up at the Walgreens website . Drove about an hour from shitcago area. My arm hurt for about 2 hours then went away. About 10 hours after, I have a really bad fever, chills, shivers, weakness. Trying to sleep but it's fucked

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Going to get the J&J vaccine tomorrow, what am I in for? It...

Going to get the J&J vaccine tomorrow, what am I in for? It seems the least mega kiked

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SARS-COV-2 vaccine doesn't cause prion disease.

God damn you schizos are retarded.

popularity: 90


How do we get the message out? How do we let people know the vaccines are dangerous?

popularity: 97

>370 million shots administered >/sci/ says vaccine is deadl...

>370 million shots administered >/sci/ says vaccine is deadly >posts infographics that allege a few dozen deaths here and there. Where are the millions of dead bodies piling up if the vaccine is dangerous?

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>So when are you getting the COVID vaccine, anon?

>So when are you getting the COVID vaccine, anon?

popularity: 112


Calgary police attempted to illegally shut down a pastor's church for violating covid measures. Chad pastor has none of it and tells them to get the fuck out and they actually do. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1378511944408252423

popularity: 72

ITS OVER! COVID-19 causes prion disease

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSuq01VIEns&ab_channel=KevinW.McCairnPh.D. >COVID-19 very likely manufactured >Prion-like domains allowed the spike protein greater affinity for ACE2 receptors >Viral spike induces protein folding to create prions via mRNA >Prions self-replicate and overload the CNS in 5-10 years, similar to amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's >Once symptomatic, prion diseases have a 100% mortality rate Is this game over for humanity? I hope you all have been wearing your masks, though all it takes it one cough. Prion outbreak https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/312570132/#312570132 Prion disease amongs vaxxed leafs https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/312843464/#312843464 mRNA vaccine prions https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/309770995/#309770995...

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Isn’t the vaccine supposed to stop you from getting covid?

Isn’t the vaccine supposed to stop you from getting covid?

popularity: 82

How bad will this summer be?

Can you feel it, /sci/? Can you feel the absolute insanity coming around corner? >summer rapidly approaching >lockdown fatigue hitting a new high >government pushing for Covid passports >Biden to enact executive orders on gun legislation >the Chauvin trial verdict >the ensuing riots that will eclipse last summer's >economic ramifications of printing trillions of dollars and shutting down businesses across the country will slowly start taking effect I feel like the ride is about to go off the rails soon. How bad do you all think the summer will be compared to last year?

popularity: 65

Get your Fauci Ouchie!

Do you really want to choke to death on your lung goo? Take the Vaccine and let's go back to Normal!

popularity: 77


https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14540027/boris-johnson-ditches-vaccine-passport-pubs/ >BORIS Johnson has ditched plans to force customers to show a vaccine passport every time they go into a pub. >In a major boost for the hospitality trade, the PM will exempt bars and restaurants from new Covid safety rules. >Only those attending mass gatherings, such as festivals or major sports events, will be required to provide proof of a jab, test or natural immunity. >Landlords, who can reopen outdoors-only a week tomorrow in England, will soon be free to admit anyone who follows existing guidelines on social distancing and mask-wearing. >Boris’s change of heart came after an angry backlash from 72 MPs who branded the idea “divisive and discriminatory”. But he will tomorrow announce his determination to press ahead with a “vaccine certification” system for larger venues from next month. >NHS chiefs are developing a new app members of the public will have to show to gain access to sports...

popularity: 91

Things that /sci/ could be accomplishing without spending 99...

Things that /sci/ could be accomplishing without spending 99% of its time on race and the Jewish bogeyman: Opposing pornography Opposing big pharma Supporting natural ways of self-improvement like diet and exercise Silversqueeze Opposing the vaccine Opposing the Great Reset Advocating for sound money Opposing degenerate culture Supporting traditional European culture Promoting liberty Opposing mass immigration and supporting RATIONAL ways to deal with the immigration problem rather than "le LET'S EXTERMINATE ALL LE INFERIOR BLACKS" nonsense You're all just brainwashed pawns for Eglin AFB living in a hellish echo chamber of your own creation Blaming a little group of people for all your problems instead of taking responsibility for your own actions Treating your fellow men as machines rather than individuals and subhumanizing people for things which they can't control Failing to identify the REAL problems in the world You're slaves You're tools You're just being abused...

popularity: 74

Hahaha, do people see the latest spin on the corona thing?

Vaccinations are now said to NOT change the lockdowns at all and you still shouldn’t even meet family and friends even once vaccinated.

popularity: 129

You're going to get the vaccine, right?

You're going to get the vaccine, right?

popularity: 112

100,000,000 have had at least one dose. Over half the countr...

100,000,000 have had at least one dose. Over half the country will have had their first dose within a month. People who think the vax is secretly deadly, care to make any predictions about mass deaths or how society will collapse due to side effects from the vaccine?

popularity: 72


>That's why I let them Vacc me while I'm pregnant https://youtu.be/zi5jbCsliUA?t=100

popularity: 119

My job is requiring me to get vaccinated

Just received an email from my boss today telling everyone that we need to be fully vaccinated by June because we're going to be back in the offices at the end of June. He sent out vaccine availability schedules and there are a lot of openings at this point. Wtf, how is this shit legal? Can I sue my company? If I do I'll just look like a crazy conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer... but what the fuck, this isn't even a vaccine, it's not even approved by the FDA. It was rushed for emergency use for the most at risk populations... now EVERYONE has to take it?? I have nowhere to ask about what to do, I'll just get banned of reddit if I mention not wanting the vaccine. Is there some kind of way I can refuse the vaccine while still keeping my job??

popularity: 101

Fl. Gov. Desantis signs Executive Order banning vaccine passports


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The Vaccine

>Good news, Anon — I just got my vaccine today! When will you be getting yours? You...are getting the vaccine, right? What’s the correct move here, /sci/?

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CNN Slips, reveals lockdowns are being used as coercion

>We have to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life >And the window to do that is really narrowing. You were mentioning how all these states are re-opening. They're re-opening at 100%. And we have a very narrow window to tie re-opening policy to vaccination status. Because otherwise if everything is re-opened, what's the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to get the vaccine? >So that's why I think the CDC and the Biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say "if you're vaccinated, you can do all these things! Here are all these freedoms that you have!" Because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. https://twitter.com/00RedBoar/status/1377726129373593612

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Will you be getting the vaccine? A lot of people are.

Will you be getting the vaccine? A lot of people are.

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>covid test inserts worm in your brain >every test shows a w...

>covid test inserts worm in your brain >every test shows a wiggling parasite under a microscope what the fuck is going on with these

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You WILL take the vaccine.

You WILL take the vaccine.

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CDC: COVID Vaccinated Individuals Can't Spread Virus

It's over, /sci/. Take the vaccine. >https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/03/cdc-data-suggests-vaccinated-dont-carry-cant-spread-virus.html

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Be honest

How many of you smooth brains have already fucked yourselves by getting the vaccine? https://en-volve.com/2021/03/29/former-pfizer-vp-sounds-alarm-covid-19-vaccine-is-madness-that-will-be-used-for-massive-scale-depopulation/

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J&J Vaccine Causes Skin to Peel Off

Wtf https://www.wkrn.com/news/virginia-man-suffers-rare-severe-reaction-to-covid-19-vaccine/

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You weren't thinking of buying a FAKE VACCINATION CARD, were you Anon?

You could get in HOT WATER. https://archive.is/WgGh0

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Why are trust levels with the vaccinations so low?

Why are trust levels with the vaccinations so low?

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Just take the vaccine. Its safe they said

Ohh..sorry about the liability waiver...you know these things happen sometimes

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Why aren't you using Linux, /sci/?

>inb4 jannies say it's not political Linux is political and is an alternative to big tech

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How do we force-vaccinate people?

Pic related makes sense, but we need to MAKE people get vaccinated by any means possible. How do we accomplish this?

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Who are the real fascists?

The far-left is going to mandate vaccine passports. Sorry, sir, you aren't allowed to shop in this food market without showing us your vaccine passport. Sorry, sir, you aren't allowed in this restaurant without showing us your vaccine passport. Sorry, sir, you aren't allowed to buy gasoline at this station without showing us your vaccine passport. Sorry, sir, you aren't allowed in this cab, bus, train or plane without showing us your vaccine passport. Papers, please.

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>Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday vowed to take executive action to stop the use of so-called COVID-19 “vaccine passports” in the state >“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society,” he said.