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Top German lawyer known for corruption trials against Deutche Bank and VW and now a member of German Corona Investigative Committee says those responsible for the COVID fraud scandal should be trialed for probably the Agreatest crime against humanity in history.

https://youtu.be/kr04gHbP5MQ [Open]

Rainer Fill Me
His last name literally says "fill me".
Executions are needed
Mask fags included
They’ll prolly target trump to try and liken him to hitler just wait

Predicable fags
What’s the tl;dr on this? I’m not watching 50 min of this.
Start calling it the HoloCaugh and we might have something to run with. Otherwise normie brains can't grasp whats happened to them.
has any anon saved this,
or is it uploaded to n alternate site?
bump this is important
>greatest crime against humanity in history
oy vey, how could you forget 12 million?
I don't understand why more people are not responding to this
it as if they have completely submitted to the propaganda
Fuck this (((plandemic)))
The holocoof, the greatest crime against humanity in history. This deserves a bump.
Fucking based.
Any germanons have any predictions on how this will play out?
>49 minutes
fuck off jogger
Bump. The good guys always lose but I always give a bump anyway.
Plandemic II: This Junkie Shit Again
But muh masks
But muh social distancing
But muh lockdown
But muh vaccine
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But muh cases
Anti Corona measures camp in germany is a bunch of retarded esoterics, christcucks, homeopathy guzzling boomer retards, there is nothing based about them. They are the lowest IQ retards on the planet
Better hope those weights don’t fall on your neck at the gym bro.
Start with the WHO. Liars from the very beginning.
This is why I keep coming back to this shithole. Thanks for post anon.
i have strong reasons to dislike germbots, one main would be their rullling class and substantial number of tarded population them being a wannabe roman kang keiser rule the world shit and consequently fucking up everything by their chimps out.
and many other strong reasons.

having said that! and proved i dislike germanoids!

the only country in western europe, where large amount of people and large amount of professionals stood up for the truth and called out this controlla convid-1984 scamdemic were...Germans.
big plus for them, as a nation of people they have gained massive reputation points in the eyes of many.

unlike these fucking anglocelt/anglicized vermin bendover backstabbing two faced lying machiavelian cunts. my fate being stuck among them is a cruel one indeed.
Yea sure woopy they'll all be hauled into international court to face justice any day now totally bro some literally who said so on youtube.

Grow up. No one will face justice and you'll all bend to their whims to avoid social discomfort. Its literally and unequivocally fucking over. NWO won.
A short summary for someone who doesn't have wifi until the weekend, please.
You'll have more chance of russians paying reparations to germany for the genocidal rape at the end of WW2 than getting any political system in the world to accept that politicians and rich people should be held accountable for their actions.



I will pay tickets and fly international to sports arena to see the guilty executed before a live audience.
I've seen this thread pop up 15 times and no one has given it a quick rundown. Is it just shills
So I watched it and can safely say that he is informed on every medical aspect there is to know and mentioned by the dozen of very renowned scientists.
Looking forward to how this turns out.
He is very renowned for a few large trials in corruption and scandals and he mentions proven conspiracy theories about the last epidemics and how the same actors are still in the positions to act and try again, not even once.
Much like almost everywhere else.
wait until you find out who planned ww2 and why...
This class action is a guaranteed failure.
The lawyer gets the basics of accountability wrong.
These tests are not per se validated for clinical testing, which means that the labs have to do an internal validation and with that, all responsibility for the test accuracy lies with them. Not the WHO, not the RKI, not Frosten, but with the hundreds of labs that do the testing.
It's not like VW, where the manufacturer takes responsibility for the product, but more like selling a bike in parts. The person who assembles it takes responsibility that it's done right. Which may be the bike shop, not the manufacturer or inventor.
This class action is a waste of time and money. 100% failure.
The bump that saved the world.
>Top German lawyer
>COVID fraud scandal should be trialed for probably the Agreatest crime against humanity in history.
>not the holohaux
Is this guy looking to go to jail?
Can someone help me with a piece of the puzzle I don't get. What was up with the crazy ass videos from China before covid spread to the rest of the world? Were they all staged to get the world to panic?
Bump. The virus is largely a commie/totalitarian political tool.
Bump. This is big. Youtube suppressing it algorithmically but it's still going viral organically. Sent it to my mom and she sent it to all of her boomer friends/relatives. MSM will ignore it as long as possible but it's inevitable unless he gets suicided and wiped from the internet.
>hour long video
Based lawyer
>Fill me up
There is no fraud, its a bioweapon leaked by china. You idiots and pretending it doesnt exist or thinking its even remotely similar to the flu is a whole new level of stupid.
Banned for stating I saged this post.