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>Trump down by 16 points, 4x the amount he was with Hillary in 2016
>Trump gets covid, visibly gasping for air, proves that he was wrong to downplay virus
>Economy in shambles, would have crashed regardless of the virus or not
I hate to say it MAGAbros but it looks like trump is finished... We might as well just not vote.
At least the good news here is that once Trump is out of the picture, Dems can start going full woke and we get a bigger, stronger coalition next time.
i'm ridin with biden
He literally walked out of Walter Reed as a 70+ year old man. This is nothing but a cliche virus
FDR won in 1944 53-46
LBJ won in 1964 61-39
Nixon won in 1972 61-38
Reagan won 1984 59-41

All incumbents.

Biden is none of those. Trump’s approval ratings would have to be in the single digits for this poll to be close to accurate.
Also the last two times an incumbent lost it was a three way race.
1980 Reagan (51%) Carter (41%) Anderson (7%)
1992 Clinton (43%) Bush I (37%) Perot(19%)

Before that Carter beat Ford 50-48
the media is covering up trump's passing away from covid.
biden is running against a hologram.
Why so eager to depress turnout ? Is it that nobody is actually returning their ballots for Sleepy Joe?z
According to the ((media)) and the (((polls)))
Biden doesn’t even have 100% support from Dems where as Trump has the highest approval from republicans of any candidate since the dawn of the GOP.
It’s mathematically impossible for Trump to be down 16 Pts
your demoralization tactics are pretty shitty you homo faggot
trump catching the virus gives him the perfect opportunity to do exactly what he used to say before and shut up all the "he's talking tough because he didn't catch it" retards
your assholes are going to be so blown out even your dragon dildos will seem like toothpicks
You faggots never learn from history. Or you are just too dumb or too ignorant to do so. This is why communism always fails.
I am pretty sure you have no idea of what I am talking about. And I am not even surprised.
Still voting Trump
Still Trumping vote.
Its funny to see the massive difference between controlled polls and the raw data presented in google trends.
>We might as well just not vote
And there it is.

Honest question, do you EVER get tired of being BTFO? Like, your (((masters))) have been running some variant of this shill line since 20-fucking-15 to literally zero avail. We saw through it on day 1, and we see through it now. Not a single person has been affected to carry our your (((agenda))), and none ever will.

It's the textbook definition of insanity. You're doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and expecting different results.
Wrong rabbi, Trump is down 6m million points.
cringe to have to buy enthusiasm

Yes. And it was over on this date in 2016.
>4x the amount he was with Hillary in 2016
cool fantasy libtard retard

funny how you try so hard and we clearly see you just imagined some more bullshit

Trump will win in a landslide.
Fuck off, demoralization shill
All the faggot lefty joggers have become trapped in digital hell called sci your in here now forever get used to it
Clearly the shills are concerned about the ass pounding their facing November or threads like this wouldn't be necessary.
ShariaBlue hard at work. Hope the shekels are worth it.
>Trump down by 16 points
Uh oh that sounds pretty bad let me go check that poll and see what it's about
oh OK nevermind
mail in vote fraud smokescreen article # 837458934585340583409850348509345803458034958039485032157-25-A
> hate to say it MAGAbros but it looks like trump is finished... We might as well just not vote

thanks for the input fellow millipede. swear you guys used to be so much better at this.
>we might as well just not vote
You must be an actual retard if you think this will work on a single person. STILL VOTING TRUMP
Trump will win re-election in a landslide,
>We might as well just not vote.
Not very subtle Joe
They have to make outlandish poll numbers for when they try to steal the election. Trump will be up 5 - 10% in election day then 10% - 16% more votes will be found.

Stock up on ammo lads its going to be a bumpy few months.
I was always going to vote for Biden, it's not like any of that changed my mind
Ok Joe Biden sleeper agent
Maybe you’re right fellow megapede, but

Still. Voting. Trump
Is it all one big joke? The convenient timing to catch it just seems fake
If its over I guess theres no harm in voting for him is there?
if it is over than why has the shilling increased so much?
Still a decent chance trump has serious lasting affects from this. Still a decent chance he dies from it.
i think your right op. i will most likely just sit this one out
>We might as well just not vote.
nice try onions boy
Sounds like Democrats can just stay home Nov. 3rd since Joe's got it in the bag.
The shills are terrified.
Ok moshe
>Trump gaining in polls, twice more voters registered republicans than democrats in key swing states
>Trump gets covid, sympathy vote skyrockets, humanizing Trump while showing that he's willing to lead from the front and do what he tells people: take a calculated risk going back out there to work
>Economy in a really tight V
pls rember MAGAbros, wen u feel scare or frighten, never forget 11/9

wen day is dark, always member happy day
Shills are pretty screechy today. Wonder why.

Still voting Trump.
hope it's incredibly blackpilling to MIGAtards when their greatest champion is summarily defeated by a Chinese owned puppet with dementia
Wow. As a former Trump support I am deeply ashamed. Now, there is no way that I can vote for Trump.
Can someone explain all this appeal to health/bad health in burgerland during election time? Do people actually believe anyone votes based on that?
>hm, I agree with Biden more, but he seems old and unhealthy, guess I go with Trump. Our president must be ready for an unforeseen boxing match with the leaders of the world after all
Guess I'll have to vote by mail and in person
Oooo Noooo it's OVER AGAIN. Man, what ever are we going to do.

soros really went all out this year. kys poor fag shill OP