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Sweden is the new Middle east. LITERALLY

Sweden is the new Middle east.


and nothing will be done
Don't you fucking dare send them in our directio
>Sweden is the new Middle east.



Page 75

>In 1931, Berlin surely was the artistic capital of Europe, full of brilliant theaters, cabarets, avant-garde art shows, trail-blazing films, experiments of all kinds. The Kurfurstendamm, the famous tree-lined boulevard, a pretentious imitation of the Avenue des Champs Elysees, was filled with characters dreamed up by de Sade, Havelock Ellis, Sacher-Masoch, Krafft-Ebing, and Sigmund Freud. There were men dressed as women, women dressed as men or little school-girls, women in boots with whips (boots and whips in different colors, shapes, and sizes, promising different passive or active divertissements). I saw legless veterans on crutches, culs-de-jatte 7
armless or blind veterans wearing iron crosses, and the hungry unshaven unemployed, all of them begging. I saw pimps offering anything to anybody, little boys, little girls, robust young men, libidinous women, or (I suppose) animals. (The story went around that a male goose of which one cut the neck at the ecstatic moment would give you the most delicious, economical, and time- saving frisson of all, as it allowed you to enjoy sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia, and sadism at one stroke. Gastronomy, too, as one could eat the goose afterward.)

Sweden is heaven for immigrants

When they come here and see our women, imagine it must be like heaven for them.

Now can I come and get my Swedish wife to impregnate with 11 children?
This guy couldn't pass in Southern Europe. His nose is too large and angling downwards, he has Refugee-shaped nostrils, and his forehead is too short and too angled.
a traitor sleeping with semites