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Sweden: Ethiopian skittle convicted of rape of 9-year-old girl cannot be punished

>On Wednesday, the Skellefteå district court convicted the 15-year-old Ethiopian skittle Abushi Kamal of both attempted murder and aggravated rape of a child, after he assaulted the 9-year-old girl in July.

>The girl had to be placed in a coma for three weeks and has suffered permanent brain damage.

>Due to Abushi's young age, he cannot be deported despite being convicted of both crimes. He also cannot receive any prison sentence, as he is under 18 years of age.



For swedish people racism is the worst crime possible so according to their logic it makes sense. Black and middle eastern are gods in Sweden they will inevitable replace them and I think they deserve to be replaced.
Kill this jogger, swedebros
>10 year sentence
>for killing a jogger
>in sweden
you mean life sentence right?

Sweden wtf

Some kid got blacked and they’re giving the rapist a residence permit

I have a daughter.
Id put 100k on the table for the jogger life and his relatives.
If it couldnt be done still id forfeit my life right there and then, go after them.

I wouldnt even show up in court.
Id even plead for his innocence to spit on the justice system.
>raping a young swedish girl
i always thought that was part of the citizenship test
Yall need lynchings