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So apart from all the typicall /se/ cliches, what is life real...

So apart from all the typicall /se/ cliches, what is life really like in Sweden?

Had a Swedish gf who was an 11/10 in my native bonghome—literal queue of flies lining up to hit on her the second I‘d step away from the general vicinity of her punani.

Went to Sweden for a couple of months to visit her.

Her mother who hosted me at the time was a fucking 20/10 absolute MILF goddess, and all her friends were absolutely effin’ gorgeous. And they were all bar none genuinely super kind and nice to me, I’ve never felt so welcomed.

It’s too easy to see how someone could take advantage of this level of hospitality and respect for strangers/foreigners. You could basically do whatever the fuck you want and nobody would check you, just stare.

Would move there but found it way too cold and population too sparse.

It changed my mind about the UK’s first world status. UK looks like fucking India or Brazil when compared to Sweden. Everything now looks dirty/badly executed and everyone is ugly to me.
I want a swedish girl so bad. I'll date a young enough girl hopefully she hasn't been around with too many guys.... i guess I'll find out.

White europeans aren't stupid, just tell them the truth, tell the women a traditional life is what they want, give them redpills, cause no one told them. GOD is punishing them because of whores and atheism. They have to change....

MAYBE Sverige woke up

>October 05, 2020
Sweden, a country with one of the most liberal asylum policies in the world, is drastically changing its attitude towards migrants.

Although the country will provide material aid to Greece, it has decided not to accept any skittles from the burned Moria camp or other Greek islands, unlike Germany, which has agreed to take in 1,500. Sweden has thus joined Austria and the Visegrád Four countries of Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia, which refuse to accept migrants from the camp, writes Czech news portal Novinky.

It is not clear whether the change of course in asylum policy concerns only the problem of relocating the 12,500 people from the destroyed Greek Moria camp, or whether Sweden is changing its approach to migration in general. The fact is, however, that the topic of migration dominated the 2018 Swedish elections, and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is now under pressure. As Swedish media points out, his minority government coalition with the Green Party is the weakest in 70 years.

In 2015, Sweden recorded over 160,000 asylum applications, which was the highest number per capita in Europe. Sweden, along with Germany, was one of the most sought-after destinations for skittles. At the time, the country was proud of its liberal approach.

"My Europe does not build walls," said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at the time.

Most of the relevant European countries have far passed the tipping point though. Young, fighting age whites are most likely a minority in a lot of the countries here. They're certainly in Germany.
If a massive scale civil war was to break out, we'd seriously have to come up with some ideas to make up for the lacking numbers.
Not to mention, at least half or the brain washed normie white cucks will not only refuse to stand up for their own motherfucking people, but will rather backstab and rat out anyone who makes serious efforts to take the country back.
It's bleak, anons. I really have no idea how this is gonna end at this point.
Too late. Demographically they are finished and apart massive deportations back to Africa (will never happen) there is no peaceful solution
Too little, too late. Time to build a Norwegian wall. Finland, well, I'm sad to say it's probably too late for you too. You have the same cancer, it's just at an earlier stage.