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Sweden is the ONLY sensible country

Life is going on as bevore as they build up herd immunity while protecting the elderly and chronic sick.

The economy is doing well, shops are open, restsurants, factories, everything,

Reminder that lockdown is a cliche policy and does jack shit except for recking your economy a bit more.
Sweden will quarantine in a couple of weeks max. Singapore already did.
>while protecting the elderly and chronic sick
>"Ooops, we accidentally all the elderly and chronics"
>"Oh well, that just means we have more room for more vibrant NEW SWEDES!"
This was their plan from the start. Get rid of the old and infirm, get more niggers.

You hate us cuz you ain’t us All you pathethic shits wish yo...

You hate us cuz you ain’t us
All you pathethic shits wish you were swedish. That’s why you make so many threads about sweden

Nobody wants to be a Swede fag the only good thing that came out of that cuck nation is SWEDISH FISH
I love Sweden. Shame about its politics, otherwise the food, culture and most of all scenery are awesome. I think that's why its such a hot-topic for us.
Literally built for BBC.