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SWEDEN: Two teenage boys raped and tortured with knife before being buried alive in cemetery

>The boys were abducted when they refused to buy drugs from two men, and they were taken to a cemetery near Stockholm, Sweden, where they were ordered to take off their clothes and climb into a pit amongst headstones
>The perpetrators were Iranian and Tunisian migrants


Fuck white people. Weak pussies that deserve it.
>be kike
>make 20 different threads about the same sweden™ article
>/se/ thinks it is 20 different occurances because most posters have jogger tier iq and don't actually read the article
>99% of the time the victim is a far left citycuck or another sandnog, nothing of value was lost
>amerimutts post sweden yes cliches while joggers are burning down their country and mexicans pour in en masse
>european flags with 2% lower refugee population than sweden think they live in an aryan ethnostate and do the same
Many such cases.

the absolute state of sweden

can sweden even be saved at this point? all political parties are uber cucks and so is our so called "nationalist" party who cucks at any opportunity they can

in sweden it is illegal to be a White person
Nope, you're fucked, just like Scotland.