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/HAPPENING/ Magnetic reversal is imminent! Thousands of pi...


Magnetic reversal is imminent!

Thousands of pigeons across Europe loses ability to navigate due to unknown atmospheric conditions.

” Something must have happened in the atmosphere, but we do not know what, says Adnan Zuberovic, chairman of the Swedish Pigeon Federation to Helsingborgs Dagblad”


Quick, let's raise taxes on everybody so we can stop the natural order!
It's real, a pigeon just flew over my house.

A 7th grade class in Sweden. Refugee men are coming over as "r...

A 7th grade class in Sweden.

Refugee men are coming over as "skittles" with zero documentation and declaring themselves as teenagers to enroll in school and fuck young preteen swedish girls.

Truly peak clown world.

sounds fucking based to me
That's a grown Asian man. He should be embarrassed.
That has to be a joke right?
Nobody in a high paying positition can be this retarded r-right? hehehe never seen anything like that b-before heh, incompetent female managers and leftie faggot immigration officers are not r-real g-guys are they?