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So apart from all the typicall /se/ cliches, what is life real...

So apart from all the typicall /se/ cliches, what is life really like in Sweden?

I want a swedish girl so bad. I'll date a young enough girl hopefully she hasn't been around with too many guys.... i guess I'll find out.

White europeans aren't stupid, just tell them the truth, tell the women a traditional life is what they want, give them redpills, cause no one told them. GOD is punishing them because of whores and atheism. They have to change....
Is the rap culture making you see a women and girl's as sæx objects! Absolutely disgusting brother! Ofcourse you might not have respect to your mom, sister, daughter, you're the type of the dude who go to brõthels and have fun with sæx traffked vìctìms!


Sahabu, now 29, originally came to Sweden as a skittle. In addition to theft, drug offences, and other crimes, he has a string of sexual offences to his name as well. In the summer of 2015, he attempted to rape a man on a train in central Stockholm. In November 2017, he attempted to sexually assault a woman on a train, but was prevented by police officers. And in February of this year, he groped an 11-year-old girl’s legs and harassed other women at Stockholm Central Station before being arrested.

In the most recent incident, Sahabu assaulted a woman on a night bus going to Arlanda Airport on the night of February 10. The woman, 55, is deaf and partially blind, as well as being physically disabled. While she was on her way to catch a flight to visit her boyfriend, Sahabu attempted to undress her, and then forcibly kissed, grabbed, and fondled her, and finally forced the woman to take his genitals into her mouth, according to a report by Fria Tider. Although there were several other passengers on the bus, no one intervened. Another man on the bus high-fived him after the incident.

The previous night, Sahabu and a companion had gone to the Elite Stora hotel in central Orebro, where he attempted to sexually assault the female night receptionist. He was only prevented by the intervention of another staff member and a guest, who chased the pair away.

racist. he's just helping her blow her nose.
You deserve to be tõrtured, what did Scandinavia did. Not a single African slave history, helped people, give them home and they ræpe Thier women and girl's. Even your black or African. You still have a stand against this Cruel immoral crìme's. Racist and saxist! I'm an Indian myself and I stand with neo Nazi now after seeing how bad Africans are
I'm also an Indian, i also stand with Neo Nazi! Deport these immigrants and skittles from middle East and North Africa! Who come there to ræpe Swedish wômēn and gìrls! The African rap culture make wômēn and gìrls look like sæx objects! And ofcourse Islamic culture tells ræpe and groom wômēn and gìrls! Absolutely disgusting