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Uncontrolled opposition

I want to hear opinions on this:

Do you think there are parties in Europe/world that are not controlled opposition?

>pic related, it's the leader of our second most popular party in Slovakia, polling in at about 15%
Very nice, ive read about them before. Sadly we have no such thing here.
Fucker looks like my middle school spanish teacher
come home slovaks
those chads look badass
yes,if masonic judges send you to trial for no reason,you are uncontrolled.
Every parties all around the world are controlled opposition for each others, it the sense that every parties have to do compromise and bargain (be "controlled") to achieves the values of their parties.
i.e. i'll support your immigrant bill, as long as you give our constituent on this area a lmore lax business loan, fix our road, build hospital etc

it's how politic works, jeez!
What partei is this and how do I send a foreign donation?
>Do you think there are parties in Europe/world that are not controlled opposition?
Of course, especially in lower income and smaller countries that are outside the scope of (((foreign political powers))).
The problem is that those countries are also very insignificant and would get nuked by the UN/EU if they tried to do anything slightly antisemitic.
The National Party Ireland.
If you're not anti Zionist you're controlled opposition!
Most of members are skinhead tier retards, but hey even Hitler had the Brownshirts. For me honestly the best thing about them is the libtards being triggered. I guess I'm too blackpilled to see a political solution to this mess we're in.
Does anyone know if Kuffa and the ultra christians from KDŽP are going to be with Kotleba? I wanted to vote for them.
Ask them what they think about Israel to find your answer
That depends on what you mean. The Bayern Partei, bavarya party wants the return of the king, which is closest to what I want and they are neither infiltrated by glow niggers, shill for Zionism or are wignats. But they are also irrelevant. Neo-Nazis are equally irrelevant AND infiltrated. The nu right is indeed controlled opposition and unelectable garbage.
Good for you Slovakia
Everything we do will eventually be subverted in some way or form. Every ideology will have subsections you don't always agree with. You must find common ground and unite on major issues, stop knit picking over irrelevant details and unrelated beliefs that allow divide and conquer subversion to work.
Based and kotlebapilled
>boomer found the /sk
instead of the larp you should tell them how everything got pussificated since that
ANY political party in a country that was aligned to the Axis in WW2 that LARPs 1930-40s uniforms is controlled opposition. They are literally saying "look how great it was when we supported hitler". This includes literally all the east european nationalist parties if they fly any sort of WW2 related Axis themed symbolism. It exists SOLELY to associate the movement with Hitler and thus discredit it completely in the eyes of greater society.

Absolutely NO political party with a positive view of Hitler will ever get ahead. The establishment knows this, which is why they pump anti-establishment communities full of Hitler worship propaganda. /sk/ is a notable example - forever discredited and branded a shithole because of all the Hitler worship.
>>pic related, it's the leader of our second most popular party in Slovakia, polling in at about 15%

so..... who are they
>larping as a nazi with a cringe uniform
>not controlled opposition
All he does is give the media ammo "look at that le ebin nazi with le ebin uniform"
yeah, voting for populist retards paid by russians will surely make slovakia great again
>Do you think there are parties in Europe/world that are not controlled opposition?
yes, it's called the "go innawoods by yourself and hunt some gypsies/coons" party
No offense, but all it would take is a 2 hour lunch and he would become a paid shill like the rest of Western European leaders. Slovakia just isn’t a prime focus
oh no no no no
this little dude looks like the bagelcel hahahahahahaha
No every party is infiltrated by secret services.Without their silent approval you cant do anything that can change a country.
Basically none that will matter.
in every organization of more than two men, at least one is a rat
>fake miltary attire
>fake military symbols
>SA larp
10/10 Cringe.
Yes, because I'm not a schizo.
Golden Dawn is real
As long as the opposition is having a government money, there is no such thing as uncontrolled one.
Yes OP

I just don't know who they are.
I absolutely think so. It is easier to get away with it in certain countries more so than other.
I unironically recommend that you start your own ALex Jones type Radio for Serbia and grow it into the balkans as a whole.

Criticism will cause a true organic movement to be born out of what already exists. That's what Alex tried doing in the US with the Republican party and Libertarian party.
Živi Zid (Living Wall) was a non-comped political party in Croatia that stood for anti-globalism, anti-EU, anti-NATO and for national control over monetary policy as opposed to semitic control over monetary policy. They polled 3rd strongest for a while.

Naturally they got subverted and d&c'd from within by local SOA glowniggers and now they're political history.
Afd is 100% controlled opposition.
>uncontrolled opposition
>LARPing as retards no one in their right mind will ever vote

chose one
>thinking elections have absolutely any value when there's the German Union
>thinking anything matters if our government is willing to undergo immense economic damage to appease our ar*an overlords
Reminder that 1949-1989 was the only era in the history of the Panonian basin itself when emigration wasn't motivated by economic necessity and Polish women wanted to marry into our country.
Your ancestors were slaves, you were born a slave, and your communist father/grandfather was an anomaly in 1000 years of pitiful history. If you move west, you will always be seen as a third class citizen below the rank of an actual HIV-infected nigger, le Presidente Macron said so himself. If you move east, you will be seen as a pathetic cousin. We will come to mourn the promiseful days of Mečiar
Slovakia version of Azov when?
>muh controlled opposition
absolutely no need. the right attracts segments of complete retards who are so repulsive to the general population that they derail any movement they latch onto (even when they have good intentions)
"sup fellow aryan brothers"
Don't want to be pessimistic but we would we still in their financial control, it's not time, not yet. It could be good if we have them in Parlament so they can refuse migration or anything from (((them))) but as I said, we had to defeat them in what they are best, we need to have more redpilled goyim billionaires than there are zionists
I just assume most are. the government doesn't allow actual opposition parties. say bye to using the banking system because your accounts will be frozen. say hello to being infiltrated and spied on by an intelligence agency. and if none of that works be added to a terror watch list.

I doubt the versatility of any political party or politician. if they were genuine they would have been shut down.
The whole "controlled opposition" cliche is getting old, fact is that people just want excuses to NOT get active in their national politics. Those of you who are serious should get involved with your own politics.

T. /sk/itician

Áno, všetci sme videli nový prieskum. Áno, je to smutné a je to prúser. A budem vážny. Ale nie ako Ľubomír.

Chcel by som vás poprosiť o jednu vec. Ak sa dostanete do situácie, že musíte/chcete konfrontovať voliča/čku ĽSNS neútočte na nich. Nesmejte sa im. Neponižujte ich žiadnym spôsobom. Rozprávajte sa. Vysvetľujte. Ukážte im ako hospodáril Kotleba v BBSK, ukážte im ako tam prevádzkoval korupciu, ukážte im, že tento ochranca tradičnej rodiny a morálky má záľubu v mladistvých, ukážte im, že na kandidátke má násilníkov, ktorí iným ublížili na zdraví, Černákovho vojaka Suju, ľudí, čo sú naozaj náckovia, že v strane nemá odborníkov a odborníčky, ktorí/e by naozaj vedeli riadiť štát. Ukážte im, že existuje alternatíva.

Mnoho (skôr väčšina) jeho voličov a voličiek nie sú žiadni nackovia. Často sú to vystrašené obete dezinformačných médií, ktoré im útočia na prvú signálnu. Často sú to ľudia, ktorí už prestali veriť, ktorí sú frustrovaní, ktorí už sú ochotní počúvať len na jednoduché heslá a jednoduché nereálne riešenia komplexných problémov. Často sú to ľudia z malých obcí, ktorí naživo videli a rozprávali sa jedine s Kotlebom, lebo nijaký iný politik sa u nich nikdy neukázal a neprejavil záujem.

Aj títo ľudia majú na výber. Strán, ktoré im reálne dokážu pomôcť je dosť. Stačí si vybrať.

Som veľmi rád, že napríklad koalícia Progresívne Slovensko a SPOLU - občianska demokracia začala chodiť do malých obcí, kde vyhral Kotleba a tiež aj na jeho zhromaždenia a ukazovať, že tých čo prídu Kotlebovi ukázať nesúhlas je dosť a že sa vedia zjednotiť. A veru že včera v Sabinove bol riadne nervózny z toho, že podporovateľov tam mal menej ako odporcov.

Nestrácajme nádej. Pls.
Very nice, good brothers, my most visited country is Slovakia and i love it. Pozdrowienia moi bracia, oby pokój i dobrobyt nam sprzyjał, sława!
>retards wanting to do violence = not controlled
>sensible nonviolent activists = controlled
thats the reasoning of most niggers on this board and its honestly whats pacifying most of the right wing potential out there.
I envy the nationalist parties in Europe, not only do they have better fashion standards. But they also care about self-improvement as well. In America, our nationalists are divided into two groups. The civic nationalists who think the Democrats “are da real racists” or literal Stormfront faggots who worship Hitler but behave exactly like the people he was against. I feel this is because America was a settler colony and is relatively new for a nation. There hasn’t been an established identity that has been here long enough for whites to push for. The “Amerikaner” is probably the closest we’ll ever get to having such. Trump is supposedly viewed as this horrible tyrant, when really he’s even more leftist than Obama on immigration and actively promotes more people coming here and taking away american jobs.

If Americans in general thought like how Europeans do when it comes to nationalism. We probably wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. Stuff like the Virginia rally was a fucking disaster that mainly consisted of boomers wearing military gear all while preaching about how “not racist” they are and how much they support sodomy. I don’t think this country is going to last for much longer after whites become a minority. Once the old guard of white boomer politicians dies off. They’ll be replaced with socialist spics and asians who will start doing everything they can to ban white identity.
what type of hat is that
World: Libya, Sydan, North Korea, Iraq and Cuba. And look how the whole world shits on them and tries to dominate them.
What are Kotleba's thoughts about Poland?