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COVID-19 slovenia

I just got some UNOFFICIAL info that we got the first case of corona virus in Slovenia.
It's happening in Maribor hospital.

Are we prepared?

Darko exposed

Čez noč me je začelo v grlu bolet in glava me žge sem pa tudi utrujen in imam šibka kolena ka sem ga najebal al je to sam sezonski shit
Zakaj ravno v Mariboru.
Zakaj ne v Ljubljani, oni rabijo čiščenje ne mi

Why is Balkan music so degenerate? What's the worst is they'...

Why is Balkan music so degenerate?
What's the worst is they're poisoning my country and innocent Slovenia

Here s the grammy winning measter piece of Sir Sandu Ciorba (it means sour soup), entitled "Polenta, with cornmeal"

people from the balkans are white niggers. a lot of them aren't even white but are literal sw*rthoids too

t. croat diaspora
goddamn I miss 90s cro dance and 2000s black metal scene.