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Serbs need to apologize

>war with Slovenia
>war woth Croatia
>war with Bosnia
>war with Kosovo

>expel 200 000 Croats living in "Krajina" region
>bomb the shit out of Vukovar, leaving literally no house standing
>bomb Dubrovnik, UNESCO protected site
>bomb the streets of Zagreb city centre, killing 18 year old boy attending university, and many more
>bomb Osijek
>bomb Zadar
>bomb Sibenik
>bomb Sisak
>bomb Karlovac
>bomb Slavonski Brod
>killing 260 POW in Ovcara
>killing civilians and POW in Dalj, Erdut, Aljmas, Dvor na Uni, Kusonje, Vocin, Tovarnik, Skabrnja, Vukovar, Velepormet etc. (all in the single year of 1991.)

>refuse Vance peace deal 1991.
>refuse Z-4 peace deal 1995.

Oluja ("Storm") military operation comes 1995., Serbian army retreats in most areas, while Serbian civilians are safely evacuated, Serbs also:
>KMEEEEEEE you cant do that you Ustashe fascists!!!
>KMEEEE genocide! genocide!

NATO bombs serbia for the crimes againts humanity:
>KMEEEEEE you cant do that!! you western fascists!!!

Retard Serbs: Sowwy.
Serbs are based. I'm ashamed our government bombed Yugoslavia just so Refugees could have their little separatist state on European soil. What will NATO do when Refugees start demanding their own state in Germany or France? Serbs will have the last laugh.

COVID-19 slovenia

I just got some UNOFFICIAL info that we got the first case of corona virus in Slovenia.
It's happening in Maribor hospital.

Are we prepared?

Darko exposed

Čez noč me je začelo v grlu bolet in glava me žge sem pa tudi utrujen in imam šibka kolena ka sem ga najebal al je to sam sezonski shit
Zakaj ravno v Mariboru.
Zakaj ne v Ljubljani, oni rabijo čiščenje ne mi