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First cultural enrichment in Slovenia

It's happening in Slovenia Guys!

>38yo Moroccan illegal rapes 2 girls (22 and 23yo)
>he met them in a squat place where hippies and leftist gather
>raped them at knife point in student dorm
>was in prison for 2 years for theft before he was released
>rape spree only 10 days after he got out of jail
>media in total damage control, all comments are turned off
>people are fucking pissed

It's a big deal here, all the shitskins here were just passing trough to Germany, first serious crime in a country with almost no crime. I kinda felt bad for the girls, but considering they were 100% in the pro-skittle group but I hope they'll be an example to others

>>he met them in a squat place where hippies and leftist gather

>in a hippie squat place

>hej sloveni starts playing in the background as both slovenians start removing okupator

What's the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia?

What's the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia?

Only Russia is the non subhuman out of them.
Former is utter shit, latter is okay.
a friend of mine moved to berlin a while back and is inviting me to fly over to his place for a few days so we get shitfacted in berghain
do i need to know german or is bosnian enough to get me by in that part of germany