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incoming happening: War in Mediterranean

This is quite serious / important. In the past, wars have started for less hostile actions
>Turkey signs maritime boundaries deal with the current government of Tripoli (reminder that Libya has a civil war; one side controls Tripoli, the other controls basically the rest of the country, including the oil fields)
>said borders completely ignore Greek borders, extend Turkish borders in the Eastern & Southern shores of Crete! (pic rel)
>Turkey now claims that due to this agreement, Greece / Cyprus cannot claims into the Mediterranean are not legal
>basically they fabricated a casus belli against Greece (and Cyprus)
>The other Libyan government is rejecting this agreement as (they are openly hostile towards Turkey since they fund / sell weapons to their opponent
>likewise, Egypt (which is also hostile towards Turkey) is denouncing this as illegal provokations by Turkey
>Israel has not made any statement yet (not surprising)
>EU have made no statement
>USA / NATO have made no statement
This is very serious. We have faced Turkish provocations for decades, yet this is one of the few cases where the prospect of war is very real. Something similar happened in 87' when Turkey wanted to send drilling ships into the Aegean, then our government gave (publicly) the order to sink and Turkish ships entering our borders, Turkey chickened out and thus the crisis was over. But today, it's different. The balance of power has shifted, thus makes it more realistic for Turkey to want to risk a war.
In this whole mess also involves the Refugees, since Qatar is in the Turkish coalition (and supports the Ottoman-friendly government in Tripoli, while the United Refugee Emirate & Egypt support the other side (LNA). Israel has, *on paper*, some vague alliances with Cyprus, Egypt (and Greece? not sure).


Can they please hold off their little mud slinging arguments until I HAVE MY FUCKING HOLIDAY THERE? Can they not extend ME that courtesy?
>the penniless Greeks can wage war against TURKEY
I really hope it doesn't come to this. If it does, I'm going back to Bulgaria, signing up for the army and preparing to remove fucking kebap. I know we've had a lot of beef, but Turkey is a cancer upon the Earth.

How long has your turkey been in the oven?

How long has your turkey been in the oven?

God did it starve to death before it was cooked?
Deep frying this year anon, you'll need to try it out one of these years.
3 days so far. It should be done by christmas.