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IQ Map of Turkey by Regions

sauce: 2015 Richard Lynn Study

Even though Richard was a Euro racist he had to accept high turkish IQ.

This is why we Turks managed to conquer low IQ balkan nations for centuries.

All generel turkish IQ score includes kurd and refugee populations of turkey, not purely turks. But you keep posting them because it fits into your fake narrative.

teh more arabian the more retarded thanks mate.
>we Turks managed to conquer low IQ balkan nations for centuries.
are you sure about that?
Low iq fucks imagine having an evenlower eq. Fucking disgusting cockroaches.

Today Turkey puts another warship in the sea.

continue from

Recent Turkish military developments

That's not a "warship" it's a target.
That's got to be the worst warship I've ever seen. I've seen Somali pirate ships better.
>freightliner painted gray with ak47s on board