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Turkey Destroying Armenian Army

Turkey is directly annihilating Armenian army with its superior USA/NATO high tech arsenal.

Would Russia ever come to aid to Armenia?

Armenians get wrecked. Can someone make an animated gif of this?

>Would Russia ever come to aid to Armenia?
Why would it benefit them?
>NATO supplying Refugees as they murder Christians
Gee who could have seen this coming?

A European aircraft carrier fleet is Europe's only chance to military power

Imagine ISIS pops up again, this time in Turkey. How should Merkel wage war against Erdogan without a full sized aircraft carrier fleet to launch attacks on Ankara, Istanbul, Ismir and all the other Turk cities that then need to be bombed?

Zeihan was right. Absent US navy means you need to police your own trade routes.
take super-tanker, flatten out the rear structure (just living quarters) and add a modular deck on posts and beams over the existing deck and piping.

Empty (super) tankers are basically impossible to sink, and now you got a flat deck long enough for real planes to launch and land.

Cut hatch in a couple of the massive tanks and install a rack for Container boxes for extra bombs and rockets for the planes.

You don't want one $10 Billion floating target that might or might not work, you want 30 Tankarriers that cost $50 apiece to convert, that normally carry oil.
>yurp faggots are going to give up dem programs to fund a proper military.