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>It's just a flu bro

This healthy, strong 23 year old guy from Turkey has died from COVID-19 complications this morning. You still think it's just a little flu who kills only boomers?


Smell doesn’t count for everything.
it kills boomers and turks. Not bad.
Sure it was the Kung flu? he probably got sprayed with cockroach spray

I'm in the upper levels of a secret Islamic Order that consi...

I'm in the upper levels of a secret Islamic Order that consists of various levels of Refugee elites, including officials, billionaires and Mujahideen. Erdogan is also an elite member, and i've had various chats with him.

One of our goals is to Islamize Europe. Not for any religious notions, but to subvert Europe's successful civilization that has traditionally been against us, and recruit Europeans to our cause.

>But what about liberal Refugees and SJWs

Our main enemies is a Jewish-Qatari coalition who actively tries to cuck America with über-liberalism, or those you call ''SJWs''. Their propaganda arm is Al-Jazeera, so just pay attention to their content.

I have nothing to lose by stating this, i just wanted you to know.

>Our main enemies is a Jewish-Qatari coalition
I call bullshit, Islamization of the West is a jewish scheme, (((they))) openly admitted it multiple times.
I call fake and junkie, just like your pedo prophet.
I'm a member of the Knights of the York Cross of Honour and our true purpose is to finish what was started in 1096 with the First Crusade. We know of your order and at the right time will crush it and any islamics who stand in our way. We have the full financial backing of the Vatican. Over a quadrillion euros at our disposal to finally dispose of you and your kind.
Anyone who opposes judaism of any form and western liberals and their love for faggots and niggers is my friend.