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Trump administration just negotiated a ceasefire with Turkey...

Trump administration just negotiated a ceasefire with Turkey, MSM is silent scrambling how to spin this.


It's he weirdest deal. Everyone is saying they won. Amazing.
Fuckn A, man.
>fuckn A.
Did we get Constantinople back?

8kun deplaformed again due to butterball turkey

8kun (surname chan) was supposed to be up today, but the fat little frozen turkey managed to continue to email services needed to help host the site. Due to fears of bad press, they pulled their services at the minute. This is not good for internet freedom. That sending a website into the blackhole can be so easy. Just like all sites, we need alternatives incase something isn't allowed to be discussed here or the mainstream sites.

Hotwheels is literally everything he used to claim to be against. He is now the SJW sending emails to companies to deplatform people and sites. He is happy as a pig in shit right now.

For all the Qtards.
>Muh greatest military project ever
Can’t even keep a website online.
That’s one powerful military.
Who here’s a cripplechan skittle? And what caused hotwheels to turn? Did he every fix that fucking site?