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IQ Map of Turkey by Regions

sauce: 2015 Richard Lynn Study

Even though Richard was a Euro racist he had to accept high turkish IQ.

This is why we Turks managed to conquer low IQ balkan nations for centuries.

All generel turkish IQ score includes kurd and refugee populations of turkey, not purely turks. But you keep posting them because it fits into your fake narrative.
Mehmet, why is döner kebab so delicious?
>High IQ

>All IQs are below 100
>IQs get lower the closer to the shitskin side, higher towards the Greek/Euroside
but isn't like most of mid-west turkey populated by greek people who converted? you living a lie Hasan
That's the totals?
>purely turks
There aren't many pure turks in turkey.
>pure cherrypicking
Cherrypicking this way by region, even Brazil or Morocco, looks like good locals, Monkeyoğlu...
>Whole map is low IQ
>Even the highest IQ is low IQ
We smaaaart. Sure you are buddy.
Your "turkish" core is actually all the greeks larping as turks
Turks are racemixed rape babies. purge with fire.
>Turkey needs chinks.
Keep deporting the Uyghurs to Chinese camps and maybe they'll let you have a few HK chinks.
>all sub 100 iq
>we have high iq
youssef, I...
Study is paywalled. Copypaste the full version.
>we Turks managed to conquer low IQ balkan nations for centuries
Surely you're aware that the more you move to the West, the more the local population reflects the original substrate before the turkish invasions? In other words, those "higher IQ turks" are the descendants of those who mixed the most with the locals in the Balkans? And the Turks further east - the dumber ones - are the "purer" Turks?
Literally who?
And West Turkey was historically Byzantine clay, they have more in common with Greeks than Refugees.
Notice how the former Greek zones have the highest IQ?
The Greek areas seem more clever. Turks are marauding horsemen. Parasites.
>richard lynn
into the trash it goes
Take back your diaspora.
Do you know that people who talk about IQ a lot are proving they don't understand cognition?

Now you do.

Enjoy your mythic nonsense, racist.
>generalizes IQ by people group and neglects nuance

you're fucking retarded
It isnironic that the highest IQ areas also have the most Greek admixture. T*rks are as much of mutts as Americans.
map is biased. it only takes account of the roaches who could find the way to the testing centre, while avoiding the constant distraction of rancid doner and bumming lil boys
I'd be willing to bet the higher IQ areas are filled with Greeks since there are a lot of Greeks in Turkey who think they're Turks.
high Turkish iq huh fuck of Achmed Richard Lynn was center left by the way
Aren't you people mostly European anyway?
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Where get
Yo stupid roaches. Do you guys actually believe that you can make westerners believe in your dirty little lies and fake IQ maps?

Westerners will never believe anything you guys say because they know you faggots are liar subhumans

Turds are %50 greek %50 refugee shitskins
You faggots dont even have 1(one) 1!!!!!!!! invention
You subhumans didnt contribute anything to the world
Turdistan is a shithole filled with closet junkie islamists


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stupid 80 IQ subhumans
>regions closest to inward Europe have higher IQ than the regions further out
That northern european dna working its magic, no matter how small, on the turk cockroach mutts.
IQ means jack shit. Can anyone explain why the GDP of countries and states doesn't correctly correlate to the average IQ of those places?
kek that drop in Kurdistan

not even average bro
Does not matter, my great grandfather still survived the entire Gallipoli campaign and was a fucking paddy you jogger. Can’t wait untill we invade the Dardanelles 2.0
>IQ gets higher the closer you get to greeks
teh more arabian the more retarded thanks mate.
>we Turks managed to conquer low IQ balkan nations for centuries.
are you sure about that?
Low iq fucks imagine having an evenlower eq. Fucking disgusting cockroaches.