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Penn Ward, the creator of the Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time made a cartoon for Netflix with voice acting by convicted, confessed child killer, Damien Echols.

Link to a clip of the show being played on Joe Rogan's show:


Quick rundown on Damien Echols:
>In 1993, Damien Echols, a mentally ill goth kid and his two friends, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley jumped 3 8-year-old boys while in a wooded area known as Robin Hood Hills, located in West Memphis, Arkansas. The victims, Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christpher Byers were savagely beaten by the three teenagers with sticks, who then raped them. One of the boys, Christopher Byers was also castrated alive with a large knife. An attempt was made to rip out Stevie's throat with the same knife as well. The boys were then stripped naked and tied up with their own shoe laces and shoved into a drainage ditch, where they drowned.
>Over the years many countless celebrities came to the aid of the killers; having watched several documentaries which were made claiming right-wing Christians from the South had framed the three killers for witchcraft.
>After 20 years of tying up the courts the celebrities won parole for the three killers in a plea deal where they admitted guilt with time served.

Thanks for making this thread. I got a three day ban from the fag jannies for making a thread the other day.
Pure shit. I'm glad the internet is a thing so people can be vigilant about what their kids are watching when they're still young and impressionable
That's disturbing

The Witcher Author Fires Back At Race Criticisms Of Netflix Series

>“As far as I remember, skin color isn’t discussed in detail in my books,” Sapkowski said. “So the adaptors can freely show their craft. They made my blonde Zerrikanians dark-haired in the comic because the artist had his artistic freedom.”

Sapkowski also used the streaming juggernaut’s Troy: Fall of a City as an example, where Achilles was played by a black actor. He added:

>“The series seems to question this ‘as we know’ and suggest a Nubian interference. And this is what could’ve happened too, after all.”

>The writer further stressed that his work is neither a medieval saga nor a Slavic story, even though certain names of characters and places have a Slavic vibe, reiterating that The Witcher is a “classical and canonical fantasy.”



It doesn’t matter what one author says it’s about tradition. Elves are white. Sword and sorcery is the white man genre.
>shameless retard who’s desperate to take credit for game’s success latches onto show by virtue signaling

Nobody listens to this asshole op, just like nobody listens to you
The games are the only reason his mediocre stories had any success at all. He's been butthurt about it ever since.