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Man commits suicide after being mocked for dating a ladyboy

>Maurice Willoughby committed suicide on Monday after being relentlessly taunted and cyberbullied for being in a relationship with a transgender woman.
>The Hollywood Unlocked reports the Philadelphia man went live on Facebook in prior months to defend his relationship with his girlfriend, Faith, who is a transgender woman. The video received more than 15,000 views and quickly garnered transphobic backlash.
>In a disturbing video that has circulated social media, a group of men recording on their cell phones is seen harassing Willoughby about his relationship and sexual preference outside of a corner store in Philadelphia. According to some Twitter users, the video was recorded and uploaded months prior to Willoughby’s death but began circulating again in recent weeks.

LMAO Junkie boy.
>after being mocked for dating a ladyboy

By other black men guaranteed. Every black dude I ever worked with was homophobic as fuck.
>faggot kills himself due to extreme denial

Epstein - Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is a movie about an elite sex ring released in 1999. The director, stanley kubrick had been active in hollywood for decades prior to this movie, so he had likely heard a lot of different rumours and seen more than the average person would have. The movie is also rumoured to be subtly hinting that this group is the illuminati/other secret society.

Jeffery Epstein was actively involved in sex trafficking and the elite rings at the same time as this movie was written and shot. Depsite lead actor Tom Cruise and director Stanley Kubricks protests, they were forced to censor some parts of the movie so it would be “suitable” for north american viewing.

Unfortunately, stanley kurbrick never got to see the final cut of the movie. Arounf two days after editing and submitting the final cut of the movie, he died of a “heart attack”.

Given what we now know about the crimes of epstein and many in hollywood, would it be a strech to say that this elite group were responsible for both epsteins “suicide” and kubricks “heart attack” as both had just released media which focuses public attention on the existence of these elite rings?

Also it was filmed in the mansion of the Rotschild's. The same where they held similar kind of parties.