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Anders Brevik victim

I recently watched the 22 July movie on Netflix and decided to google about Lara Rashid. Her sister Bano was killed by Anders Breivik. Don’t get me wrong, I think what he did was awful. No reason to take up violence. However, he did have a right to be disgusted by what was happening in Norway. Looking at this Lara’s Instagram, she really supports cancer for Western societies. Her post in her Kurdish outfit in a church. I’m guessing she is NOT Christian, but just wants to offend Christians and let junkies know she stands with them in Norway against white Christians. You all know damn well back in her country, she wouldn’t support junkies. She is Kurdish from Iraq btw. Kurds are a lot like Jews. They want their own country free from immigration, but want other countries to open their borders.

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>don't get me wrong
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It really is telling that this guy, who killed a mere handful of people is seen as some kind of evil villain, while simultaneously, people like in the picture have killed thousands upon thousands of people by supporting "diversity" and are seen as heroes.

Millions more have been killed (or weren't even born) in the last decades because of the stuff that the person in the OP supports.

Another "Out of Shadows" moment from Netflix

So I've been watching a new show on Netflix called "Brews Brothers" and it's been a nice little break from all the serious shows I've been watching like Better Call Saul, Westworld, The Walking Dead, etc.

A mere 6 episodes in, here we are with hollow glass dildos being repurposed to fill an urgent order of beer. The labor is young boys. They just love shoving this shit right in our faces, don't they?

After watching "Out of Shadows" I can't help but be disgusted by this. Evil truly exists and they flaunt it in our faces.

Cancel Netflix asap
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I can’t watch Netflix shows
All forced diversity cliche every single fucking show
The globohomo agenda is alway inherent but the fact that every show that has a white as a main character must include a Benetton ads worth of minority characters throughout the show is enough to keep me from even watching
They don’t do this shit for shows with black main characters