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Netflix indicted on child porn production

Other post was slid quick, reposing for anon
Apparently comments are disabled on this tweet, idk someone else can check

bump fuck pedos
in b4 bunch of intellectually dishonest leftists simultaneously defending twerking saying it isn't sexual it's just dancing and attacking republicans accusing them of sexualizing it
>Netflix indicted on child porn production
Absolutely based, it's about time.

Netflix propaganda

Why are these obvious subtexts pushed by netflix? What is the endgame? A whole brainwashed generation is about to grow up only seeing things like this

Do people on this board still unironically sub to netflix? lmao I cancelled that shit back in 2015
>Desiree Burch
Why didn't they put the morbidly obese mulatto in the banner?
where are the black ladies?