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Major happening

This movie isnt on hulu, Amazon, netflix, or any other video streaming site. All the scenes are deleted from youtube. The movie is not for sale in any stores, even movie stores. I had to go on ebay to look for used copies.
Why are they censoring this movie?

>this is a new mandela effect when?
I liked his new film ‘dragged accross concrete’ you should watch it if u havn’t
This movie was shit.

Are white men becoming trans as a survival mechanism?

The overwhelming majority of male-to-female transsexuals are white men and this number is increasing suspiciously around the same time intense anti-white male propaganda is permeating in academia, social media, Hollywood, politics, and the news. Are white men just taking the path of least resistance? Is this a survival mechanism? Is the debilitating mental healthcare in the US making this worse?


being transgender is a fad like being goth.
ucla isnt a good sauce for anything