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How was life in the 80s 90s and early 00s?

Zoomer Anon here. Life feels empty. People are always using their phone, even during conversations. Nobody wants to talk about something serious, because most peoples attention spans are ruined my social media and porn addiction. If you talk with someone it’s either ironic jokes, girls or movies.
My friends and I used to do a bunch of cool shit back in the days, but now all they want is to play vidya and watch shitty shows pushed by netflix.

How was life back in the 90s or before smartphones at least? Was it better? Tell me about a normal day with your friends.

it was fucking awesome is what it was, screw technology
Xienniel here. Yes growing up wihtout phones and fast internet was pretty cool. People talked. People kept plans...drug dealers needed a pager...globohomo had yet to rear it ugly head really, shit wasnt so PC and the music was the coolest
In canada 100% less shitskins equals 100% increase in quality of life.

Netflix indicted on child porn production

Other post was slid quick, reposing for anon
Apparently comments are disabled on this tweet, idk someone else can check

bump fuck pedos
in b4 bunch of intellectually dishonest leftists simultaneously defending twerking saying it isn't sexual it's just dancing and attacking republicans accusing them of sexualizing it
>Netflix indicted on child porn production
Absolutely based, it's about time.