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New Netflix ads in Paris subway stations. Thanks, America. I...

New Netflix ads in Paris subway stations.
Thanks, America. I’m so glad you ‘liberated’ us.

Just payback for you lot destroying western civilization with your silly little revolution.
Nobody made us put those ads up. I guarantee you the burgerland ads are less extreme than that. It's also a British show.


I didnt knew Medieval Poland was such a tolerant and diverse place. People who do not see something wrong are the problem.

The actual writer had some Tweet which was deleted where she said somenthing along the lines of "this is my favorite scene it resembles Europe embracing Diversity and Multi culturalism and follows the United states"

and the scene was somebody fucking a Nigger but she deleted it.
I'll buy a few Golden Horde Mongols and some Turks here and there but why so many blacks of West African extraction?
The setting is not medieval poland

It has nothing to do with modern human history, but they absolutely are pozzing it to fuck as a political showing.