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Whats the excuse for fully white countries like Ukraine, Mol...

Whats the excuse for fully white countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Belarus etc being absolute shitholes?

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in ancient times, ALL europeans were unwashed, illiterate hut dwelling white niggers. even in the modern era 90% of all europeans were illiterate peasants right until the industrial revolution.

Crimea is Ukraine | Кpим- цe Укpaїнa

Daily reminder

Further research:
>Russian officer proves his crew participation in occupying Crimea

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>Recently found Russian sniper in Donbas

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It's all Russia. That 2014 business was a Soros operation. He was trying to divide and weaken Russia, prevent union between Ukraine and Russia. This was done because Russia is resistant to embracing liberal changes. It's all here in this documentary:
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