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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Ukraine, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine

You can't be more based than Ukrainians

Ukrainians are the most based people in the world, they may not be the rich but at least they will preserve their culture and race, anyone who is against them is either an antifag, russophile commie, libtard, non-white liberator or a mongol aka russian

Both the PM and President of Ukraine are peanuts
Hearing about Ukraine makes me gag since I know a mixed race girl who is pale and larps as Slavic because she hates herself. She is half Anglo American half Japanese and has Ukrainian flags on her wall. So now Ukraine is forever ruined in my eyes.
Slava ukraini, ebat moskali


This is an ordinary Ukrainian school. Nothing strange happen...

This is an ordinary Ukrainian school. Nothing strange happens.

Why doesn't the rest of the world support this?

Nazi salute is with the opposite hand/arm
Legs/thighs touching
Slightly tilt your head to gaze at whatever officer you’re saluting or Hitler himself
You guys larp too hard to actually be real nazi youth
>This is an ordinary Ukrainian school.
The Ukrainians were forced to choose between Hitler and Stalin. Americans understand that this was a suck--ass choice and don't blame anyone caught in the middle like that. Russians meanwhile still worship Uncle Joe as some kind of god and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't suck his nuts dry.