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Russian invasion of Ukraine @ 2022-02-24

Sub. Let's collect ITT content of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The UAV played basketball with the head of a Russian soldier.
another example of military art


>Maxim Timchenko, head of Ukraine’s largest energy holding DTEK, said in an interview with the BBC:

>massive missile strikes disabled almost half of the country’s energy network, and another attack could completely destroy it

Russia has lost over half of the gains in had since the first month if the war. They just got btfo in Kherson, and are on the defense. If they continue to perform this poorly, they will have less than 2014 by summer 2023. Their logistics are fucked, morale is non-existent, lack equipment, and have resorted to prison conscripts. No matter how this ends, Russia has already shown its army to be a total embarrassment and is now a pariah state akin to N. Korea. China and India are going to buy Russian resources for next to nothing. Russia is totally fucked at this point.
impossible, but the media kept telling me that ukraine was winning?
>sunak pledges 50 million aid for ukraine air defence
A bit late for that