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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Ukraine, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine

What is your honest actual opinion on Ukraine and Ukrainians...

What is your honest actual opinion on Ukraine and Ukrainians?

Some of the women are skinny and have really nice tits.
Dumb because poor. Poor because dumb.
My girlfriend is Ukrainian, and her folks are way more woke + preserving of their heritage than my germanic, anglo, frankish ones. Just being honest.

My ancestors fled prague+england+corsica during wartime, but that was so long ago, like the 1800s. They don't remember the bad times.

Her family was way more prepped for this happening, and I feel like part of it is probably because her still living grandma had to flee the gulags. They fucking HATE the globalists, don't care about racist jokes, and have a big emergency stockpile.

Meanwhile my Czech+Anglo Mom didn't prepare anything, so I had to help her with my stash, and thinks the sauerkraut I stocked up on is "icky". This is despite my own great grandfather making barrels of the shit back in his native Prague.

Love my folks, but I appreciate the Ukrainian community maintaining their traditional culture better.

I am an Ukrainian policeman.

88, ua

I work in Ukrainian national police for about two years now. Ask me about Ukraine and the political situation here.

Jews rule Ukraine?