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Despite the heresy that has erupted in the vatican Despite...

Despite the heresy that has erupted in the vatican
Despite the blasphemy of vatican II
Despite the non-Christian "priests" advocating LGBTQ

Catholicism in its pure form is the greatest religion that has ever existed, whether you believe in it or not.
The Catholic Church is not the longest existing institution ever to exist in human history for nothing.


Does the pope and Vatican becoming heretics undermine the concept of strict apostolic succession? If a group of Catholics were to overthrow the current leadership wouldnt it essentially justify the protestant reformation in a way (not the protestant theological ideas but just the legitimacy of the protestants separating from the church?)
based, prots have no culture.
>I love catholicism but hate the vatican!
Congrats, you're now a protestant.

Imagine being Protestant in 2019.

Fuck me I'd be embarrassed as shit. Admit you're all modernist heretics and convert to orthodoxy or pre-vatican II Catholicism today.

Obligatory stonetoss.
Mainline Protestants should be an entirely separate denomination from active Protestant church’s. Mainlines put on show because they have old money. But they have left the faith.
Why the fuck do they always make that face?