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Why does burning the Amazon triggers firstoids so much? To the point of you guys even calling Pope Francis and the Vatican to try make the Amazon a pagan holy land and reduce Catholicism to Paganism?

You guys literally enriched and developed yourselves by destroying your own forests, why can't we do the same? Don't you guys have more pressing matters like the fact that refugees are invading your country?

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>hy does burning the Amazon triggers firstoids so much?
because it absorbs carbon dioxide. something apparently only firstoids can understand.
Saruman? is that you?

There is a Catholic cabal currently infiltrating right wing...

There is a Catholic cabal currently infiltrating right wing movements and attempting to deradicalize and misdirect our efforts and attention, it may be controlled by the Vatican, government agencies, or they may be independent, but they exist and they are currently attempting to subvert the pro-white right.

They are attempting to get us to drop our pro-white, ethnonationalist aims and beliefs and have us identify more so as Catholics or even Christians than white or even Germanic, med, slavic, et cetera. Ultimately this would cause the right wing to be halted in growth and would be operating under a false narrative (Atheists, Pagans, and anti-Christians against Christians and Catholics as opposed to anti-whites against white people and our civilizations).They are also a large part of the optics crowd. They want to put us back to sleep and they use antisemitism as a lure (Although the Peanuts are an issue).

They want us to all become born-again Christian civnats and deactivate the woke right wing. Here are a few people I have recognized to be part of this group, but know that anyone who repeatedly brings up Christianity when talking about attacks on white people or leftism may be part of this group.

>E Michael Jones
>On the Offensive
>Nick Fuentes
>Soph (She has been recruited and brought in by this group, I don't think she was originally part of this group)
>The Weekly Sweat irony bro crowd so Sean and Beardson (They are kind of a failed mission as they haven't picked up much popularity)
>Mauritian Struggle
>Master Brew or "Brew" as he is known as now
>Relatively Stable British Cliches (RSBM)
>Roosh v

There are more that I missed, it is important to know that characters like Milo Yiannopoulos are also Catholic and a lot of these people will speak positively of him (particularly Nick).


What a faggot. They might be given Polish passport (im pretty sure tho just staying around isnt enough to be given citizenship), but they will never be Polish.

I have learnt english and stayed in England for a while, but it doesnt make me English. Even if I was given citizenship.
damn, I loved listening to EMJ...