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now that there is proof god doesnt exist, what should we do...

now that there is proof god doesnt exist, what should we do with all the vaticans wealth?

Protestants never wanted a pope, the bible is an independent document and does not belong to any church. Jesus is still Lord, and the RCC was NEVER a christian church to begin with.
God does exist, he’s just and evil psychotic ladyboy nigger.


Vatican in a State of Panic as Pope Francis might have contracted COVID-19


And God did smite his most unholy of all creations. Back, into the dark, thy foul demon. Leach not from the pure of heart. Leach not from the hearts and minds of men of character. Back and back, to the dark depth from whence you came. Back and back, the soulless and vile. Goodbye herald of cuckoldry. Die now Pope Francis, may you never gain entry into the kingdom of heaven
this old cunt will certainly die from this.
i'm not even religious but it seems like god wanted this imposter dead, and rightfully so.
If he was the gods true pope he would have been protected by divine intervention. But he's not, he is the false pope, the pope of Satan. He invited the Refugee hordes through the gates into Europe, he blessed the sodomites. This is gods wrath manifest.