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HAPPENING: Pope rejects meeting with Pompeo

Pompeo just went to the Vatican to meet with Vatican officials.

The pope rejected his request for a meeting.

becuase the pope made a deal with communsit china and he wont be able to fucking face pompeo with tht shit
This cucked pope would rather worship his bbc masters instead
Just don't take skittles and immigrants from middle East and North Africa! I'm an Indian and don't take indians too! Keep the country peaceful from these Africans and Refugees who will ræpe your wômēn and gìrls! Not Even descendants of Africans and Refugees should be allowed! If they really want to take immigrants take wômēn and gìrls only! Also show's how disrespectful Africans are even as an indian black just like you! I don't like Africans

now that there is proof god doesnt exist, what should we do...

now that there is proof god doesnt exist, what should we do with all the vaticans wealth?

Protestants never wanted a pope, the bible is an independent document and does not belong to any church. Jesus is still Lord, and the RCC was NEVER a christian church to begin with.
God does exist, he’s just and evil psychotic ladyboy nigger.