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HAPPENING: Pope rejects meeting with Pompeo

Pompeo just went to the Vatican to meet with Vatican officials.

The pope rejected his request for a meeting.
You can't be Catholic and vote for Biden.
You can't be Catholic and support an abortionist.
Jorge is not even Catholic.
US should've sent a child instead. He won't reject that offer.
Holy based! Get big leagued MAGA fucks!
Sorry, Pompeo, he only talks to the people who actually control the CIA.
Vatican is satanic.
Fuck this faggot
He sucks communist dick and supports abortioncrats
he's a disgrace
Fuck catholics
Filthy Roman dictator, Grand Wizard of Pedophilia
Too many negro feet to wash
>Implying Trump isn't the new Pope
The pope is political puppet for the pro EU shilling
>kike puppet rejects kike puppet
This false pope is hilarious. Pope Benedict is still pope in my heart but the mafia pushed him out. Truly a coup worthy of a mention in history but we wont know the truth; only those who come after us will :(
We should nuke the Vatican. They are charlatans.
You wanna know why?

Francis is going to extend his secret Vatican-China agreement which gives CCP the right to do whatever they want with Christians in China.
And this cunt has kept his mouth shut ever since then. Not a single word about Tibet, about Uygurs or about Hong Kong.
Former cardinal Zen begged to have a discussion with Francis. He waited for 4 DAYS in the Vatican and Francis denied him.
Pompeo recently called Francis out for being such a filthy commie chink sucking Jesuit and wanted to talk with the persecutions in China with him.
Based. Fuck Americans trying to score political points by pandering to religion.
Imagine if we had a cool pope
Need Newt Gingrich to whoop some Vatican ass ASAP
This is due to Pompeo making the state department a part of Trumps campaign. He did not wish to make it seem as if the Vatican was supporting Trump. This is only an issue because no federal agency is allowed to be independent of Trump like it had been in the past.

If Pompeo didn't make the State Department the "Trump 2020 election department" he wouldn't have been denied.
Fuck the Pedo Pope.
We should drone him.
This is good, spreading Christianity in China, even at their own terms will make us stronger.
Fuck this shit pope, fucking prohomo arginine jew parading as a jesuit
I wonder why SSPX has only grown since Jorge was made pope?
happened two days ago
Based. Mike Pompeo is the ultimate zionist shabbos goy
I bet if mike wanted to wash refugee feet with him he would have done it.
Lol, somebody got balls. And yes, it could be exploitation. American elections sure are a bloodbath that leave nothing untouched. Pope could also be wrong. Such a difficult situation.
Surprised since both of them are obese jew loving pedophiles.
Footfags BTFO
This guy is as much of a Pope as I'm the Earth Emperor.
So it's true, The Vatican is a satanic cabal. (Always has been)
Based tbqh. Fuck neocons.
The pope is a communist. I'm not surprised.
>HAPPENING: Pope rejects meeting with Pompeo
I don't blame him.
Poopeo is FULL OF SHIT.
Imagine the smell.
Also Poopeo has brain cancer.
Based Francisco, right wingers on suicide watch
>HAPPENING: Pope rejects meeting with Pompeo
One evil fuck is refusing to meet another evil fuck.
He shouldn't've done that
has joe biden met with him recently?
from what i've observed, mike pompeo is the only good man in american politics

if the pope doesn't meet him, it says more about the pope than about him
Current pope is cancer. If you're catholic switch to SSPX.
>blacks and refugees taking over
>government enforced anti-white propaganda
>meanwhile christcucks argue about who worships mr.kike the right way

I want future chink historians to carefuly catalog that christianity was the cause of the downfall of our race, and never let this swick insane cult take hold in their civilization.
The Pope is a lying faggot:

"Pope says its crazy to see his meeting with Bernie Sanders as political"

What did you expect ? Everyone here knows he's the communist Pope.
Time to impose sanctions on the pedo cult.
Does this indicate Israel at war with Vatican?
pompeo talked shit and is inserting the USA into others’ business, like a kike

Pope ain’t got time for that shit
Where's his cute little red shoes?
The Catholic Church should not be involved in regional political affairs.

Let me be clear: I fully support the reestablishment of the Holy Roman Empire and Catholic theocratic totalitarianism, but the Church should establish itself with overwhelming force and authority to supplant national governments. It should not meddle in their affairs otherwise and taint itself with politics.
The pope is a baby fucking, baby eating, cocksucking faggot. Take that straight to the Vatican.
Oh no, not the jogger toe sucker
thats not the pope thats a faggot wearing the popes hat
Do you think the Pope ever got around to playing Undertale?
based pope. praise the Lord.
No one should desire to meet with that pedophile satantic pope
wtf I love Catholics now lmao!
>The pope rejected his request for a meeting.
Trump should reject any further visits of Pope to USA. Start pushing Christianity instead of Catholicism
Convert to Islam reject this junkie Catlick idolatry!! I hope Pompeo converts after realizing his Catlick derived cult is finished... Sad times for homo paganism but joyous days for ISLAMIC WINNERS!!
Wow, that’s very popey of him
>rejects Mike Pompeo
>renew its deal with China and authorizes fake CPC bible

>rejects meeting with zionist idiot pompeo

>because of "muh democracy", something the church pushed back against for 1000 years
Reminder Pope is a literal Jesuit, and should have a stone thrown around his neck and dropped into the sea.
Biggest enemy of all mankind
Catholicism is just a fancy way of worshipping Satan. It's just disguised as Christian.
becuase the pope made a deal with communsit china and he wont be able to fucking face pompeo with tht shit
This cucked pope would rather worship his bbc masters instead
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