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Happening!!!! Pope Says ‘Christendom No Longer Exists,’

what's his problem?
can we finally agree that this pope is a heretic?


>Still having a religious head for your church in 1517+ 502
Lmao just become the true Christians bro. Become protestant.
An alliance once existed between Christian men
Let us honour that alliance once more
Catholicism isn't Christianity. The Bible is Christianity.
Also, as much as I hate Bergoglio, you are taking what he said out of context. He didn't state that fact in celebration, he said that newer methods of evagelization should be created.
In any case, he said that people are not Catholic because of the 'rigidity' and so things must change... Pope Pius X has something to say to that.
Catholics are fucking satanists
That Pope is communist kike
How does he keep getting worse everytime I hear anything about him
>the church has anything to do with god
Good laugh.
>world:-welp the catholics looked prety cucked
>pope:-hold my wine
>world:-ok now catholics definetly cucked
>pope:-hold my wine
>world:-all right, this stoped being fun, can you stop this cuckold fies...
>pope:-Hold my wine!
>world:-For love of god, pope plz stop!
>pope:-Hold my wine!!!
>world:-Oh no, Jesus, this is just sick...

I guess popes ultimate goal is to pierce haven with humanly impossible levels of cock sucking.
>this pope
Finally acknowledged the extend of decay. Maybe a
is what it needs to reclaim its role. The Catholic church always seemed more concerned with power than with Christianity anyways.
Return to your original gods, for you are entering a world where you're going to need them.
Sede vacante!
The Pope and all Catholic priests are lying rapists who care more about their influence and control in society than they do about preaching the word of God.
How on earth was this guy chosen?
Don't all the bishops have to vote?
any catholics know how this happened
Yeah I wonder why the Catholic church isn't doing so well. Banging the open borders drum constantly is so popular these days.
What is his major malfunction?
All the catholics are satanists,that's a fact
I thought most Christians already thought of him as a heretic, it's just nobody wants to do anything about it
he did not you liar
I left Catholicism because of this pope.

When the shepherd intentionally drives the flock towards a cliff edge with the intention of destroying them all, I stop following.

Not sure what i am now, but i know it's not a catholic.
But he's right. The West is atheist or pagan and Christianity has no political or social power.
Which also begs the question why the Pope should care about supporting rightwingers.
Pope no longer exists--

Says the entire planet in response.
and thats a good thing
christcucks on suicide watch

Hail Satan, the father of the European man!
Checked. Absolutely satanic Pope confirmed. He's gotta go
Almost my entire very catholic family has stopped attending mass and started attending Christian services elsewhere. Midnight mass used to be a big thing for us and as far as I know it didnt happen last nigjt. I'm guessing this will push the few remaining hardcores out the door.
Imagine being a christcuck
funny how all these christcuck countries have legal abortion. fucking hypocrites.
Based. Wen the pope knows worshiping a dead Jew is pointless.
We never had to agree.
His heresy was obvious from the moment he as a jesuit became cardinal.
"The most marginalized". He means the children right? You know, the little creatures that the church is willing to ignore to take care of other people abroad? No? Fuck this pope.
The Christians are considered heretics you stupid fucking zoomer. Read a history book instead of listening to your inbred grandfather talk about how his father told him when he was fucking his sister that christians and catholics are the same.
And Christians will roll over like good little cucks.
He's been getting chummy with the mormon president; here in Utah everyone's cheering it on.
One church to rule them all anon.
He is a child trafficking good jew.
The Fake Pope has spoken.
Since when did you idiots think the Church was a religious organisation? It's a political group who've managed to avoid paying taxes for hundreds of years. Their 'herd' are the millions of retards who facilitate the money laundering.

Biggest scam in human history.
you do realize that the pope is the emperor of rome, and will do whatever it takes to get more money out of the masses, right? Fewer and fewer people are going to church, eventually the church will have no power.
Numbers confirm,he is not the real Pope. Not that I like organised religion, but that guy is a serpent with nothing good in mind.
The amount of proxykikes here is sickening
fucking retarded boomer.
The pope is exactly right. Everything west of the oder and east of the Bug river is missionary territory.
We don't need a special congregation to convert niggers when Europeans themselves are not Christian anymore
Seriously, I'm not a Catholic (let alone a Christian) and I can see this dude is literally working to destroy and undermine the church.
As an outsider, I can only conclude that the Sedevaticanists are correct.



Ratzinger prbably was too conservative so they made him retire (even though that's very unusual for popes) and they replaced him with a world communism plant.
Just like in Camp of Saints.
This is why we should've never allowed a Socialist Spic to take over as the Pope.
Heresy implies a honest mistake, that pope knows what he is doing is satanic.
New world order niggers and one world religion faggots get a smoldering rock to the forehead
I’m not even Christian and maybe that’s key to recognizing the fact that the Catholic Church is a den of pedophiles and satanist masquerading as Christians. This pope, with all of his groveling and lefty bullshit had only made it more apparent that it’s a coopted globalist organization keeping control over the Christians.
the only christcucks I can respect are those in Eastern Europe.The Vatican at this point is just another globohomo hub.
Join SSPX and start listening to Micheal Heiser's seminars.

Did it last year. It was a good move. The modern church is apostate and refuses to adress the forces of evil who are still active untill this very day. Again, SSPX in combination with Heiserite doctrine is the way to move forward.
Yeah if you actually read the context of what he said, its a nothing burger. He was talking about how mainstream culture no longer cares about Christianity, which is true. Francis is a shit pope but this is stupid
This thread has a lot of gets, but in all honesty; why should I listen to an old faggot when you have the Bible and the voice of Jesus inside you? Corrupting 1 person to destroy divinity is so much easier then to corrupt everyone.
But anyways; this country is the largest Catholic Nation and this abomination of a pope is literally hated here. An officer of the anti-christ is no pope of mine