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Vatican in a State of Panic as Pope Francis might have contracted COVID-19

He should just chill in a room full of fire, It's proven to work.
Italy is in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak with 14 deaths and over 500 reported cases and towns in lockdown in Northern Italy, the governor of Lombardy, the main region at the center of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak, Attilio Fontana, has placed himself in quarantine yesterday after one of his staff was reported to have contracted the novel coronavirus.

Incredibly,Pope Francis decided on Wednesday to kiss heads and touch faces with crowds in St Peter’s Square in solidarity with those suffering from coronavirus despite warnings from his close advisers to not do so. In the evening, Pope Francis was pictured by the media already coughing and blowing his nose repeatedly during Ash Wednesday Mass, in what seemed a similar episode to that involving Iranian Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi before he was hospitalized. Today, Pope Francis has been forced to cancel a planned Mass in Rome with another clergy after suffering what has been described as a “slight illness” by Vatican officials.

Pope’s idiotic stunt with the crowds in St Peter’s Squarewas not a good idea as he has lost part of one lung as a young man because of respiratory illness, and might risk death if he has COVID-19. Bergoglio has had a busy schedule lately that might have also helped him to contract the novel coronavirus, including his public general audience yesterday, and the Ash Wednesday service later in the day in a Roman basilica.
Just going to say it, if the Pope "almost" dies from this and recovers then we have moved right into Revelation 13:3.
St Malachy predicted this in the 14th century
This is the last Pope, and he will lead the church through a great tribulation
Vatican City will be the first country to be completely destroyed by this disease.
>which was wounded by a sword and did live
>wounded by one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, pestilence
Based revelation
Eh, where's his god now?
fuck europe, fuck italy and fuck jews.
>you made your bed
>you dug your grave
>you baked your cake
>you sowed your seeds

you get what you fucking deserve.
real and serious talk here /va/ what if its covid19 he got and he dies cause of it?

who will replace him? people around the world panic?
>Be fake pope
>Bring a literal plague upon yourself for defiling the Holy See
That's gods wrath for him kissing nigger feet
He probably wanted this. His current vessel is getting old so he pretty much does something like a Orochimaru Mind Transfer Jutsu
But- it hasn't even begun yet
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>Leo zagami

I remember this guy claiming to be illuminati dropout and having wizard battles influencing the weather to try and kill rival illuminati gangs

2009 yt conspiracy vids were the best
God strikes down the Satanist imposter. Based
>yfw Francis dies before Ratzinger
Pope Francis is a communist jew.

press S to spit

Time to make Christianity Great Again.
This is the moment the pope knew, he fucked up.
I hope the faggot dies
In just a concise sentence or two, can a Catholic explain to me why there is a need for a pope?
I can't for the life of me, as someone who has read the gospels, etc, figure out why you have a pope. What is the justification?
This is some tinfoil hat shit.

Corona's origin is probably extra-terrestrial and it targets reptilian genes.
If Pope Francis has COVID-19 it will indeed destabilize the Vatican and symbolize the messianic nature of this virus underlined a few weeks ago by noted messianic era expert, scholar, and international speaker Rabbi Mendel Kessin who spoke of the spiritual significance of the coronavirus, linked with the advancement of the messianic era.

Imagine if Pope Francis suddenly dies leaving Ratzinger in charge. It would be seen by most traditionalist Catholics as a sign of God’s will to save the Church from the anti-Christian ways of the Argentinian Pope.
how many people do you think he infected?
wash some more nasty nigger feet you fake ass pope
Oh no, the antichrist has fallen ill, what should we do
Guess we'll have a real pope soon
All of the elite are going to mysteriously contract CV according to the media and then retreat to their underground bunkers.
take this chance to reinstate roman pantheism, italibros.
>corona virus has a 2-3 week incubation period!
>the pope caught corona virus yesterday and is now sick!
well, which is it?
Don't lick feet, don't get sick.
Looks like God had enough of all that degeneracy
But le immigrants are bold, beautiful, share so much of their— oh wait...
Clearly a judgement by God for his peddling of Liberation Theology heresy for the last few years.
>Vatican in a State of Panic as Pope Francis might have contracted COVID-19
>might have
>we don't really know
I love this timeline
did he kiss the feet of a chinese migrant worker ?
>Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66 The Age of ...

don't get my hopes up
Probably was that chinese lady he punched
>Vatican in a State of Panic as Pope Francis might have contracted COVID-19

Can you based and thank god?
If he can survive kissing niggers feet no Corona virus can harm him
The globalist pope has fallen, more to come.
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Before he dies
Based GOD. The spiritual war is raging. As above, so below. Jesus is the Christ. Praise his HOLY NAME.
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How many people has the Pope infected now? He spread this to everyone he was around.
pope is kill, it's all ogre
So they would immediately have to have a conclave for the Cardinals to elect a new pope. Entire corrupt church leadership of old evil bastards wiped out!
Nice. Hopefully the commie fuck croaks.
inb4 based ratzinger gets back in the papal office
time for a crusade laddos

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The next Pope is a Refugee nigger
this is all just God's judgement... isnt it? all of it.. the locust, rumors of war, pestilence. lets repent guys... we still have time.. things can get REAL hairy REAL soon. you might think your well off with your prep, but i can ensure you that you'll face greater difficulty with this economic downfall thats coming soon... unless your already 100% off grid or a Mennonite.
The pope isn't a real christian
Well this is exciting
Considering all the global (((diversity))) that he keeps pushing as well as diddling kids with Epstein, this is a light sentence.

Mother fucker should be hung from street lamps
The Head Pedo chokes on his own putrid lung fluids. My heart bleeds.
Bad Corona Chan! Bad! I thought she only killed non whites
did he kiss too many rapefugees feet or something...
>Pope’s idiotic stunt with the crowds in St Peter’s Squarewas not a good idea as he has lost part of one lung as a young man because of respiratory illness, and might risk death if he has COVID-19.
And God did smite his most unholy of all creations. Back, into the dark, thy foul demon. Leach not from the pure of heart. Leach not from the hearts and minds of men of character. Back and back, to the dark depth from whence you came. Back and back, the soulless and vile. Goodbye herald of cuckoldry. Die now Pope Francis, may you never gain entry into the kingdom of heaven
this old cunt will certainly die from this.
i'm not even religious but it seems like god wanted this imposter dead, and rightfully so.
If he was the gods true pope he would have been protected by divine intervention. But he's not, he is the false pope, the pope of Satan. He invited the Refugee hordes through the gates into Europe, he blessed the sodomites. This is gods wrath manifest.