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Redpill me on my own country.

Redpill me on my own country.

Vonulj nyugallomanyba, mindj le a vilagi javaidrol, Ezra. Repent every day. Az a schlossberg gyerek vegye at Ezra szerepet. En azt akarom Ezra eletben maradjon, elve kell. O az enyem.
Ezra stays alive throughout the process and or comes with us to Heaven. He mustn't meet jfk Jr from today onwards.

Redpill me on holocaust denial

Everything I found has already been deboooonked. Is there any irrefutable evidence that the Holocaust did not happen or is it just one giant troll?

It's all theatre. No one should care.

1st: Strawman
2nd: Literally didn't happen, and German concentration camps were better versions of the Boer extermination camps, built by jewish orders which genocided them for diamonds.
3rd: Reichstag Fire was done by a communist of the KPD, there's literal proof of this and we know who did it, his name, age, what he was doing and etc. The rest has no connections to anything and aren't evil, Krystallnacht itself was heavily toned down by the NSDAP itself using the SA, whether you believe the jews or the neutral witnesses is up to you (even though there were fires set off by shop owners to claim money and shame the government and even a fucking doctored image of a burning synagogue thats still thrown around)
4th: poverty and starvation? So 6 million unemployed people having a job due to him, winterhilfswerk and the whole Gottfried Feder made economy suddenly disappeared? The whole "let's boycott Germany" because they left the international trade system based on valueless fiat currency and used labor and goods exchange as well as helping other nations with professionals suddenly is left out? How useful! Ignore other books and scholarship, its entirely arguable that the soviet union survived due to loans and receiving material help by the "west" yet now Germany was at its knees despite the Rothshild agent Hjalmar Schacht being expelled for spying and confirming Germany was highly self sufficient. Also, what wealth of neighbours? Wasn't Switzerland wealthy? Sweden? Or maybe who knows, fucking Great Britain/UK whom they spared multiple times? Literal lie.
5th: He didn't kill anyone, they forced a war on him, Stalin used him as an icebreaker, the Poles wanted to acquire more of the superior German lands for themselves, England wanted to destroy a potentially disruptive nation and France was ruled by jews (Daladier being one of them, a son of Blum essentially)
Hitler was so evil that Ghandi himself praised him, along with Neville when he was honest and many others, you post blatant lies mixed with something that seems true to smear reality. Hitler was a saint of his time and much better than you as a person, even ignoring his political success and acumen. A 10 minute talk with him would destroy your stupid bigotry and Chestertom and Belloc are outright peddlers, shills and cucks. Kys golem.
>Everything I found has already been deboooonked
Lol nice try Moshe