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Breathe epsiten breathe...
OP is a cuck as he has a paid subscription for the Washington post.
By the sheer number of MSM outlets reporting all the sketchy details surrounding Epstein, it makes me think they want to feed into notions of conspiracy. Beware of new peanut strategies. Their biggest fear is the awakening of the public consciousness. Why are they feeding the public consciousness conspiracy fodder? They might be planning something further down the line with this narrative. I'm very skeptical right now.

The saints

Let’s have a real politically centered discussion about Saint Brenton Tarrant of Grafton. Glows and newfags welcome

>who is Brenton Tarrant?
Brenton Tarrant is a white Australian of European stock, on March 15 2019 he entered history as the Firebrand Gallant after successfully raiding the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch

>didn’t he just get nz to cuck on guns?
Yes that was his plan all along read the m ani you twat

>sloppy job mossad
Mossad and glows like to push this to devalue and tear down our exoneration of Saint Tarrant. There were no squibs or blood bags, he physically removed 51 invaders.

So what is your opinion on him? Did he throw his life away for nothing?
Will he be free in 27 years with statues and roads named after him? Personally I think so.

>of European stock
he was a nobody and that propelled him to do the only thing anyone in his whole family has done of any distinction: shooting up a bunch of unarmed civilians. Including a three year old.

My dad did 2 tours of vietnam. Both my grandads were in WWII and Korea. Fuck this zombie loser.
This is his prison, it’s called paramoremo prison in Auckland NZ
I love how you retards go on about this prick like hes a hero. He's not, there was literally never a major creeper attack that happened in NZ until this aussie cunt turned up. If anything, he's the 'invader' that he spoke of. Fuck you you fucking mutt liberator and your 'master race'