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Please give this man your strength

I understand a lot of anons have been frutstrated with him lately... But please acknowledge that this man:
>Bears the weight of the world on his shoulders
>Victim of continuous media/social-media harrasment on himself and his family for 4 years
>Victim of crazy ruskov conspiracy theories
>Has been called all possible names for 4 years
>Is the N°1 public enemy for half of his own country and most of the rest of the planet
>Has sacrificed his 70ies for America and probably lost 10 years life expectancy in exchange for an infinite stream of hate on him and his family
>Truly loves America and Western civilization

Again, I know he can be frustrating sometimes. But he's the only one that is actually trying. Please pray for this man, and give him your strength.

Trump will destroy communism, and hold off the Marixist plague long enough to rebuild the Republican party.
Bless Trump. Three minutes. 21 seconds.

The Great Reset

So let's drop some redpills on why world governments are reacting with draconian and Orwellian measures for COVID

Post anything related to the Great Reset shilled by the elites

>The Great Reset
>Agenda 2030
>Agenda 21
This should be a general. Nothing else matters, it all feeds into this end game. A decade left. They don't even hide it, that's what is depressing. Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Trump, what is the chance any of them are ignorant of this plan and we are not? Almost zero.
It's either an excuse to push for more social control.
Or there are still things about this virus they aren't telling me.

Hope it's not the latter because I had it. But both are bad.
They tried to push the Cov19 psyop in January, but the Virginia 2A rally overpowered it by a large margin.
They want you to forget.