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Matrix 4 - ladyboy edition

My jimmies are rustled:
Matrix 4 a go

This can only be a response to the redpill cliche. The Watchkowski Brothers are looking to poz the franchise.

>Neo will be renamed "NeoVagina"
>Taking Redpills are retconned to mean hormone replacement pills
>looking to poz the franchise.
they did that with the first sequel
>The sisters are both trans women.[6][7][8][9]
gross, now I definitely have no reason to see it.

Art imitating life (keanu reeves was dating a ladyboy for a while)?

Red pill me on race evolution

High iq answers only please not scizo crap

A race that developed in a cold frozen wasteland, where you had to work hard, prepare, and stock up for the never ending winter, vs picking coconuts, and finding tomatoes popping up between your toes.

That's pretty much it.
It's photoshopped, the black girls legs have been stretched out
The one on the right is objectively far more capable of bearing children and bringing them to age. The one on the left is far better at running. What do you want in a woman?