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Dominican Republic

Redpill me on this 3rd world shithole.

I have a buddy who's ginger w/ Edward Cullen vampire ass skin but he's uber Chad. He went there last year for 2 months & said he drowned in brown/black pussy but got robbed 2x walking in hoods around Santiago & Santo Domingo. Also said the women down there have the phattest asses outside of Africa.

Is this island completely useless except as White Zaddy poosy paradise? Does it have any function geopolitically and if not, when can we nuke it?

what fetish is this?
it went downhill when the cia pretended to have this guy assassinated and sent him to hide in france
>easy pussy
I'm not a Chad but even I drown in pussy there
>fat asses
Can confirm even the skinny girls got really nice buns.

What's the most redpilled profession for a white man and why...

What's the most redpilled profession for a white man and why is it mechanical engineering?
>can't be out sourced
>interesting work
>huge demand
>good wages and career progression
>very few women and shitskins

I laugh at you every day bacuse you think a 1010 can replace a 4130
don't do anything to help women or society. let this bitch burn until there's some reason to participate.
>can't be out sourced
it has been for decades. only the aerospace dont do it and look at them. when planes arent crashing and companies arent bashing the people who coded the software they are saying the wings are brittle and the passenger jets dump fuel on playgrounds