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Paedo Hysteria

What is with conspiracy theorists, skeptics, etc. and their fixation with elite pedophile rings? I don't see this intense suspicion for other crimes but for some reason everyone always seems ready to point to someone and label them a paedophile with little to no evidence (ex. pizzagate, Musk on American in Thailand, Pope/religious figures).

Why is this? It obviously hasn't sprung up recently as it was documented in the 80s-90s with the daycare sex-abuse panic.

Does this behavior indicate anything about the accuser (remember, it can mean multiple things about different people)? We've seen extreme "anti-pedo" vigilantes on Twitter who turned out to be paedos themselves. This common suspicion appears to be some sort of reflection of how people see their fellow men and that may stem from deep feelings within themselves. Whether those feelings are cynicism or paedo-related is unknown.

We will kill every single pedophile. There will be rivers of blood in the cities. Not a single child predator will survive.
>they just fuck kids and corrupt their soles into degeneracy forever with their genitals and drugs

Fucking lol you deserve the rope. But just s oyou know, that's only the "normal" stuff they do. That's like your average everyday afternoon! You come home to drink a beer, smoke a joint, maybe fuck the wife and play with kids and watch something interesting. They do the above.

But their parties involve torturing the children until they die of terror/their wounds in order to consume their blood that gives them super highs and extends their longevity/makes them look younger. Then they either eat the baby/child's pineal gland for some more trippy times and maybe it's heart for the symbolism. The rest they also eat, or sell on black market to make money from their little organs.
>some reason everyone always seems ready to point to someone and label them a paedophile
Because of the subject being the most taboo, if you accuse your enemy of this, they have to defend themselves against this grave accusation and cannot do anything else until it's resolved.
Basically it's the ultimate "i win" card
Although, people with debating skills know that this is simply a dick move to shut up your opponent, once you go throwing around this accusation in a debate for the sake of winning an argument and without any solid proof whatsoever, you automatically lose any credibility.
The real damage is done if it's done in public.
People will gossip, infos will spread at an alarming rate and your reputation will be completely destroyed, even if you're innocent.
>We've seen extreme "anti-pedo" vigilantes on Twitter who turned out to be paedos themselves
Basically, a wolf in sheeps clothing calling other sheeps wolves.
You can argue that it's the shame they feel about this huge societal and moral taboo, that leads them to act this way.
But if we were to be going with the logic:
>"you hate X because you actually like X"
Then is Chris Hansen a child predator?
Are Policemen actually criminals?

It would be wise to first know the accuser than jump on the accused.



Italian news network from 2015 ran a story on Coronavirus. Vid translated for your convenience. Spread it.

SARS is from 2012 or even earlier, so of course they experimented on it.
china didnt just "leak" the virus, it was released on a plan. The timing that this virus would leak on the new years, the fact countless CEOs were resigning beforehand, the amount of shilling that bill gates did, it's all connected. China is a testing ground for the NWO strats, fuck em all
Qaddafi and Saddam got off'd because they didnt listen to (((them)))