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Bill Barr’s Plan to Rig 2020 for Trump: Frame ‘Deep State’ for Russia’s 2016 Interference


Holy Shit. That is beyond Stalinist Pravda-tier propaganda.
Wtf kikes



Mossad exposed their power-level. Certain (((people))) have access to your IP and geolocation when you post! Proof follows.

Thread and lead-up:

and here it is

>at least you califags will be exterminated soon and no one will bat an eyelash

I am indeed a Califag. But how did the OP of this pro-Trump thread know that? I didn't say where I live but he knew. When asked how he knew the OP actually left the thread and it was archived. Here's the archive:


The only explanation for this is that certain privileged users can see your IP and geolocation when you post.


Don't let them (((slide))) this thread!

You're such a fucking retard, calling people a calif fag is an insult round these parts
I don't presume to be anonymous on here,
and if it were that important to me, I know how to do it. I don't break any American laws on here, so it doesn't matter.

The beautiful thing about being American is, if you have a problem with my opinion, you can shove it up your blown out ass. If some glownigger wants to come party at my house for whatever reason, their corpse will be it's own thread on here. If I didn't live in the glorious USA I wouldn't post on shit like this without 7 proxies though.
you fuckers think you re so important that anyone would waste their time with you... pffffftt, pathetic