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Redpill me on dentistry

>go to yearly check up
>take x-rays
>poke around in my mouth for 2 minutes
>have a chat about my teeth
>say I have to fix a cavity now
>told me about this cavity last year but said it was going to fix itself
>now it's so bad they have to fix it
>also tell me I need a crown over my root canal I had 2 years ago
>tell me if I don't have it my tooth can break apart at any moment
>tells me it's going to cost 7000 NOK ($700) to install
>tell them I can't afford that
>say that if my tooth breaks it's going to cost $3,000 to replace it
>ask them why they didn't install the crown when I had to root canal
>"It's just not something we normally do"
>but if root canal is going to break my tooth apart, why not just put on a crown at once?
>tell them I'll call them back and leave
>go to cashier
>have to pay $130 just for that

How the fuck is this shit not a scam?

>>tells me it's going to cost 7000 NOK ($700) to install
>>tell them I can't afford that
>>say that if my tooth breaks it's going to cost $3,000 to replace it

don't you nord retards have free healthcare? every time I interact with someone from Scandinavia it's just 'Americans can't afford a trip to the hospital'
What have you being eating over there?
I only had cavitis as a child, i would no brush my teeth and eat candy.
Since i started change my teeth, all they do is to check and offer aestetic procedures.
Nah. Wisdom teeth are useless. If they are not causing any problems they can stay, otherwise let them get extracted.

Are most conspiracy theories bullshit?

Are most conspiracy theories bullshit?

Mostly, yeah.

This is necessarily true but also deceptive. If I said most potential statements are false, that would be true because there's a nearly unlimited set of potential statements that can be made as compared to a relatively small set of facts about which true statements can be made.
But if I then use the above to prove that most statements about powerful people acting in concert to protect their own interests in ways that have observable effects, mountains of circumstantial evidence, and are widely believed to be true, I haven't proven anything of the sort. I've just made a whole bunch of jumps in logic and acted directly as a cover for the above class of statements and provided even more circumstantial evidence that there may be something to them.
A conspiracy is just a few people making plans aka conspiring in secret. All of politics is basically that. Totally never happens guys, especially not in politics, just walk along.