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>Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell Says She'll Be 'Naming Names' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO38vnStYIA roll for her "suicide"

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It was among the Masons, real greaseball shit......

Something tells me that shit is going down tonight. This looks too much like the stage where they had that version of Caesar in NYC and like the stage at the Bohemian Grove. Are they gonna whack him on live TV?

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/x/ approved drinks

It’s 4th of July weekend bros. What are some based and redpilled brands that haven’t capitulated to the violent leftist mobs? Alcohol is based and a large part of American heritage and history. You too Eurobros :) So, whatya drinkin this weekend fellas?

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Based Aussie Bro redpills a Jogger


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Tonight I was at a party with a friend I will call "Frank". Frank is fairly wealthy and VERY well-connected, owing to his job, which I will not go into for obvious reasons. Near the end of the get-together he invited me in his study and we were just bullshitting when he brought up Maxwell Ghislaine's arrest, which he had already briefly mentioned before, saying "You know, the public has the story all wrong." I was obviously intrigued, so I probed. Here's my best recollection of what he told me: Epstein and Ghislaine were not merely sex traffickers, but the proprietors of a massive, secret operation. The island he owned, Little St. James, was at the center of this. While there's a mansion and a few other properties scattered above the surface, they are little more than a red herring. When the FBI finally got the appropriate warrants to search following his final arrest, what they found was like "something out of a sci-fi movie". Beneath the surface of the island is a...

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Reckful's suicide really got me thinking. For some reason his death got me to question my anti-semitic views. Reckful wasn't apart of some international jewish conspiracy, he was just a normal dude yet my biased says he's inferior. Does anyone else feel this way?

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So what's the deal with these "UFO" photos allegedly taken i...

So what's the deal with these "UFO" photos allegedly taken in 1971 by a US submarine? Are they fake? It's hard to find articles on it one way or another.

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Her arrest is a deepstate plot. How much do you want to bet...

Her arrest is a deepstate plot. How much do you want to bet that she's going to name Trump so he loses the election?

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redpill me on antidep

why is everyone here strongly against them? I've been recommended these for depression and anxiety.

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Judge rules to “Destroy Epstein files”

I have no faith anymore.

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Redpill me on Spain

Is Spain better to live in than the US? My gf is Spanish and she wants to move back there. How much of a shithole is it compared to America/other European countries? We'd be around Barcelona

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>FBI strikes a deal with her if she "confesses against Trump" regardless of any truths (like they did with Roger Stone) >Pretends to be one of Epsteins victims >Clintons/Royals/Elites go scott free, except maybe Prince Andrew since his involvment is so widely known and to make it look like "justice was served" >Only gets a sweet deal of a couple of years in jail

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redpill me

Redpill me on the 9/11 attacks. Did they happen or not?

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/x/ Approved TV

What are some based and redpilled shows/movies.

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Red pill me on the Boston Bombing. I was in high school when...

Red pill me on the Boston Bombing. I was in high school when it happened and vaguely remember evidence of it being a false flag but nothing specific.

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GET THE FUCK IN HERE 𓆏 A lot of you have probably seen people on social media bitching about Trump stimulating the economy. >how are we going to pay all this money back?! >where is all this extra money coming from?! >WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOW OWNS DEBT/OWNERSHIP IN PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES!? As it turns out, Trump discovered a loophole through a nearly 80-year year old law passed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a part of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Within this Act was a provision that allows the Secretary of the Treasurey to access what is called the "Exchange Stabilization Fund". >Typically the Secretary of the Treasury must go through Congress for permission to spend the Federal Reserve's money >in times of emergency the President can authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to bypass Congress and begin spending without additional Red Tape >this is done to stimulate and maintain the price of the dollar without adversely affecting National gold and bond holdin...

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JK Rowling took the redpill

I thought she was breaking with the liberal crowd just on this one issue she feels strongly about - ladyboys - but now I'm not sure anymore. >JK Rowling is following a white nationalist who wrote a book about "Refugees destroying europe" >JK Rowling is following a white nationalist who wrote a book about "Refugees destroying europe" >JK Rowling is following a white nationalist who wrote a book about "Refugees destroying europe"

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CIA just slipped we're living in a simulation

Why isn't everybody talking about this?

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Welcome Redditors

Prepare to be redpilled, you are here forever. ITT: Post moderate redpills so they can see the light

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Is he based and redpilled?

Is he based and redpilled?

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Any former SJWs? What redpilled you?

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Redpilled music thread


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Was Jesus black or white? What’s the red pill on this?

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What's the craziest conspiracy theory you legitimately belie...

What's the craziest conspiracy theory you legitimately believe?

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The Actual Redpill on Age of Consent

Yes, this topic has been done to death. But your opinion is still wrong and it's important, so we have to talk about it one more time. Puberty in females in Europe and the US begins around 10.5 years of age and lasts 2 to 5 years. Sexual drive develops alongside puberty, which means that by age 12.5 to 15.5, females in the west have sexual drives. Stats from the Guardian. If one thing can be said about human sexual drive, it's that it's one of the hardest impulses to restrain. We also know that adolescence is characterized by impulsive behavior due to the incomplete development of the prefrontal cortex (completes around age 25). Any reasonable assessment of this situation would concede that girls age 12.5 to 15.5 will experiment with masturbation and sexual activity with peers, even if warned by parents or teachers. If one wants to prevent casual sex/premarital sex, the best solution would be to normalize marriage for girls at this age range. It seems young, yes. inb4 pedo. But realize that this...

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>that side step attack dodge >that elbow check counter HOLY...

>that side step attack dodge >that elbow check counter HOLY COOM WHERE DO I FIND A BASED AND REDPILLED BROWNSKIN CUTIE GF!? https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1276863749639401472

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Should I buy a gun?

I'm about to drop a fat $1200 on my first rifle. Having last minute thoughts of maybe I'm doing this out of panic or for the wrong reasons. Someone please redpill me on the merits of guns/noguns.

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If you had a daughter.

How'd you redpill her without going full /x/ and potentially losing your job?

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Okay dudes. Normally, I wouldn’t come to you for any sort of...

Okay dudes. Normally, I wouldn’t come to you for any sort of answers because most of you are just kind of unhinged and I’m sure you just acknowledge that you may not be the best people to approach for acceptable, actionable answers But I’m in a bind. I need redpilled on this kid Desmond is Amazing. How in the actual fuck is everyone okay with this in mainstream media? What is happening here? I’ve never seen a more blatant attempt to normalize pedophelia. Someone needs to start rolling these demons up. How is this legal? My mind melted after seeing him dance for a crowd of adults in good morning America. What’s going on here?

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How many people do you think just got Redpilled after the ba...

How many people do you think just got Redpilled after the banning of Doc.

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GET THE FUCK IN HERE ANONS! >This is the most digestible red pill we will have all year. “Susan Rosenberg, a member of the board of directors for the left-wing Thousand Currents group, which handles the intake of donations made to Black Lives Matter, is a convicted creeper who, among other things, was suspected of helping Shakur escape from prison and bombing the US Capitol. Full Article w/ DIGGS >https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/black-lives-matter-fundraising-handled-by-group-with-convicted-terrorist-on-its-board SMITHSONIAN ARTICLE: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/1980s-far-left-female-led-domestic-terrorism-group-bombed-us-capitol-180973904/ Nothing to see here. Just a convicted creeper who was found guilty of bombing the US Capitol handling Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in donations for BLM.

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What movies do you recommend /x/?

What are some of your favorite movies /x/ they don't have to be political or redpilled could just be something really beautiful.

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Do you own a home?

Is it worth it? Are you better off renting? We are about to close on our home. Redpill me on home ownership.

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Redpilled games

Caverna is the most redpilled game I've found. It's a boardgame and you get a family of dwarves that work hard. You expand your family, build a farm, and grow animals and build economies. You can't vote, but it's extremely conservative Christian behavior. What are some extremely BASED and REDPILLED games you have discovered?

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Dindu Caught-On-Video Thread

I'm trying to gather as many videos as I can of dindus comitting crimes recently. Stuff like the fireworks being thrown at homeless people and in apartment building and such. I'm trying to red-pill my close friends about what's going on.

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show me your biggest redpill

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Redpill - The Movie.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zHTMZuysI8 This is a short compilation of 'protestors' attacking people. Use this as a response to the usual bullshit narrative and demand answers and watch them crumble. Post more webms so I can make another one.

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Drop your biggest redpill

/x/, I want the truth. It is real that there is a time machine in the deep ocean that requires earthquake energy to function and uses the cold ocean water as a heat dissipator? Why it seems that we aren't allowed to explore the ocean? What else the fuck is down there¡?

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I need all and any information revolving around pizzagate an...

I need all and any information revolving around pizzagate and other sex trafficking rings, I’m trying to redpill my friends and family on the topic and need all the info I can get. (Hillary’s emails, podestas art, comet ping pongs insta, Epsteins flight logs)

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Is it possible to deprogram a radical leftists or are they j...

Is it possible to deprogram a radical leftists or are they just fucked for life? What would be the ideal redpills to give them?

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Firework conspiracy gen

is it real boys? they happen every day here 5pm-3am, huge professional ass ones too, has been going on for 2 months now. are we being fucked or nah? is this happening anywhere else?

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Tired of Black Lives Matter and jogger violence? Try White Flight!

White flight is based and redpilled. One thing many people don’t understand about white flight is that vibrant and diverse people need lots of services just to live. Buses, section 8 housing, social workers, all these must be in place before any vibrant diversity can find its way into a community. Only then can a community receive enrichment. White people know this, which is why in most areas, high density housing is banned and buses are only for seniors. The threats made here in particular that “they will just follow you hahahaha” fall flat when you realize an incredible, expensive infrastructure is needed to maintain a diverse community, or to enrich a non-diverse one. Anybody who is dumb enough to post “deyz jus gwon foller yew” is just worried about more white flight. There is literally no way minorities can follow you. That’s just Jewish cope. White flight is based, redpilled, and works amazingly well. There is nothing honorable about staying in a diverse area with...

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What is happening? I am getting red pilled

I always had the feeling that something is wrong with the world i'm living in. I know a lot of people who are very liberal because i was raised in an environment like that. I started to look into things like race and gender realism. Latley I also started to watch Mürdoch Mürdoch and i have the feeling that i get more and more red pilled but i am afraid to talk about it. I am still not sure about how to feel and what to do about it. /x/ please help me. Send me your redpill stuff. I want to be sure what to believe.

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Character Assassination

Richard Spencer is a great example of it. One of the very few intelligent, well-spoken and well-read individuals in the USA. Starts gaining a decent following and then gets entirely blamed for something which is not at all his fault. People start photoshopping his hair and tits, call him a CIA plant etc. It's good to see that he's at least had a small resurgence recently.

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Based coke head drops HUGE redpills.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt15lFWSIlk Imagine thinking you Antifafags can take on guys like this.

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ITT: We talk about high IQ and ADHD

>Was in the GATE/Gifted program (This also functions as a semi-conspiracy thread) >Fell behind and stopped learning at 13. >Spend all of high school being aware I'm "gifted" while simultaneously feeling like a retard and a fraud. >Got into drugs. >Dropped out at 16. >Wasted next 3 years partying, destroying brain with drugs, hoping I'd die. >Had a psychotic episode, was a wake up call. >Now re-learning high school subjects and enrolling in a Uni pathway. >Finding ways to manage ADHD. Does anybody else suffer from this and how has it affected your life? High IQ without learning disabilities are welcome to come laugh at us tortoises....

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Why Are (((They))) Astroturfing So Hard?

This forced "cliche" glows so bright I gotta wear shades. Obviously, something's about to drop, and it ain't Q. Something bad for DJT, because they are forcing control of the narrative too hard for it just to be the same old shit. So, what is it? Deutsche Bank? Epstein? I'm thinking SDNY indictments are an ass hair's away from being dropped on Rudy, with DJT as an unindicted co-conspirator.

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Bump if you love irony....

Atlanta Police Department walks out, no police in the City, and a field organizer for Black Lives Matter gets shot by the people she is so desperately trying to save……. This Redpill is for you!!! Happy Juneteenth Bump if you love the Irony…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ7NOT2Z3DM&t=7s STILL VOTING TRUMP

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CIA has run telekinesis experiments

So, how come nobody gives a shit that CIA has declassified documents of telekinesis experiments that worked? Furthermore, why nobody gives a fuck on who the fuck is God? If there are people who can move/burn shit with their minds according to cia documents then a motherfucking God is out there.

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Albert Pike, the only Confederate General to have a statue in DC, largely due to his contribution to Free Masonry was brought down tonight. Freemasons absolutely BTFO'd. Link to vid: https://twitter.com/PerryStein/status/1274179473387261953?s=20

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Why is it in these political street fights when it comes to...

Why is it in these political street fights when it comes to Republicans vs Democrats Republicans can never win the fist fights? Especially against blacks or Latinos? They can't win these group fights and always end up bringing a gun that if they use they end up going to jail and other republicans throw them under the bus regardless. Is this indicitive of this "lone wolf/republican/right winger/white person" mentality vs the "pack animal/democrat/leftist/non white" mentality?

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I am a senior analyst for MI6- Ask me anything regarding current geopolitical events.

I am a senior analyst for MI6, the external intelligence agency of the United Kingdom. Tasked with protecting and promoting British interests overseas. I will be taking questions in this thread with regards to current geopolitical events worldwide. I will respond only to appropriate and carefully considered questions. I will be in this thread for approximately one hour. I have two rules. One do not ask me anything personal or related to my personal life or background. Two do not ask me to give specifics regarding names of foreign ambassadors, leaders of foreign states or their cabinet's. My purpose for this thread is to hopefully clear up some of the disinformation on this board whilst pointing those of you who are close to connecting the dots further in the right direction. Ask away.

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The Great Happening approaches

The deep state is about to suffer it's greatest defeat and the entire public will receive a massive red-pilling unlike anything seen in recent history, or even most of the 20th century. Where will you be and what will you be doing when the new historical era begins sometime in the next week or so?

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Wizards has stopped hiring popular MtG artist because of George Floyd protests

> Wizards of the Coast revealed that they have apparently ended their relationship with controversial artist Terese Nielsen. >“We haven’t commissioned new art from Terese Nielsen in quite a while,” said Doug Beyer, Principal Game Designer on the Worldbuilding team for Magic: the Gathering. “The last product that will have any reprint art from her is this Fall with Zendikar Rising.” >In 2018, people noticed that Nielsen had been following members of the alt-right and conspiracy theorists on Twitter. Those follows ranged from alt-right activists like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, to InfoWars—home of conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones—and the white nationalist Stefan Molyneux. > She was also found to have liked a number of racist tweets that spouted anti-Semitic theories and made cliches about white power. >On Memorial Day, George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, MN, generating waves of protest in the United States that dominated the headl...

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My normie friends are all going hard right, very quickly. Anyone else?

Been lurking since Ferguson, which turned me from lolbertarianism. Over the years I've dropped some subtle redpills, but largely hid my powerlevel. In the past week I've had more people send me /x/ cliches about race and the JQ, than the rest of my adult life combined. These are (were???) Real soft cucked Republicans. Is this happening for anyone else?

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Sam Parker drops a Nuclear Red Pill on Twtter


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Wtf should I go to college for

can someone redpill me on the best major in college? Or should I follow the trade cliche Inb4 follow ur passion

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The Real Redpill

Society will go to normal if this is banned and scrubbed from the earth.

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The Doxxening is coming

All CIA cyberweapons have been stolen. Your IP is recorded and your cookies are accessed as well as a photo each time you post using your front camera. Your ID will be released in a file that is searchable by your name with a cross reference database to everything you have posted here. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/16/politics/cia-wikileaks-vault-7-leak-report/index.html

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Here is what I understand about it. Correct me if I'm wrong. >Bank prints paper money out of thin air >Gives it to government to circulate and distribute >Now they charge interest on that money >So say they give the government $100 and charge 10% interest then that's $110 that govt has to return >So instead of the $10 interest the government returns gold, labour, other secret deals, mineral resources, etc >The entire land and population is then under slavery of the moneylenders Is this a correct assessment? Are we paying with our labour, our soldiers, our gold, our silver, our oil, etc? Redpill me fellow /x/aroids

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Ive become a fascist in the last 2 weeks.

I started visiting this site in the last 2 weeks or so, when these 'chimp outs' started. I cant believe what im seeing. My best friend who used to be liberal is now a literal nazi and i think im becoming fascist at the least. I live in wisconsin and im reading polls about how now everyone suddenly supports blm and the george floyd protests but everyone i talk to hates it. Does anyones else know of other becoming right wing/fascist? Im starting to see everyone i know, including my moderate parents, hating blacks. I want to know what anyone else is seeing and also more redpills about blacks and jews. Ive read about jews controlling society in the last 2 weeks but know nothing about it.

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Redpill me on junkies

Why should I be against them?

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I don't understand the hate for Jews

Look I'm Jewish >inb4 oy vey And I don't get why people believe the Jews are this organised hive mind that are in control of everything. I believe there is a deep state conspiracy that involves soros, Rothschilds, CIA, Mossad but I'm putting the blame on those specific Jews not Jews as whole. Jews literally make up every space of the politcal compass. If we were this hive mind puppet master then all Jews would sjw dems. Instead you have conservative orthodox Jews like Ben shapiro, authoritarian Zionist Jews, left commie Jews. It's pretty retarded to blame da joos for everything when it's clear that there are a lot of Jews on your side trying to expose the deep state corruption.

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Red pill me on Jesus Christ.

Red pill me on Jesus Christ.

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Drop all your redpills

Drop all your redpills

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Trump MAGA Rally Sells 800,000 Tickets. BIDEN IS FINISHED


popularity: 130

What conspiracy theories do you believe?

For me it's: >9/11 foreknowledge >Adam Lanza has never existed >empty internet >station922.mkv (original video) >Sneed's Seed and Feed is real (deleted surveillance camera footage) >Google earth black zones

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>2013 article >talking about a group of people inside the NSA >called the Q group >trying to find snowden >snowden has always been said to be a deep state asset trying to bring down the NSA because their intelligence gathering programs risk the elite's crimes of being exposed can anyone explain this? you guys said Q was a larp and wasn't military and wasn't an NSA back channel but this Q group has been talked about openly outside of a "conspiracy" label since 2013 larper posters??? https://web.archive.org/web/20130712075502/http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/06/10/inside-the-q-group-the-directorate-hunting-down-andrew-snowden.html bonus sauce: https://www.cnet.com/news/u-s-government-targets-ex-contractor-over-nsa-leaks/...

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Give me some movie suggestions

Redpill Movies Like “they live” and “falling down“

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why is freemasonry bad?

I know some jews are masons, and there is easy to see how it's evil. But it's not because of something intrinsic, but rather because of a proxy. What is it about freemasonry itself that is bad? I genuinely don't know

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ITT: Based and Redpilled Movies

Share some based and / or red pilled movies which you believe are relevant to promoting our worldview as something to strive for, a glorification of our past, or as a warning as something to avoid. 1. Zulu

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Redpill me on how he will win the next election, x.

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90 million people got redpilled


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SA farm attacks

Guys, I saw this picture and please.. I need to get redpilled on South Africa farm attacks.. I know that previous to Mandela, South Africa was an awesome place for tourism, they even had the first 6* hotel in the world.. but after Mandela, SA went down having the one of most insecure cities in the world.. Also, does anyone know if you can buy weapons in SA?

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Post all info on the black cube phenomenon that keeps appearing in the news lately.

popularity: 108

Redpilled my mom and now she's crying all the time

I recently repilled my mom on blacks, jews controlling everything, etc because I thought she should know what's really going on in the world. I figured that during these riots was the opportune time. She was resistant at first but as I built up more and more evidence she accepted the truth. Now she's crying all the time and saying that she can't protect her (adult) children and her grandchildren because that's what she has cared about most in her life. How can I console her? I feel like I've opened up Pandora's box and I can't close it back up. I tried lying to her and telling her everything's alright and not to worry, but she's not buying it.

popularity: 103

Redpills too red for /x/ to handle

I’ll start. The bottom is unironically the better option.

popularity: 92

Anyone else gonna start mistreating women harshly after this...

Anyone else gonna start mistreating women harshly after this? This whole event has been a massive redpill: >Women love violence >A man who robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint is hailed as a saint >Women prefer violent rapists to law-abiding citizens Yesterday, I just spat in my gfs face out of nowhere and called her ugly, she began crying and locked herself in the bedroom Then that night she gave me the best sex we've had yet >Women, the worse you treat them, the more they love you

popularity: 70

Black women are SEETHING at Epstein, not because he traffick...

Black women are SEETHING at Epstein, not because he trafficked young girls, but because he only preferred white girls. The woke left.

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popularity: 144

ITT: Based and redpilled fictional characters

popularity: 95

Chapo Trap House: 13/50 stat is too stronk

Keep it up boys 13/50 Redpill the masses

popularity: 83

Redpill me about german food

What is the opinion of x, good or bad?

popularity: 65

So the whole country now knows about this case. The video ha...

So the whole country now knows about this case. The video hasn’t been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook. Most of the comments express outrage that the guy was only charged with assault whereas of the races were reversed it would be front page news for weeks. BLM has redpilled Ireland

popularity: 248

We Did It Boys

So I think it's safe to say that the cloud of doubt is finally blowing over. We did it. We weathered the storm and we didn't even have to raise a finger. The glowies tried, and they failed. Antifa tried, and they failed. BLM tried, and they failed. With an iron will like ours, who can touch us? The fool mocks the stoic for not indulging in the pleasures of the fool. Sure, the libs will try to pass some phony laws, and no doubt it will hurt the places they've destroyed and continue to control. But this whole collective event has redpilled A LOT of people that were previously on the social justice fence. Believe me, hard working, decent impassioned people are starting to break the conditioning. They're realizing the very active threat that is lurking on their doorstep; and for the first time in their lives, they're witnessing the truth of what "diversity" and "inclusiveness" bring: fear, chaos, and destruction. I hang out at the gun shop quite a bit, and by jove,...

popularity: 82

Can someone explain this phenomenon? Why do all leftists ten...

Can someone explain this phenomenon? Why do all leftists tend to be midwits?

popularity: 114

Explain this phenomenon

popularity: 70

Trump and Epstein

Can /x/ please explain why Trump is not a paedophile?

popularity: 167


So the protesters are trying to topple Churchill statues. I say we let them. Just IMAGINE how redpilled the masses would get seeing such an iconic British figure like Churchill be toppled by these savages. The Spitfire nationalists would turn in an instant. Accelerate #DownWithChurchill

popularity: 75

Redpilled king dropping atomic redpills on BBC

(Yes anglos names their largest media provider BBC) >says the bombing of hamburg and dresden were war crimes >far worse than hiroshima and nagasaki >correctly states that the uk started the war >white cuck hosts immediately sperg and go full shut it down https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WcWzql7l6oo Have we broken the conditioning?

popularity: 116

Why do you hate the CIA

What the fuck did we ever do to you? How would you even know?

popularity: 107


He is unloading redpills like crazy. help black normies get redpilled. last thread hit bump limit beware: shills were going absolutely crazy thats how you know this stuff is good https://youtu.be/qW5-srjuCbg

popularity: 172

Based & Redpilled YouTubers

Can u guys recommend some more based and redpilled YouTubers? Here's my list so far: LouderWithCrowder PowerfulJRE Tim Pool / Timscast Sargon of Akkad

popularity: 102

I have yet to hear a compelling reason on why these protests...

I have yet to hear a compelling reason on why these protests are bad from /x/ and alt righters. Every argument I hear is either conspiracy theory shit or blatant police bootlicking. I'm not one to automatically side with the black community on these issues - I mean for fucks sake, these guys were literally caught sending fake death threats to themselves to get clout. I'm not exactly a big fan of them either. I just don't see what's wrong with protesting the police force that are actively trying to suppress you and treat you like shit. Can someone give me a proper argument for why these protests are bad without just vacuous, wannabe fascist nonsense?

popularity: 64

So, redpill me. Why and how did Jews inheret or get control...

So, redpill me. Why and how did Jews inheret or get control of the Banks and Media?

popularity: 93

Redpill me on Adolf Hitler. Is the hate warranted, or a cliche...

Redpill me on Adolf Hitler. Is the hate warranted, or a cliche?