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If you are not familiar with history and culture of Kosovo, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosovo

Daily reminder that Кocoвo je Cpбиja.

Kosovo is Serbia.

Fucking buttfuck waste of good european land.

Give up trying to be "countries", the UN should just go over their and force the balkans to unite under Bulgarian and Greek rule. Maybe give the north to the Hungarians. They're the only countries with history and are worthy of any respect.

The rest are fucking squating sheep fucking tribes that moved in after the collapse of europe.
>Kosovo is Serbia
Ok. Just take that damn piece of worthless land. Even as an Albanian i cannot stand the Ghegs (Northern Albanians which also include Kosovars). Their speech sounds like a completely different language, they are very fucking rude, ugly and unreasonable.

>Tomorrow the leader of Kosovo, and the leader of Serbia wil...

>Tomorrow the leader of Kosovo, and the leader of Serbia will meet in Washington DC to possibly come up with a peace deal. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo which used to be of Serbia as an independent state.

Which side is /xk/ on? the Kosovan or the Serbian?

>Which side is /xk/ on
i am on the left side of my bed now as i have my computer at the left
According to international law and the still not revoked UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Kosovo is sovereign Serbian territory, since the resolution only suggests "substantial autonomy" and not in fact full on sovereignty.

Thus, legally speaking, Kosovo is Serbia.
SERBIA, obviously

All albaboons are literal apes. Kosovars are whiter and bigger than albanian and macedonian albos bc they are serb rapebabies.