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>Tomorrow the leader of Kosovo, and the leader of Serbia wil...

>Tomorrow the leader of Kosovo, and the leader of Serbia will meet in Washington DC to possibly come up with a peace deal. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo which used to be of Serbia as an independent state.

Which side is /xk/ on? the Kosovan or the Serbian?
Kosovo will be given to Albania as rightful clay, and in return the S*rbroaches will fuck off.
Serbia of course. The whole world is Serbia.
Well most of the neo-nazis and other kinds of fascists on /xk/ would probably support Serbia, but Kosovo should be either independent or unite with Albania
Send back albanians to albania. Simple
Kebab all all sort need to be remove.
Kosovo is a cliche...
Kosovo should be Serbian, but what to do with all the non serbs that are living there? Vucic might be a cuck on this.
As a serb. Has to stay within borders. No way Kosovo should be independent. Let it be an autonomous state is the absolute minimum i'd take but giving it to albos is absolutely retarded
Does this mean WWIII incoming?

On the side of Kosovo whatever hurts Serbia is good for the rest of the region
It’s canceled retard.
We don't recognize such a place.
Great day for Serbia.
Dogodine bez Vojvodine.

It's actually embarrassing that foreign countries don't just recognize very clearly defined groups of people in very clearly defined locations who VERY CLEARLY want to govern themselves as their own nations. Fuck international politics. What the fuck is Serbia going to do to Germany, France, China, USA, or even fucking Nicaragua if they recognize Kosovo? Nothing. If Kosovo wants to be their own country, they have that right. Serbia has only caused trouble for everyone for the past 150 years or so. Why do we even keep them around?
Serbia literally did nothing wrong but the kike Americans interfered as they always do when whites defend themselves against foreigners.
kosovo is Serbian, always has been, always will be.
I'll side with Kosovo, let it be independent and sovereign. Let the Serbs feel how we felt.
Serbia knows it has lost Kosovo long time ago. That’s why President Pussylips always says “we have to deal with the reality on the ground (aka Serbia has zero control of Kosovo) but Serbia can’t come out with nothing (aka give me something so I can sell it to my retarded low IQ Nationalist Serbs who’s only achievement has been making Serbia smaller and smaller since the late 1980s).

Funnily enough if Serbs didn’t take Kosovo autonomy away in the 1980s much of the Yugoslavia could’ve still been together because of it wasn’t for the Albanians protesting and forcing Serbs hand Slovenians and Croats might’ve not acted the way they did. But NOOO, Serbs HAD to be the tough guys and remove Kosovo’s autonomy. Ever since then they’ve gotten BTFO by everyone in the region.
Isn't there are investigations on Hashim Tachi are going on in EU for his crimes against humanity right now?
Both belong to Russia
Kosovo is definitely in the right here in this dispute and this peace deal may actually be one of the few positive outcomes of the Trump presidency before we throw him out of office, as no Serbian leader would be able to make a deal with a Clinton administration (due to buttburt loser Serbs over NATO intervention), but the fact that “muh TRUMP GOOD” will have his stamp on it will make it acceptable to them.

One of two things will happen, both of them resulting in independence for Kosovo.

1) all of Kosovo is recognized as independent by Serbia on the condition that it does not join Albania

2) Kosovo is recognized as an independent nation by Serbia, with the caveat that the tiny northern Serb enclave of Kosovo either get full autonomy or be permitted to join Serbia.

Serbia will join the EU in a few years after this is finalized.

- PS, if you filthy nationalist animals (which we will soon finish off for good) again think of committing genocide otherwise we will literally dismantle Serbia itself as a nation. Now go in peace.
The meeting got cancelled by the kosovar side after the tribunal in Hague accused Haci in war crimes... after being more than 20 years late.
i stand with the serb.
Why are Serbs so angry?
Kosovo is part of Albania
noone cares
fuck serbs, they're white niggers. worse than gypsies imo
Nobody gives a fuck about those two specs in (((eastern))) europoor
Peace and prosperity for the majority.

Kosovo must bend to Serbs superiority. Serbs must bend to Kosovo's sovereignty.

If this were not true one of the parties would have had their way by now.
>Which side is /xk/ on? the Kosovan or the Serbian?
Don't care much about it, but after serving in Kosovo for two years and seeing how the Serbs were mistreated, and how poorly many Kosovo-Albanians acted, I'd support the Serbs.
kovoso cause they look more white
Albania as a country or people didnt exist before the 20th century, just like Kosovo never existed before the 21st century.
Just some made up terms to destabilize the region and some ottoman empire leftovers that should've been removed long ago.
Kosovo, of course

fuck serbia
Kill them both. Nothing of value will be lost.
Kosovo is Serbia.
genocide both so we can finally stop hearing about it
What's with those patches? Are serbs larping as byzantines?
Can whites stop fighting. We're turning into an endangered species
Yugoslavia is best Yugoslavia
but anon, in europe we all know that kosovo je srce srbije
I'm with Serbia on this one whitout a shadow of a doubt. Fuck the albanian subhumans.
Serbia did nothing wrong.
Also: FUCK NATO - North Atlantic Creeper Organization
Wish both sides the best of luck and hope they achieve and maintain an acceptable peace for their children's sake.
Serbia IS KOSOVO makes every serbski mad asf when you play with them online
>Which side is /xk/ on
i am on the left side of my bed now as i have my computer at the left
According to international law and the still not revoked UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Kosovo is sovereign Serbian territory, since the resolution only suggests "substantial autonomy" and not in fact full on sovereignty.

Thus, legally speaking, Kosovo is Serbia.
SERBIA, obviously

All albaboons are literal apes. Kosovars are whiter and bigger than albanian and macedonian albos bc they are serb rapebabies.