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Daily reminder that Кocoвo je Cpбиja.

Kosovo is Serbia.
Хвaлa бpaћo Pycи!Boлимo ми вac вeoмa пyнo иcтo!
makes sense to me
you have my leaf
Daily reminder serbs are the lowest tier of Slav.
God is a Serb and He Will Protect Us
would you shut the fuck up already
how do we get the Serb people all the land that they rightfully deserve?
>Kosovo is Serbia
Then why is it not part of Serbia?
kosovo serbs were weak, bosnian serbs displayed a greater will for survival and they won.

The weak deserves no rights, albanians were allowed to reproduce like rabbits.
reminder that the balkans are basically vestiges of the Ottoman empire and no real white/Western person even thinks of htem at all. And if they do, it's as some weird foreign race as strange to Western civilization as Algeria or Armenia.

tldr You're not white.No one cares.
based and kebabremovingpilled
imagne having half of your country given to sharia niggers, and then nato bombs the shit out of you when fighting back
based serbia gang
>drone goes wrrrrrrrrrrr
The seething from diaspora roaches and amerifats amounts to this

>Serbs genetically are very tall
>Gifted athletes
>defend their homeland
>Have a based church
>Most beautiful women in the world
>practice their culture everywhere
>succeed to higher degrees than the native population everywhere they go in diaspora
>can count as white, but don't really give a shit
nije, i nikada nece ni biti
If you Serbo need help to destroy those filthy refugees, we niggers will gladly help you.
You just need to open your immigration for us, give us monthly benefit and we will fuck up the albanians

what says you/
Is it bad I actually respect Serbs 1000x more than Khazars?
It’s over for Serbia

Serbia is Kosovo
daily reminder that that cunt Gavrilo cost Serbia its glory, Franz Ferdinand would've given Serbia its deserved lands, but then WWI had to fucking start. This is what could've been.
wait until the west fully retards itself then take it back, they are the only ones stopping you.
divide and conquer
I just looked at the map and saw that Kosovo is not Serbia. Sorry.
I will go with the most anti Islam country of the Balkan.

What country do I chooses Anons?
serbs are based slavs
everybody knows that.
Yes it is bruh and Crimea is Russia.
Slavs will rule europe in the future and nothing will stop us!
Crimea is the Ottoman Empire
FFS even the croats don't want anything to do with you serbs, so do the bosnians and montenegrins.Your blinding chauvinism is so bad that even your own blood doesn't want to be associated with you. Go on and tell the world how your failing country is strong and based.
No, Serbs started an actual genocide

No amount of lies will change the facts
Shup up D/C faggot.
Fucking buttfuck waste of good european land.

Give up trying to be "countries", the UN should just go over their and force the balkans to unite under Bulgarian and Greek rule. Maybe give the north to the Hungarians. They're the only countries with history and are worthy of any respect.

The rest are fucking squating sheep fucking tribes that moved in after the collapse of europe.
>Kosovo is Serbia
Ok. Just take that damn piece of worthless land. Even as an Albanian i cannot stand the Ghegs (Northern Albanians which also include Kosovars). Their speech sounds like a completely different language, they are very fucking rude, ugly and unreasonable.